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What Is a Funeral Flyer?

A funeral flyer is an elegant flyer that aims to notify people such as relatives, friends, acquaintances, and others about the death of a loved one. Moreover, it is a significant and effective instrument in disseminating such terrible news and honoring the deceased.

How to Make a Good Funeral Flyer

Almost none of us talk about funerals, memorials, and other things that are related to death casually. Somehow it is a sensitive or delicate topic to talk about. However, it is common knowledge that death is inevitable and grief and other miserable things come with it—starting from the announcement of the loss. Thus, here are some effective guidelines in creating a good funeral flyer.

1. Gather the Basics

First and foremost, this flyer is a different kind of flyer because it does not promote, brand, or endorse a product or a business establishment. The goal of this flyer is to notify and request people to come to the memorial of someone who's life has come to an end. It is not the usual promotional flyer that companies and event coordinators take advantage of; it is somehow serious and delicate. Moving on, you have to gather the essential things needed in the formation of this craft. Make sure that you have the photographs of the deceased, a short obituary, and a lot more.

2. Choose a Suitable Format

The layout is the foundation of your custom flyer, that is why you have to carefully figure out the appropriate format and size of your project. There are different sizes available like (US) 8.5×11 inches, (A4) 8.27×11.69 inches, and more. All you have to do is choose, then start the editing afterward.

3. Use Appropriate Designs

Before you get your hands into designing, put yourself first in the shoes of the family who had lost a loved one. In that case, you will be able to feel the feeling of loss, sadness, incompleteness, and grief; moreover, you can sympathize and empathize. In layouting, take into account the emotions and atmosphere of the event. Do not use vibrant colors, fun-looking font styles, and other elements that are not suitable for the funeral program. Instead, use relevant color palettes, font styles, borders, frames, and stickers.

4. Supply the Missing Components

Do not forget to input the other important information in the pamphlet or leaflet that you are crafting such as the date and time of the memorial, venue of the funeral services, funeral outline, more information about the memorial, and a favorite song if there is any. Moreover, include contact information if ever there are people that want to donate or give something as an act of sympathy to the family of the deceased.

5. Generate and Disseminate

When you are done with all the editing and proofreading, and you have made sure that there are no existing mistakes, you can already produce a copy. It depends on you on how you will do the producing. You can print one copy then just photocopy the rest afterward, or you can print the amount you wish to have, it is all up to you. After you have decided and have produced the copies, you can now distribute it.

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