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3+ Nanny Cover Letter Templates in PDF

For any job application, you need to provide a professional and formal cover letter with your resume to create an impression. The same goes here with a nanny application. You need to know the do’s and don’ts of writing a cover letter to make sure that you can create a positive impact on the reader to consider you for the job. This intimate job responsibility includes cooking, cleaning and taking care of children so to be considered for such a huge responsibility your job application should be the up-to-the-mark. Use letter templates to help you draft nanny cover letters that you can use whenever you want.

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8 Steps to Draft a Nanny Cover Letter

Step 1: Start with Date and Address

To start with a cover letter, you need to first add the current date and then write your name along with the address. Provide full details of your address like street name, apartment, city and zip code. Make sure to mention your email address in the document as well so that they can get in touch with you when needed.

Step 2: Subject Matter

The next important part of a letter is to write a subject matter for the letter. State your reasons for writing the cover letter that you are applying for a full-time or part-time job of a nanny so that the reader can understand what to expect from the letter.

Step 3: Salutation

Salutation is an essential part of a letter. If you are known to the person, then you can use “Dear (full name)”. But if you are not known to the person then you should just use the full name of the person. Using “Respected” is a safe term if you want to keep your letter formal.

Step 4: Body

The next step is to construct the body of the letter. Divide the body into three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and your interest in applying for the job. In the next paragraph, mention your experiences in detail along with a few recommendations you can show. In the final paragraph, you should state your qualifications to ensure the reader that you are proficient.

Step 5: Specify Your Skills

Try not to shy away from mentioning your skills in the cover letter. You need to show your vital skills and explain how you have gained experience in handling babies. Show your professional and personal skills to manage a household. Emphasize the fact that your presence is going to have a positive impact on any family.

Step 6: Communicate Well

It is imperative that you should communicate well with your employer. So you should be honest about your details and talk about how you are going to maintain the household in their absence. Maintain a professional tone and check your grammar and sentence structure before you click that send button.

Step 7: Closing Signature

The last step left in your cover letter is the concluding part. In any letter format, you need to close formally using words like, ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Thankfully’ and then write your name in the next line placing towards the left alignment. Don’t forget to write your signature right below your typed name. You may even mention the date if you forgot to add at the top.

Step 8: Use a Template

The best possible way to avoid any kind of professional error is by using a ready-made cover letter template, customized for the job of a nanny. Letter formats are essential in such situations where you need to just download the framework that suits your purpose and then adds the necessary details to finish your desired nanny cover letter. Explore some of our fascinating templates down below!

3+ Nanny Cover Letter Templates

1. Nanny Cover Letter Example

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 925.1 KB


Are you interested in a position in childcare? The first thing that you need to do is apply for a job in any childcare agency with your resume and a simple cover letter. However, drafting a cover letter can be tedious, especially if you are new to this. That’s where we come in. Our team of experts has created this distinct Nanny Cover Letter Example in PDF format so that you can add your specific skills and qualifications to the given layout and send an impressive cover letter right away!

2. Basic Nanny Cover Letter Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 247.0 KB


If you are in a hurry to create the perfect cover letter for the job of a childcare person, then you should better get some sample nanny resumes from our website and follow the proper guidelines to understand how to formally apply for such a job. Our Basic Nanny Cover letter template in PDF format comes with a fully customizable structure where you can add all the required information like skills, qualifications, and experience in the field in order to be considered for the job. So hurry and get this template right away!

3. Formal Nanny Cover Letter Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 93.2 KB


This Formal Nanny Cover Letter Template is a very useful file template that provides you with the desired formal structure of a business letter. Since resumes and job applications should be error-free and accurate to create a positive impression on the recruiter, you should keep all the minute details in mind. However, if you have this nanny application template at your service, you can just add your personal data in the given spaces and forget about creating one from scratch! But if you have some other editing software, then you might want to check out our letter templates in MS Word which has the same features to help you format a cover letter of your own!

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