For a business to run smoothly, office administrators will need to hire a reliable assistant to organize things.  Seen as the go-to person in the office, administrative assistants should be well-rounded and dedicated to their tasks. If you've come across an opening, don't hesitate to start writing your cover letter. Here, we have Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Templates to help you out. These ready-made products are professionally written and 100% customizable. Even if you're a fresh graduate, increase your chances of getting the job by subscribing to our collection of templates.

What Is an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter?

An administrative assistant cover letter is a document that a candidate writes when they wish to apply for the said position. According to an article by Renee Walrath, office assistants do more than just help in carrying out administrative tasks. These professionals make sure that things are well organized. Additionally, their skills are said to surpass that of everyone else in the office.

How to Create an Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

If you’re confident about your key competencies, refer to the simple guidelines below to start writing an impressive cover letter.

1. Decide on a Type of Cover Letter

Before anything else, decide on a type of cover letter to write. This will help you personalize your letter according to your needs. Aside from the traditional job application letter, examples of alternatives include a prospecting letter and a referral letter.

2. List the Important Details to Highlight

After deciding on a type of cover letter that suits you best, make a list of your most essential and unique details. Write as many points as you want, but make sure to choose only those that are relevant to the administrative position.

3. Write a Draft of Your Content

Writing a draft may take time, but this will all be worth it in the long run. Set a few minutes to write an initial version of your application letter while considering the important details that you've just listed. By doing this, you can easily polish your content and minimize the risk of committing errors.

4. Write the Actual Cover Letter

Following the writing of the short draft is the actual cover letter. If you notice errors in your draft, make sure to correct them here. But just like any other document, always remember to go over the whole letter to further ensure that it's impressive enough to get you the job.

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