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2+ Payment Follow-Up Letter Templates – PDF

Every day we have bills that we need to pay and sometimes they’re ones that we have to make on a weekly or monthly basis. The entities that you will be sending our money to will want to make sure that you regularly keep up with the scheduled payments.

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But what were to happen if they see that you’ve gone past your due date and that you still have not paid whatever it is you owe? This will mean that they’ll need to send you a notice about your payment samples before doing anything drastic. What they will be sending you is a payment follow-up letter and this article will teach you all that you need to know about it.

Sample Payment Follow-Up Letter

Sample Follow-Up for Past Due Payment Letter

How to Create a Payment Follow-Up Letter

If you’re a part of an organization to whom certain people owe money to, then you should definitely know just how important it is that you create this type of letter should these people fail to pay in their due dates. This is basically what’s written by a representative or official of an organization to somebody who has to pay them money and has failed to do so. If you’re the person that has to make this kind of letter, then you should know that there are pieces of information that it’s going to need. You may also see follow-up thank you letters.

Those would be the following:

1. Your Basic Personal Information

If you’re going to send this person this type of letter, then you’ll want to be clear as to who’s sending it to them. Doing this will remind the receiver as to who they owe in the event that he or she has forgotten about the payment. So what you’ll need to write down is your complete name, your job title, the complete name of the company, and the company address. Also, you’ll need to make sure that you write down the date in which the letter was made as this will be important for record keeping purposes. You may also see interview follow-up letters.

2. The Basic Information of the Person You’re Sending it To

You have to ensure that all of the information regarding who the follow-up letter is addressed to is entirely accurate as you don’t want the wrong information to render it void. Also, it’s for the purpose of ensuring that the sample letter ends up with the right person to remind him or her about what payment needs to be made. So be sure that you write down everything from this person’s complete name and address. You can also point out his or her contact details into the letter if you wish to do so.

3. Greetings or Salutations

If you’re going to start this type of letter, then you must remember to start it in the most polite way possible. And the way for you to do that is by writing down a proper greeting to the person that you’re sending it to. You must remember to keep a polite and professional tone through the entire letter. This doesn’t just mean for the greetings but for the entire contents of the letter. So while wring this section, try to go with something like “Dear Mr/Ms. – Last Name” or anything similar. You may also see follow up email templates after an interview.

4. The First Paragraph of the Follow-Up Letter

This is the part of the follow-up letter where you get straight to the point. You’ll want to create a statement which tells the receiver that he or she has a payment that has been left unpaid. You’ll want to point out just what it is she has failed to paid as well as the amount. Once you’re done with that, you will then have to point out the time in which the payment was due. This is basically the section where you’re reminding the receiver that there’s something that has to be paid. You may also see follow-up rejection letters.

5. The Second Paragraph of the Follow-Up Letter

This is the section where you’ll want to point out just how important it is that the receiver of the letter pays for whatever it is he or she owes your organization. You must remember to keep a polite tone all throughout to show that the entire matter is strictly professional. If this is the second follow-up letter, then you may want to tell the receiver that there will be consequences should he/she continue to fail in making the payments. Be sure that you’ve very clear as to what these consequences are so that the receiver will be fully aware of what’s to come. This is one of the best ways of guaranteeing that these people pay up, so be sure to write this section of the follow-up letter properly. You may also see business thank you letters.

6. The Closing Statement

This is the final section of the letter where you reiterate just how important it is that the person receiving it pays whatever it is that he or she has yet to fulfill. You can even go as far as apologizing for the inconvenience to show that your organization is one that respects things like this in a professional manner. Then the last thing that you’ll need to do this put in your name as well as your signature to show the receiver that this letter is official and must be taken seriously. You may also see thank you letter after an interview.

In the event that you plan on sending this via email, then know that the only differences between a hard copy and email is that the latter will require a subject line. The subject line is basically what will tell your the receiver what the whole point of the email is all about without having the need to go through its contents. So as you’re writing it, you want to make sure that it’s something along the lines of “Payment Notice – Last Name of Recipient” or anything else that’s similar. Just make sure that it gets the point across straight away. You may also see payment letter templates.

Tips for Writing the Payment Follow-up Letter

Now that you have all the information that you need to help create this type letter, there are still things that you’ll have to do in order to make this one that will get your point across, as well as ensuring that it remains as professional as it should be. You may also see payment reminder letter templates.

So here are a couple of tips you can follow to help you do just that:

1. Be Polite Throughout the Entire Letter

It cannot be stressed enough that you write this letter in the most polite way possible. You do not want to give your organization a bad image by making it sound as if you’re coercing the recipient to make the payment or to make it sound as if it were a threat should he or she not be able to pay the amount that was due. A follow-up letter is basically a tool that will represent your company and you want to make sure that it does so in a good way. You may also see pending payment letter templates.

So you’ll need to approach this in a respectful manner and keep the tone constant all the way until the very end of the follow-up letter.

2. Make Sure that Everything Is Clear

From the very moment that the recipient goes through the letter, you want to ensure that he or she understands every single word that you have written to know exactly what kind of situation he or she is in and its severity. Try not to use any jargon that the recipient may be unfamiliar with to avoid any confusion. You may also see late payment letter templates.

3. Never Be Rude

If you’re going to write this letter, then keep reminding yourself that this is what will represent the image of your organization. This means that you have to do everything possible that will avoid being rude to the person that you’re sending this letter to. How will you do that? Well, you can start by guaranteeing that no personal details of the individual will be leaked into the letter. Also, you shouldn’t point out any past grievances that you’ve had with the individual in the past. The primary focus of this type of letter is for the recent payment that he or she has failed to pay and that’s the only thing that the letter should focus on. Anything else will just be considered irrelevant and can be consequential to you and your organization. You may also see client letter templates.

4. Apologize

Even if it’s your organization that’s being inconvenienced by the late payment, it’ll still be good for the organization’s image if you were to write a statement where you apologize to the recipient for any inconvenience that you have caused. You want to show that the organization understands that the client is undergoing through difficulties, assuming that there even are any, and that it  empathizes with him or her. If you know that there is something that the recipient of the letter is facing that’s preventing him or her from making the payment on time, then be sure that you clearly express just how much you understand the situation, while at the same time pointing out that you’ll still need the recipient to make the payment within a period of time. Just because someone is having problems does not mean that you can just forego whatever payments he or she has to make, it’s still something that needs to be settled at the end of the day. You may also see collection letter templates.

5. Make the Details of the Payment Clear

Remember that this type of letter is all about business and that you want to make sure that the client is aware of what he or she has to pay. Be sure that you’re very clear as to what the client has to pay for, as well as other details such as the exact date of the payment that he or she has failed to fulfill and the amount that was needed to be paid. You have to be sure that you don’t miss out on putting this in the follow-up letter as it’s basically a way of telling the client that he/she is being reminded of what’s owed. You may also see verbal warning letter templates.

6. Edit the Letter

Seeing as to how this letter must remain professional at all cost, you want it to be free from any errors. You have to make sure that there are no mistakes when it comes to the spelling, grammar, or even the information about anything that’s related to the late payment. So what you’ll want to do is go through the letter at least twice to ensure that you’re able to spot whatever mistakes you may have made. After you’re done proofreading, then you may proceed to sending it to the individual. You may also see employment follow-up letters.

In the event that you would like to know more in regards to how you should go about in creating a follow-up letter for payment or if you would like to learn anything that’s related to the topic, then all you have to do is go through our site until you are able to find the articles that have the information to help you. You may also see follow up thank-you letter after an interview.

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