Did you know that a part of your brain called cerebrum gets active when you read? Yes, keep it that way by reading books! How about using a planner to help your reading schedule, plans, and tasks activated? So here is a first-rate bunch of Ready-Made Book Planner Templates. These are available in A4 & US letter sizes. You can tweak these templates in Apple (MAC) Pages and Microsoft Word. These templates are printable, 100% customizable, and editable. These have original suggestive headings and content that you can use. Download one of these planners and turn your reading time worthwhile!

What Is a Book Planner?

A book planner contains the plans a person has about reading books. It can include the list of the books a person wants to read, a borrower's log, a reading log, and more.

How to Make a Book Planner

Reading a book has been one of the activities that most people like to do. However, the National Endowment for the Arts' survey found out that the number of people who read declined around 2012 and 2017. But this survey shouldn't stop you from reading. Instead, you should have a mind-set that reading a book is amazing. Like what Orhan Pamuk said, "I read a book one day and my whole life was changed.” You might change yours too! So to keep yourself interested in reading a book, you can use an organizer—a book planner. If you want to make one, here is a list of tips that you can use in making a simple planner:

1. Identify Your Reading Goals

To begin, you should have a list of the things you want the planner to have. Think about the things you want to have a guide of. Do you want to have a page solely for the list of books you want to read? Or do you also have a page for the books that you finished reading? Be specific about these things. These things can be your guide in the process of making your planner.

2. Divide the Planner into Categories and Personalize Each One

After listing the things your planner should have as your notes, you can now start dividing the pages of the planner with those categories. You can have a page that has two or more categories if you want it that way, or you can have a single page only for one type. For example, you can put a section for your weekly or monthly reading list. After that, you can make a table for that on your planner. This way, you'd have a guide about your reading schedule for the week. It's up to you on how you want each page to look.

3. Design Each Section

Your planner doesn't have to look plain. You can turn your planner more beautiful by adding DIY designs on it. You may design each page of the planner. You can add a theme on each page so that it becomes more artistic. You may also add colors like black, blue, and others. You can also add a cute sticker. Design the planner according to your taste. Looking at a beautiful and artistic sample planner can engage you to use it more often.

4. Download a Planner Template

A template is going to save you time. Templates already have contents, and all you need is to change and add more to them. So, for that, you can select a printable planner template above. We have a Happy Book Planner Template, a Simple Book Planner Template, and more. You can edit the template of your choice in Apple Pages and MS Word.

5. Constantly Fill Your Planner

For the last tip, you have to stuff your planner and stick with it constantly. Sticking to your planner, whether it's a calendar planner, a wedding planner, a journal planner, or like yours, a book planner is going to help you become more productive.

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