18+ Sample Photo Card Templates

Adding photographs always make any card look more personalized. The Visiting Card Template along with the customized messages can bring an instant smile on your loved one. To make it even more near-to-the-heart, download from the different fonts and the colors available online depending on the type of the occasion. The PSD files can be used to create the sample.

Illustrated Christmas Photo Card PSD Design

  • illustrated christmas photo card psd design

This illustrated Christmas photo card PSD design makes your Christmas card look just the way you want, enthralling and welcoming. The bright colour works wonderfully to celebrate the auspicious moment and keep the feel alive. Download this awesome photo card design from the given link below.

Baby Announcement Photo Card

  • baby announcement photo card

Baby Announcement Photo Card combines endearing baby photos, which are customizable and retouch-able if you want to say – add a photo or a personalized effect of your own. Download these handmade items now!

Picture In Landscape Christmas Photo Card

  • picture in landscape christmas photo card

Picture in Landscape Christmas Card is customized Christmas card in landscape size proportions. Insert a favourite image of your own as the cover and add a few lines of your own and make this card a part of someone’s memory

Classic Thank You Card Photo Card

  • classic thank you card photo card

Nothing can be better than a classic thank you card to show gratitude and respect. The photo card illustration has a emotional touch to it , making the whole process of thanking , a beautiful story. Download this wonderful illustration from the link below.

Customized Photographer Business Photo Card

  • customized photographer business photo card

Customized Photographer Business Photo Card is the ideal identity tool for professional photographers who want to leave an imprint of their quality on their clients. Add slogans, format the background and make it a facilitator for your career

Free Print Design PSD Photo Card

  • free print design psd photo card

Pictures and selfies make any card look glamorous and preserve the feel of it. The free print design PSD photo card allows you to attach pictures of your favourite moment within the customized design. Download the illustration from the given link below.

Beautiful Cute Photo Thank You Card Download

  • beautiful cute photo thank you card download

This beautiful cute thank you photo card is an overdose of adorability. This cute picture makes the design attractive and appealing which is great way to make your idea of creating a thank you card successful. Download this super cute illustration from the given link below.

Layered PSD Photo Card Template

  • layered psd photo card template

Layered photo card works well with any kind of designing idea. The colour and the overall design help to make your card a bit more interesting and appealing. Download the PSD format of this wonderful layered photo from the given link below.

Animal Baby Milestone Photo Card Example

  • animal baby milestone photo card example

The animal baby milestone photo card is a nice way to portray messages in a better form.  The colour shades are exclusively sober and the classy frame makes the look a bit more delightful and calm. Download this beautiful illustration from the given link below.

Simple Happy Holiday Photo Card

  • simple happy holiday photo card

Simple Happy Holiday Photo Card with its various examples will let you create the perfect holiday card for your relatives from scratch. You can also combine 5 different images and make a collage cover art

Pink Grey Baby Shower Photo Card Sample

  • pink grey baby shower photo card sample

This pink grey baby shower photo card sample is a cute way to make the baby shower ceremony eye catchy and successful. The overall presentation is worth giving a try. Download the pas format today from the given link below.

Quards Component Photo Card Free Download

  • quards component photo card free download

Quards Component Photo Card Free Download is a photo card with excellent typography that will let you preview printable samples for free. Available in two variations the most striking feature of the photo card is its fonts

Photography Photo Business Card

  • photography photo business card

Map Photo Card Sample will allow you to customize your favourite photo from your vacation into an animated or a picturesque map. Change the border, edit the caption and make your photo card stand out from the heap of others

Christmas Greeting Photo Card Example

  • christmas greeting photo card example

This Christmas greeting photo card is a creative attempt to make your holiday a bit better. The card is layered, which helps you as a designer to design it however the way you want. Download the PSD format from the given link below.

Map Photo Card Sample – $21

  • map photo card sample 21

The map photo card is an awesome idea to send someone holiday greetings in an unique way. The photo card is designed creatively to make the idea a bit more bright and alluring. Download the PSD format from the given link below.

Calligraphy Wedding Photo Card

  • calligraphy wedding photo card

The calligraphy wedding photo card gives an emotional and romantic touch to the idea of sending greetings to a newly married couple.  The album design is beautiful in its own way. Download this amazing photo card from the given link below. .

Wedding Thank You Photo Card

  • wedding thank you photo card

The wedding thank you photo card is a classy way to celebrate the new beginning. The photo card looks gorgeous, with the minimal design which goes perfectly with the cause. Download this beautiful illustration from the given link below.

Transparent Photo Business Card Download

  • transparent photo business card download

The transparent photo business card is nicely designed to match the wavelength of any kind of business. The design is trendy and gives a fancy yet class look to your business card, making it absolutely alluring. Download it today to know more about it.

Sample Happy Birthday Photo Card

  • sample happy birthday photo card

This sample happy birthday photo card is a simple yet beautiful card to portray your best wishes. The red tulip creates a minimalistic outlook which helps to attract people. Download this beautiful birthday photo card from the given link below.

Online Editable Grandparents Day Photo Card

  • online editable grandparents day photo card

This beautiful online grandparent’s day photo card is one of the best ways to bring a smile on your grandparents face. The collage design is captivating and sweet. Download this wonderful template from the given link below.

We have the best examples of these cards within the most reasonable price range. So be it for your business card or for a wedding invitation, we will make the spiciest card templates for you, without pinching big hole in your budget.

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