What Is a Funeral Memorial Brochure?

A funeral memorial brochure is a printed, foldable booklet that a funeral home uses for advertising their services or as complementary material in said services. Chron explains that a brochure is effective at carrying plenty of information while still being compact in form, be it in bifold or trifold format.

How to Make Funeral Memorial Brochures

If you’re not certain about how to even start designing your own brochures, then just have a read through our tips (below) to find all the information that you need.

1. Use Elegant, Appropriate Imagery

Creating a brochure for your memorial programs means incorporating the right kind of themes to your design. Before working on the material, you have to start by preparing suitable photos and pictures. Some go-to imagery includes pictures of flowers, colorations with soft tones, and photos of your funeral home. If you’re printing brochures for a particular memorial, then remember to ask for a suitable photo of the loved one.

2. Decide on Your Funeral Brochure’s Layout

The main appeal of using a brochure is its foldable nature. This allows designers to use a good bit of content before having to compromise on the material’s size and portability.

So, when planning out the content for your funeral home’s handouts, be sure to first settle on the number and layout of the folds. There are the usual bifold and trifold formats, but you can also consider other options, such as Z-fold or gatefold.

3. Be Eloquent and Sincere in Your Writing

When sharing the loving memory of a dearly departed, it’s a priority to make the writing in your leaflet as beautiful and sincere as possible. While drafting the written content, take advantage of as many resources as you can. A thesaurus is always a good place to start; though, you can even take advantage of the Internet to easily find things like a grammar-based add-on for your processing application.

4. Make Your Brochure’s Writing Look Beautiful, Too

Once it’s time to apply your written content into the brochure’s design, it’s important to bear in mind that the text also plays a part in the overall appearance. Therefore, you should utilize styles and colors that make your font complement the pamphlet’s looks.

After the brochure design’s initial draft, take the time to do some test prints and make appropriate adjustments before actually finalizing your work. Finally, if you’d like further help with making a memorial brochure for commercial, decorative, or utilitarian purposes, then feel free to turn to our easily editable Funeral Memorial Brochure Templates.

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