22 Elegant Wedding Table Card Templates


For most weddings, wedding planning is not limited to preparing for the ceremony itself. It also means choosing all the decorative materials needed for the reception that follows afterward. And one of the key wedding stationery designs that needs to be created for wedding brunches, luncheons, or dinner reception events is a wedding table card.

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What are wedding table cards?

Wedding table cards are small signage items printed on premium paper or card stock that will indicate either the table number or the name of the person designated to sit at a specific table or place during a wedding reception. These printables are primarily used to organize the seating arrangements of all the wedding guests without having to personally escort each one to their respective seats.

Floral Wedding Table Card

floral wedding table card

Wedding Table Number Card

wedding table number card

Free Printable Wedding Table Card Template

free printable wedding table card template

When creating table cards, wedding planners will usually need to use pre-made wedding templates so that all the wedding card designs will follow the same motif or theme. A pre-made template of wedding table cards also allows couples and wedding planners to use their time and resources for other aspects of wedding planning.

Presented below are different wedding card templates that anyone may use as a design base for their own wedding’s table cards. They may also serve as an inspirational springboard for whatever guest table decoration you may come up with for your own wedding.

Band Name and Lyrics Wedding Table Card Template

band name and lyrics wedding table card template

Want a truly unique wedding reception? Take a hint from the Band Name and Lyrics Wedding Table Card Template pictured above. This wedding table card template assigns guests to tables named after a band or singer that the couple loves. These table place cards are also printed with a few lines from a band’s popular song and may be incorporated with one of the wedding reception games.

When printed out, this card template measures seven inches by five inches, and two cards will fit in one standard size paper. All graphic design elements are stored in a PDF file. That is why it is best to make sure that your computer or laptop has Adobe Acrobat installed prior to opening the download file.

Blue Watercolor Wedding Table Card Template

blue watercolor wedding table card template

If you want your wedding to follow a toned-down wedding motif without having to sacrifice creativity, try out the Blue Watercolor Wedding Table Card Template shown above. As you may have guessed from its name, this wedding table card template is created using a bluish watercolor pattern background. This wedding template may also be used for formal wedding dinners where the couple does not want their table decorations to appear too stuffy.

This table card template is part of a larger wedding invitation package. It includes other similarly designed card design templates for an invitation card, a menu card, an RSVP card, a save the date card, a details card, a wishing well card, a thank you card, and a place card.

Burgundy Floral Table Card Template

burgundy floral table card template

Garden Table Card Template

garden table card template

Pink Floral Table Card Template

pink floral table card template

Nautical Table Card Template

nautical table card template

Beach Table Card Template

beach table card template

Cursive Font Wedding Table Number Card Template

cursive font wedding table number card template

Fairytale Wedding Table Card Template

fairytale wedding table card template

Floral Lace Wedding Table Number Template

floral lace wedding table number template

Details. Details. Details. Details can make a wedding standout. Whether you are planning your own wedding program or you have hired a wedding planner, you would want to be mindful of all the different aspects of your wedding, especially with designing the wedding stationery. To help show off your attention to detail, you may use this Floral Lace Wedding Table Number Template featured above.

This table card template features laser-cut floral patterns that will surely make the card design stand out. It also helps that the card template is printed on pastel-colored paper and held up using a tent mechanism. If you love wedding pop-up cards, then this table card template will surely appeal to you. When purchasing this wedding card template as a digital download, it will include download files for printing out the template as an SVG, DXF, or Studio V3 compatible file for laser die-cutting machines. It will also include download files for PDF, EPS, and Adobe Illustrator if you wish to edit them that way before printing them out. Note that if you choose the latter option, you may have to manually cut out the floral swirl patterns on the card.

Fun Facts Wedding Table Number Card Template

fun facts wedding table number card template

Another artistic card design idea that may be used for a wedding is this Fun Facts Wedding Table Number Card Template (shown above). In this card template, fun facts about the couple are printed on the table cards. The template is stored as a PDF file—making it easy to edit and add trivia about the couple. This table card template may also be used with other wedding templates since it follows a minimalist design and can be printed out on card stock that will match your official wedding color. This card template measures five inches by seven inches when printed out. This also means that two cards can be made from a legal-sized paper.

Greenery Wedding Table Number Card Template

greenery wedding table number card template

Minimalist Wedding Table Place Card Template

minimalist wedding table place card template

The Minimalist Wedding Table Place Card Template (shown above) may work well for a wedding following a formal yet minimalist wedding theme. This table card template may also be used as part of a vintage wedding template if you print out the template on Kraft or grey card stock.

This printable wedding card template measures 2.5 inches by 3.875 inches when printed out. Eight cards will fit in one legal sized paper. But if you want to create foldable wedding table cards, one legal-sized paper will only be able to print out four of these card templates. On top of that, this wedding card template is fully editable in Microsoft Word.

Peony Floral Wedding Table Card Template

peony floral wedding table card template

Personalized Photo Wedding Table Card Template

personalized photo wedding table card template

Another fun and creative way to spice up your wedding reception tables is by using the Personalized Photo Wedding Table Card Template embedded above. This wedding place card template calls for using the couple’s childhood photos. A design theme like this will also work well for vintage-themed weddings or on weddings using retro icons on their stationery design.

The whole table card template measures 7 inches by 7.5 inches while the photos need to measure 4 inches by 6 inches in order for them to fit in the pre-created frames. As a reminder, only the header text may be edited. You may also opt to use a different colored paper when printing out the card template. Try this step if you want the table card to match your wedding’s color scheme.

Printable Wedding Table Number Card Template

printable wedding table number card template

Rustic Wedding Table Card Template

rustic wedding table card template

Did you send out a rustic wedding invitation card and intend to use other rustic design elements when decorating your wedding reception venue? If yes, you may like this Rustic Wedding Table Card Template (shown above). As with any rustic card template theme, they will look best when printed out on brown or grey card stock or on Kraft paper.

The table card design prints out on paper measuring five inches by seven inches while the wedding seating chart cards print out on four-inch by nine-inch-sized paper. Also, note that only the date and the names may be edited on the Microsoft Word template. But if you want to add more personalized touches to the card design, you may add your own wedding logo design, too.

Simple Typography Wedding Table Place Card Template

simple typography wedding table place card template

Summer Wedding Table Card Template

summer wedding table card template

For those who are considering a summer wedding, take a look at the Summer Wedding Table Card Template featured above. The table card mock-up simple greenery design helps create a summery vibe without being too obvious. This card may also suit those who are planning garden wedding receptions.

This printable card template measures 3.5 inches by 2 inches. But if you wish to create a foldable table card, it will measure 8.9 inches by 5 inches. It is also fully editable except for the image header and color. To help spice up this wedding table card template, you may choose to print it out on colored card stock. Just make sure to consult a color chart template to ensure that the greenery leaf pattern will match the new background color.

White Wedding Table Card Template

white wedding table card template

The White Wedding Table Card Template is another example of a minimalist wedding card template. This type of wedding card template is best used for simple weddings or those who are in a hurry to create a good wedding table card design. Despite that, this uncluttered wedding template appeals to a lot of people due to its simplicity. This wedding card measures 2.5 inches by 3.875 inches. Included in this template are options for foldable and flat cards that can be edited using Microsoft Word.

What wedding table card template should you choose?

Embedded above are various examples of wedding table cards. Have you chosen one? If you are still on the fence on what personal card template to use, just remember what your wedding motif is. Then choose a wedding table card design that shows the same design themes. If no table card template comes close to your current wedding motif, then choose a template that can easily be customized to match your wedding motif. And that’s it! You will have a good wedding table card design in no time.

If you found this article helpful, bookmark this so that you can refer back to it from time to time. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends who may be tying the knot soon!

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