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What Is a Eulogy Funeral Invitation?

A eulogy funeral invitation is a formal card or letter document that is made to deliver the message of someone's passing. Not only that, but it also honors and praises the deceased. Considering the delicate nature of the event, a funeral invitation letter must be harmonized with a subtle and pleasant feeling. This letter will indicate all the necessary details about the funeral process, from the activities before the funeral, during the funeral, and after the funeral ceremony.

How to Make a Eulogy Funeral Invitation

eulogy funeral invitation template

While it can be hard to create a funeral invitation considering the unexpected death of someone you hold dear, these basic and comprehensive tips will help you smoothen the process.

1. Utilize Light Language

First things first, the light language will not immediately erase nor heal the grieving people, but the light language in your funeral invitation can make the fact gentle. Have a smooth transition of delivering details but still be comprehensible of the truth. On all pages, observe gentle wording when writing your content. Keep the funeral invitation simple, clear, and pure. According to a healing artist, in her article "Healing & Remembrance," light language can aide anybody in the process of healing and restoration no matter how intense one is experiencing. Light language can be in your wordings and even in your layout. Choose the layout and fonts that are calm and spiritual to look at.

2. The Deceased

Properly spell the name of the departed person on the printable invitation. You may be formal or not when indicating the name. You can either state the full name alone or insert his or her nickname at the center of it. "Franklyn 'Frankie' J. Langford" will be fine. Also, it can sound better when there is a good presentation line. Presentation lines can be a quote or a phrase that can transition to the name pleasantly.

3. The Place

Your funeral invitation should specify right away in what church or venue the funeral will be happening, the memorial service provider, the specific block of the cemetery the burial will be, and if there will be a gathering or reception after the funeral; have it well written in your elegant invitation. This is to prepare your guests on where to expect the whole funeral will be.

4. The Attendance

Inscribe also when you would like the people to come to the venue. This is to make things convenient for you when expecting guests to arrive so you can manage your time and event schedule to welcome them properly. Spell out the date and time clearly. If you will be sending the funeral invitation abroad with a different time zone, it is better to use the time zone of where you are from. This is understandable due to the fact that it must coincide where the deceased is.

5. Acknowledge Their Presence

Through your eulogy funeral invitation, you must not miss to include a statement of your appreciation. Whether they are coming or not, leave a positive note at the end of the funeral event invitation.

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