Book Vouchers Templates

Buying Popular Premium Editions is Every Bookworm's Dream. They Can Do So With Gift Vouchers Instead of Cash. If You Own a Book Store, You'll Need's Free Book Vouchers For Happy Customers. Just Like Travel Vouchers, Your Customers Can Use Them as Financial Aid to Buy Books With Discounts!See more

What Is a Book Voucher?

A book voucher is redeemable gift certificate that can be exchanged for benefits and perks. It entitles the holder to get discounts or even access to an exclusive sale of a certain brand. For big establishments, marketing teams usually make use of vouchers for wide promotions and introduce their products and services. 

In academic settings, bookstore vouchers are widely used because financial aid can greatly diminish their chances of incurring excess funds while attending school. These bookstore vouchers would enable holders to purchase books and other program-related materials. 

How to Make a Book Voucher

book voucher template

People find certain ways to entertain themselves while trying to save big. Discounts give them the chance to enjoy the many perks of traveling, dining, relaxation, and even education. Making a promotion voucher is really simple. You only need your ideas, a beautiful template, and these tips to create a wonderful voucher that everyone would like to have! 

1. Research Your Target

To determine what kind of customers you want to attract, whether it might be the enthusiastic new ones or the loyal old clients, whatever your programs might be, researching your target will help you create an idea of what should be included in the design of your book voucher. For example, if your business is a spa, then your target clients may be housewives or office workers. Or if you own a bookstore, then you can distribute these printable vouchers to schools and other academic institutions. 

2. Prepare a Rough Draft of the Information to be Printed in the Voucher

The name of the company giving out the gift vouchers should be included in the certificate. This will market your establishment and in addition, promote your products and services. Do not forget to indicate the name of the service being offered, the amount, the validity dates, and terms and conditions. For bookstore vouchers, make sure that the conditions are relayed well. 

3. Determine the Services You Want to Offer

Most of the time, business vouchers offer a lot of different services. Make sure that you know how many pages you intend to make to vary your offers. For restaurants, you may give one voucher for a birthday promo or two vouchers for a candlelight evening dinner on a certain day. For resorts, you can offer your customers some vouchers that include a free family lunch buffet or an hour of free surfing lessons.  

4. Establish the Amount of the Vouchers and Its Validity

Is it 5% or 25% off discount, or is it totally free? Will it be until today? Tomorrow? Or with no expiration date at all? To avoid confusion, especially if you have several amounts of creative vouchers to give away, indicate the denomination of the vouchers and when it can be used. If it is not in denomination but instead a service promotion, then include what, where, and when. For example, “Hope’s Center for Wildlife Preservation’s Annual Charity Ball, dinner for two, Gala Hotel, Texas, USA,” or “Avail one free meal if you join the volunteer event for ___.”

5. Make It Simple but Interesting

People really had a penchant for voucher cards that could qualify for raffles or contests. But first, look if your company can afford to do such events. Will you be giving rewards and prizes to a certain number of individuals or is it limited to below three? You should also determine what kind of prizes will be given out. If you want to create some noise, include a description of the main prize in the voucher.