30 Vintage Wedding Templates


Having themed weddings is now a must for any couple who wishes to get married. These themes may be as simple as a black and white theme or as quirky as a Harry Potter-themed wedding. Wedding themes allow couples (and their wedding planners) to create a focal point for all the graphic design elements and physical components of the wedding. When it is executed well, themed weddings will help give the wedding event a personality that best represents the couple who is trying the knot.

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In this article, we explore the vintage wedding theme trend, its advantages, and disadvantages. We also provide steps on how you can create your own vintage wedding stationery design and show different examples of vintage wedding templates that you can purchase or use for design inspiration.

Vintage Wedding Invitation

vintage wedding invitation

Vintage Save the Date Wedding Invitation

vintage save the date wedding invitation

Boho Rose Wedding Invitation Template

boho rose wedding invitation template e1509613206618

Green Foliage Wedding Invitation Template

green foliage wedding invitation template e1509613945615

Fall Wedding Invitation Card Template

fall wedding invitation card template e1509614056688

Elegant Wedding Invitation Card Template

elegant wedding invitation card template e1509614435411

Wedding Bi-fold Brochure Template

wedding bi fold brochure template e1509614532142

Garden Wedding Templates

garden wedding templates e1509614638752

Watercolor Flowers Wedding Invitation Template

watercolor flowers wedding invitation template e1509613858968

Floral Wedding Templates

floral wedding templates e1509613766810

What is Vintage?

The word vintage is often associated with anything old and dated. In fact, one of the earliest meanings of the word refers to the batch of grapes harvested from a vineyard during a specific year or season. Today, wines are often classified using their respective vintage years.

In addition to this meaning, any product, machine, or tool that was created or manufactured many years past will be considered of vintage variety, especially if they are still working or are still being used in the present. For example, a car like the Volkswagen Beetle (specifically Type 1) is called a vintage car since it was first made during the height of World War II and has continuously been manufactured ever since.

Vintage Designs in Wedding Planning

In terms of graphic design, vintage designs are the ones that possess a sense of long-lasting appeal. These are the things that people often consider as something that would never go out of style. And if you are planning a wedding around this concept, then you are ultimately choosing a vintage-themed wedding.

When planning a vintage-themed wedding, you will need to use classic design elements and high-quality materials in all aspects of the wedding. This ensures that you stay true to your theme. For example, incorporating half-baked vintage design suggestions on wedding card templates and venue decorations will only make the wedding look like an unimaginative affair.

Advantages of Vintage-Themed Weddings

When done right, vintage-themed weddings will help elevate your event and make it truly memorable. A wedding theme, after all, helps frame the event in the minds of both the couple and their guests.

Listed below are the different advantages associated with following a vintage motif for your wedding. Read through them and tick off the ones that you want to achieve for your own wedding event.

  • Vintage-themed weddings help formalize the event. Vintage design themes often incorporate other classic designs. Due to this, a wedding using a vintage theme will appear more put-together and decorous. This is not to say that other weddings following a different motif will appear less formal. But if you wish to go all out in terms of following traditional formal weddings, using a vintage theme is often the easiest route. For instance, a formal vintage wedding dinner will also call for elegant vintage dinner menu designs. On the other hand, vintage themes are not limited to formal weddings and dinner receptions. Anyone may still plan a vintage-themed wedding as part of a country wedding, for example. In this case, the vintage elements may be incorporated only through the bride’s and entourage’s dress choices and venue location, not on the minute wedding stationery details.
  • They have an enduring appeal. Another advantage of following a vintage wedding theme is that they have an enduring charm that even if you are using old designs, a part of you is still inclined to like that design theme. This is especially true with vintage wedding dresses. A bride may still use her great grandmother’s wedding dress with little modifications and the dress will be as remarkable as when it was first worn decades ago. And when you apply vintage graphic design elements to your wedding stationery, these pieces of paper will also exude that sense of importance and classiness. When chosen well, this type of wedding paper design will work well with other vintage concepts.
  • It matches most formal wedding outfit designs. As mentioned earlier, vintage dresses give off a feeling of cultivated charm and elegance. When these dresses and clothes are used together with matching classy venue decorations and wedding invitation templates, the effect will be remarkable. It is like going back in time. On the flip side, if you already have event decor, entourage gowns, and wedding stationery following a vintage theme, you do not have to worry about your guests not visually fitting in at the reception venue since most formal gowns and suits will seamlessly match a toned-down vintage theme. This way, you do not have to force wedding guests to wear a specific color or dress type. Informing them that the wedding and reception follow a vintage theme will be enough.
  • They are easily accessible. Vintage design themes also are easily accessible since this is a common theme. If you wish to hire a wedding planner for your wedding, these wedding planning firms will often already have the necessary decoration and design suggestions that will best fit your version of a vintage wedding theme. This is advantageous for those who have a short time to prepare for their wedding dates. Following a vintage wedding theme will allow couples to experience what it is like to have a themed wedding without having to spend a whole year to prepare for it. What is important is that wedding guests do not have to know that the wedding did not take a lot of time to plan out since the event will look as put-together and formal as other weddings.
  • You can easily add up to the design to make it more unique. Planning a vintage themed wedding does not mean you are limited to using monochrome browns, grays, and blacks for your color scheme. In fact, by adding just one or two design elements, you may transform a typical vintage design into something that will set your wedding apart. To illustrate, you may use a rose gold color scheme and apply this to all design elements for your wedding. A rose gold wedding thank you card looks great aesthetically while evoking the timelessness of vintage card designs.
  • It allows you to recycle old materials. Another important aspect of having a vintage-themed wedding is that you are able to use old materials and incorporate them into your wedding designs. For decoration, you may use old wine bottles to act as flower vases or a holder for the wedding place cards. For your wedding papers, you may print out your wedding invitations on recycled Kraft paper in order to get a more rustic vintage look.

What follows are different examples of vintage wedding templates. These templates range from wedding album design templates to wedding door hanger templates. All of them follow a vintage theme so it will suit all your vintage wedding needs. Feel free to browse through them and purchase or use them for as inspiration for your upcoming wedding.

40-page Vintage Wedding Album Template

40 vintage wedding album template

First on the list is the 40-page Vintage Wedding Album Template. As shown above, this wedding template follows a vintage layout for all the photos that will be stored in it. This wedding album template lets you choose between a 10 by 10-inch or 12 by 12-inch photo album. In both cases, you will have 40 pages or 20 spreads on the album. Also, note that this is a PSD wedding template file and you may need to know how to handle Adobe Photoshop before you can edit the template.

Black-and-White Vintage Wedding Template Pack

black and white vintage wedding template pack

Blue Vintage Wedding Invitation Pack Template

blue vintage wedding invitation pack template

Vintage wedding templates are not limited to following monochrome color schemes. An example is the Blue Vintage Wedding Invitation Pack Template pictured above. This wedding template follows a sky blue color scheme. It also includes different template designs for a save the date postcard, a menu card, an invitation card, a gift tag, and a place card.

As with most wedding templates on this list, this wedding template follows the CMYK color mode. This means that the colors you see on the template will stay true when it is printed out. You may change the colors into either pink, green, red, or purple and you can also replace the text and images included in the template.

Chalkboard Vintage Wedding Invitation Template

chalkboard vintage wedding invitation template

Classic Vintage Wedding Menu Template

classic vintage wedding menu template

Often, the most visible way to show a tangible representation of your wedding theme is through your wedding stationery. The Classic Vintage Wedding Menu Template featured above is a good example of incorporating vintage design themes in a menu card template. This wedding template also calls for being printed on Kraft paper to achieve a rustic and aged look. This looks really well when used in a formal wedding reception dinner.

Dark Vintage Wedding DVD Cover Template

dark vintage wedding dvd cover template

Simple Vintage Wedding Invitation Template

elegant vintage wedding invitation template

Choose the Simple Vintage Wedding Invitation Template if you want your wedding invitation cards to also double as wedding flyer announcement cards. In this wedding template, the vintage design elements are shown using the block-type layout for printing the wedding details. In addition to this, the floral pattern design also crosses over into the vintage realm quite well. When printing out this wedding template, you may use plain card stock or paper in order to preserve its classy appeal.

Elegant Vintage Wedding Invitation Template

elegant vintage wedding invitation ticket template

What makes the Elegant Vintage Wedding Invitation Template (shown above) an excellent example of a wedding vintage ticket template are its toned-down color scheme and its inclusion of rubber-stamped designs. Often, the key to a good vintage design is the color gradient it follows. The coral and pinkish tones of this wedding template are so subtle that there seems to be a sense of nostalgia to it.

Greenery Vintage Wedding Photobook Template

greenery vintage wedding photobook template

Hand-lettering Vintage Wedding Invitation

hand lettering vintage wedding invitation

This Hand-lettering Vintage Wedding Invitation (shown above) prints outs in 5 by 7-inch card stock. It will suit weddings that follow a not-so-formal vintage theme or motif. That said, this invitation template may work best for country weddings and for ceremonies held during the fall. This wedding template follows the CYMK color model and the images are all in 300 DPI high resolution.

High Resolution Vintage Wedding Template Set

high resolution vintage weddingtemplate set

Portrait Vintage Wedding Invitation Template

portrait vintage wedding invite template

This editable Portrait Vintage Wedding Invitation Template is a good vintage invitation template if you want to stick with single-page wedding invitations. This wedding template is available in six different color variations. Choose this wedding template if you want to feature one of your engagement photos on the invitation card.

Printable Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation Template

printable vintage lace wedding invitation template

Red and Gold Vintage Map Wedding Invitation Template

red and gold vintage map wedding invitation template

If you are looking for a non-monochrome vintage wedding invitation suite, the Red and Gold Vintage Map Wedding Invitation Template shown above may be the one for you. This wedding template includes card designs for an invitation card, an RSVP card, a menu card, a thank you card, a table number, and an escort card. It is available in five color palettes (pink, red, navy blue, teal, and black). All these card templates are printed on either white or black paper with accents of gold. This added element gives a sense of luxury to the entire wedding template.

This wedding template will work best for traditional wedding ceremonies where the couple wants to add a touch of color to their wedding stationery designs.

Typography Vintage Wedding Invitation Template

typography vintage wedding invitation template

Vintage Black and Gold Wedding DVD Template

vintage black gold wedding dvd template

Vintage Boarding Pass Invitation Template

vintage boarding pass invitation template

Vintage Country Wedding Invitation Template

vintage country wedding invitation template 788x866

Vintage Passport Wedding Invitation Template

vintage passport wedding invitation template

Whoever said that vintage wedding themes require you to use formal wedding card designs? Try out the Vintage Passport Wedding Invitation Template (embedded above) if you wish to add a dash of fun to your wedding stationery designs. As the picture above shows, this wedding template mimics the look of a passport and airline ticket. It is fully customizable so you are free to change the ticket details and add decorative designs like wedding logos and random hand-drawn patterns. This is perfect for destination weddings.

Vintage Rose Wedding Invitation Template

vintage rose wedding invitation template

Vintage Rustic Wedding Invitation Template

vintage rustic wedding invitation template

Vintage Stamp Wedding Invitation Template

vintage stamp wedding invitation template

The Vintage Stamp Wedding Invitation Template pictured above is the perfect example of a proper vintage postage stationery for weddings. Scrapbook and crafting enthusiasts will adore the attention to detail in this wedding template design. This wedding template is CMYK-ready and all images are in high resolution 300 DPI.

Also, note that this wedding template includes card designs for an invitation and a RSVP card only. If you wish to incorporate this design theme into your other wedding papers, you may need to purchase or create them separately. To make sure that these wedding cards look realistic after you print them out, you may add manual postage stamp marks on the cards. The fonts used in creating this vintage wedding template are all included in the file upon purchasing this template.

Vintage Wedding “Save the Date” Post Card Template

vintage wedding save the date post card template

Vintage Wedding Announcement Template

vintage wedding announcement template by jackrugile graphicriver

Vintage Wedding Door Hanger

vintage wedding door hanger

Vintage Wedding Invitation Template

vintage wedding invitation template

Vintage Wedding Program Fan Template

vintage wedding program fan template

Vintage Wedding Program Template

vintage wedding program template

Vintage Wedding Thank You Card

vintage wedding thank you card

Wedding Reception Program Template Bundle

wedding reception program template bundle

How to select a vintage wedding stationery design template

Whether you have hired a wedding planner or are doing everything yourself and using a sample wedding planner template form instead, one task that you should do to help streamline the entire wedding planning process is to choose a specific vintage wedding stationery template. Using vintage wedding templates will help you conserve time, energy, and money in the long run. That is why we have listed the specific steps that you can follow so that you can choose the best vintage wedding design template for your own wedding.

  • Choose a design template set that already incorporates most wedding stationery that you will need. To make your life easier during the wedding planning process, it is best to choose a wedding template that already includes all the necessary card templates you will be using. Choose the vintage template that has design templates for invitation cards, save the date cards, RSVP cards, menu cards, address label cards, place cards, thank you cards, and even matching envelope designs. For other optional wedding stationery items like wedding door hangers and wedding rack card templates, you may choose a separate template for them if you wish to add them to your wedding stationery must-haves.
  • Find the template that will follow your wedding color and/or motif. Another factor that you should look into when choosing between vintage wedding templates is that the ideal wedding template is the one that is already available in your wedding color or motif. If this is not possible, at least choose a template that is fully customizable to the color of your choosing. For example, if you are following a black-and-white vintage-themed wedding, it only makes sense to look for black-and-white vintage wedding invitation templates. This saves you time in browsing through other template sites and in editing the template colors.
  • Look at mock-up designs of the template. When browsing through different vintage wedding templates, make sure to closely look at the mock-up designs of these templates. Mock-ups allow you to picture what the template will look like once it is printed out. Inspect the mock-up closely so that you will be sure how the printable wedding template will translate into printed form. If there are issues with the mock-up, you may contact the creator of the template to ask him or her to make changes based on your feedback.
  • Choose an editable template. As mentioned earlier, make sure that you are selecting a vintage wedding template that allow its end-user to make customizations on the template after purchase. This way, you will be able to adjust the colors and font size, and also input new information on the corresponding wedding template. This is the beauty of using pre-made printable wedding templates. Also, by using an editable template, you will be able to add the couples’ monograms or their own wedding logo designs to the template. This makes your wedding cards more personalized—something that most guests will appreciate.
  • Determine the base color of all the vintage designs that you are using. In the event that you are using the same vintage wedding template for all the wedding stationery items that you will need to create, it is best to determine the base color of your vintage wedding motif. To do this, you may use an app to find the base and complementing colors of all your wedding stationery. You may then use this piece of information when choosing other card designs or decorations for the wedding. You should make sure that all your printable wedding cards, decorations, accessories, and even outfits will match with everything. Again, this creates a unified look for the entire wedding.
  • Select a template that allows printing in specialty paper. Lastly, when choosing among different vintage wedding templates, you need to choose a wedding template that will allow you to print the template on specialty paper or card stock. Remember that the paper where you print a vintage template will always matter. The more elegant you want your wedding cards to be, the higher the quality of paper you need to use. For example, some wedding vintage invitation templates may call for printing on Kraft or rustic patterned paper as this helps the card achieve a vintage look.

Now that you’ve learned all about vintage-themed weddings and all the different details that go into planning one, are you excited for your own vintage-wedding? You’ll surely have the time of your life planning and organizing this special day for yourself as well as your loved ones. Be sure to check out and read our other wedding-related articles for more great ideas on how you can have the most amazing wedding day ever.

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