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What Is a Funeral Service Brochure?

A funeral service brochure is a handbill given out on funeral services. The funeral brochure includes the funeral service, funeral arrangements, a tribute to the dead, and details about the funeral. Funerals help us accept that someone we love has departed.

How to Make a Funeral Service Brochure

funeral service brochure template

The content of your ceremony brochure depends on your personal liking and the kind of service you have. You can make a funeral order of service brochure, a funeral program brochure, a funeral brochure, and a funeral program. Regardless, you can make use of these steps to create one:

1. Cover

Add your heading on top of the sample brochure, for example, "In Loving Memory of…" The cover also includes the photo of the deceased. You can ask from the family of the deceased person. Include the name of the deceased person, and the date of birth and death. You can also include the favorite of the deceased person or you can add an inspirational saying from somewhere. Don't forget to add the program title. You can be creative, but make sure that it reflects the theme and tone of the program. Another thing, if it is for a religious service, you can add a meaningful scripture on your cover.

2. Service Information

In this section, add the date, address, time, and the officiating person of the service in your printable brochure.

3. Order of Service

The funeral order of service is the events that will take place in the funeral. For a funeral order of service, this can include the greeting, opening prayer, song for the service, scripture reading, time of remembrance, gospel reading, the eulogy (you can include the name of the person giving the eulogy), and a closing prayer.

4. For a Non-religious Service

If your eulogy funeral brochure is not a religious service, you may include the poem or a favored reading in the service. You can also add a brief biography of the dead person or an obituary. You can include the name of the person giving the eulogy. If there is music to be played in the service, you can put the name of the musician and the music title. You can add the "thank yous" of the family, friends, and invite the people to the reception.

5. For a Religious Ceremony

For the catholic funeral, the minister may converse with you about the events that will happen. These can be an invocation, Bible reading, the hymn, person's name who will give the eulogy, benediction, and other things.

6. Theme and Design

If the family of the deceased does not want a bland funeral service brochure, you can be creative. However, you should make sure that it is still presentable. Your theme should reflect the funeral service itself. You can add colors and designs to give life to your creative brochure.

7. Print

You should print your burial services brochure in a high-quality paper.

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