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Marketing, in one form or another, is required for any kind of business to succeed or at least get noticed by its target market. If you are operating a restaurant, one way you can do this is by using restaurant promo cards. More information regarding this form of restaurant advertising material will be provided below so make sure to continue reading.

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Free Food Voucher Template

free food voucher template1
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Size: 8.5×4 inches + Bleed

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Free Fast Food Voucher Template

free fast food voucher template
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Different downloadable restaurant promo card templates

As promised, embedded below are more than twenty promo card templates that any restaurateur and graphic artists may use for their design projects. Before purchasing these printable templates, make sure that you already have a compatible software program installed on your computer. Depending on the template download file type, you may have to install either Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign on your computer.

Burger Restaurant Discount Voucher Card Template

burger restaurant discount voucher card template

Cafe Restaurant Coupon Promo Card Template

coffee coupon discount card template

Bold Style Restaurant Discount Promo Card Template

bold style restaurant discount promo card template

What are restaurant promo cards?

Restaurant promo cards are printed documents that allow restaurateurs to advertise their dining establishments. The main draw of this kind of printed advert is that customers are offered a boon or reward if they follow the set of rules indicated on the promo card. In most cases, customers get discounted rates, freebies, or special perks when they dine at the restaurant offering the promo card.

This kind of print advertising is often used during opening launches of restaurants and during special holidays. The main purpose of using restaurant promotion cards is, of course, to generate customer traffic and subsequently increase sales. So if you are looking for a promo card template that will best help your restaurant achieve these end results, check out the different downloadable and printable templates below.

Restaurant promo cards are also called discount cards, gift voucher cards, or gift cards. All these other types of restaurant cards all provide customers some sort of incentive or perk for dining at a restaurant. These terms are often used interchangeably so do not confuse yourself when reading about them.

Cheerful Table Talker Restaurant Promotional Card Template

cheerful table talker restaurant promotional card template

Cafe Shop Discount Promo Card Template

coffee shop discount card template

Colorful Chinese Restaurant Promo Card Template

colorful chinese restaurant promo card template

Elegant Discount Voucher Card Template

elegant discount voucher card template

Fast Food Discount Voucher Card Promo Template

fast food discount voucher card promo template

Festive Restaurant Promo Gift Card Template

festive restaurant promo gift card template

Gift Coupon Promo Card Template

gift coupon promo card template

Gold Confetti Coffee Business Discount Card Template

gold confetti coffee business discount card template

Bar Restaurant Discount Promo Vector Template

bar restaurant discount promo vector template

Minimalist Restaurant Gift Promo Card Template

minimalist restaurant gift promo card template

Black Restaurant Promo Card Voucher Template

black restaurant promo card voucher template

Modern Restaurant Gift Promo Voucher Card Template

modern restaurant gift promo voucher card template

Advantages of using restaurant promo cards

In the digital age, restaurant promotion and marketing can be achieved in a lot of ways. There is email marketing, social media marketing, and traditional mass media marketing like using TV and radio advertisements. However, most of these forms of advertising may not be available to every restaurateur, especially those who are just starting out their businesses.

That is why new businesses tend to gravitate towards the use of traditional print advertising instead. Using restaurant promo cards is one such example. If you are still deciding whether to use this form of printed advertising, read on for a list of different advantages that we have compiled below. You may also see A4 restaurant templates.

1. They are affordable.

The main advantage of using restaurant promotion cards and other types of print advertising is that they are relatively cheaper than utilizing other restaurant promotion advertising tools. For example, using the services of an advertising agency to create a TV commercial for your restaurant can cost you thousands of dollars. While printing restaurant promo cards may only set you back by a few hundred bucks.

Of course, it can still be argued that TV advertising has more reach – an important factor if you want a lot of people to know about your new dining establishment. Using promo cards, on the other hand, is limited to the number of printable cards you can give away and your card distribution network. Therefore, it will make more sense for large restaurant chains to use TV advertisements as their primary marketing strategy. But for small and new dining establishments, it is better to start small and use a more targeted approach using printed restaurant promo cards instead.

2. They can be created quickly.

Restaurant promo cards can easily be created using pre-formatted restaurant templates. When you use these templates, you do not have to create a promo card template design from scratch. The template’s original creator has already taken care of this aspect. All you have to do is to make minor edits to the card template like adding your restaurant name and logo design.

In terms of the time, it takes to conceptualize and design and see its final product or output, using pre-made restaurant promo cards beats other forms of advertising. For instance, it may take weeks to months before a restaurant TV ad can be written, shot, edited, and broadcasted on TV. Compare this to print advertising where you can easily download a responsive restaurant template online, customize the template, and print them out on the same day.

3. Promote customer engagement.

Any form of restaurant advertising or promotion is done in order to increase customer’s knowledge about a dining establishment. Restaurant promo cards can also do this job rather well their use entices customers to visit dining establishments that provide quality food and service at a discounted rate.

Restaurant promo cards can be the gateway to achieve increased customer engagement for your restaurant. But, as a restaurant manager or owner, you also need to make sure that you indeed are providing quality food and excellent customer service in order for your promotion to work.

4. Increase restaurant traffic.

In the restaurant industry, customer engagement is when your customers talk and care about your dining establishment that they are interested in your latest menu list, restaurant promotions, and other general news about your business. But in order to achieve real and positive results on your restaurant’s finances, this ‘interest’ in your restaurant needs to translate into actual traffic to your store.

This is where restaurant promo cards come in. When you handout regular restaurant brochures or restaurant flyers to customers, you pique their interests. But when you use restaurant promo cards, customers are encouraged to take a more direct action. For example, most promo cards will discounts and freebies that customers can avail of if they visit a dining establishment within a specific period of time.

That wording right there is the key. When customers see this, they are more likely to keep your restaurant’s promo in mind. And when they do visit your restaurant, trust that they are going to avail of the special offers and more. It’s a win-win situation.

5. Enhance editing skills.

Another less discussed advantage of using restaurant promo cards is that they can be used as a way to enhance your editing and graphic design skills. Whether you are creating the whole promo card design from scratch or you are using a promo card template, you will still learn from the entire process. Any existing knowledge of different graphic design software tools will further be enhanced since you have to make edits for any promo card template that you will choose. This skill may further be used on other graphic design projects for your restaurant.

6. Stress relief.

Another interesting benefit of using restaurant promo card templates is that they can be a source of stress relief. Restaurateurs who opt to edit their own promo card templates may find it easier when they treat this task as a way to de-stress. To some people, creating art can let them relax and be in tune with their selves. So if you are one of these people, try out this method of mixing business and pleasure one of these days.

If you are still undecided whether to use restaurant promo card templates or not, then you have not fully internalized the different positive benefits that we have outlined above. And if reading this short list has inspired you to take the restaurant promo card template route, good job! Be inspired by the different promo card templates that we have embedded throughout this article. Enjoy! You may also see restaurant pamphlet templates.

Pizza Cafe Restaurant Pop Art Promo Card Template

pizza cafe restaurant pop art discount card template

Pizza Restaurant Voucher Promo Card Template

pizza restaurant voucher promo card template

Premium Restaurant Promo Voucher Card Template

premium restaurant promo voucher card template

Red Restaurant Discount Promo Card Template

red restaurants discount card template

Restaurant Fast Food Discount Voucher Card Template

restaurant fast food discount voucher card template

Restaurant Food Promo Card Flyer Template

restaurant food promo card flyer template

Restaurant Promotional Postcard Template

restaurant promotional postcard template

Breakfast Restaurant Rustic Discount Promo Card Template

rustic breakfast discount coupon card template

Rustic Cafe Discount Promo Card Template

rustic cafe discount gift card template

Seafood Restaurant Discount Promo Voucher Card Template

seafood restaurant discount voucher card template

Simple Restaurant Promo Discount Card Template

simple discount card template

Snack Bar Vector Promo Card Template Set

snack bar vector promo card template set

Special Restaurant Promotion Card Template

special restaurant promotion card template

Thai Restaurant Discount Promo Card Template

thai restaurant discount template

Winter Restaurant Window Promo Discount Card Template

winter restaurant window discount card template

The best restaurant promo card template

The best restaurant promo card template is the one that will best showcase your dining establishment’s image. It should be the one with a template design that perfectly tells customers what your restaurant is like and gives them a positive impression of it. On top of that, it should have the best promotional offer that your restaurant can afford. With all that in mind, you will definitely see positive results in your restaurant sales within the coming weeks. You may also like restaurant template designs.

Also, do not forget to share this rich restaurant template resource with your friends and colleagues on social media!

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