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How to Write Rejection Letter for Unsuccessful Applicants

During the application process, there is a stage in which some applicants are chosen for the position while the rest are scratched off the list. Being in a company of goodwill, the professional thing to do is to issue a rejection letter when you reject applicants. In turn, an applicant submits a follow-up rejection letter as a response.

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The benefit a business entity gets in sending a rejection letter to unsuccessful applicants is the standing connection between the company and the applicant. To professionally reject candidates with the use of rejection letters, you are not entirely closing the door to their application and might get in touch with them in the future.

Factors to Reject Unsuccessful Applicants

Business entities have different reasons that influence the rejection of an applicant. The following are the factors faced by the entity making them reject an applicant:

  • Written Resume – Resumes are requirement for job applications. Rejection of an applicant is usually based from the scanned resume that is not prepared properly making them receive rejection letters in DOC.
  • Job Personality – There are certain jobs that require an applicant to have certain personal characteristics. Take this statement as an example: an introverted applicant will never survive in sales work.
  • Attitude towards Work – In the application process, a hiring entity can already see the work attitude an applicant has in his passion and his sincerity with his application. An applicant tardy for an interview is highly likely to be tardy in regular work days if hired.
  • Application Information – If the information on the resume does not match the statements issued by the listed references, then this concludes that the applicant was lying and therefore receives one of the rejection letter templates prepared by the company.
  • Skills and Abilities – Applicant get rejected because the skills and capabilities listed does not fit with the needed qualifications for the job position.

Outline of a Rejection Letter

Making a rejection letter requires more than just saying ‘NO’ to an applicant. Rejection Letters are created with the use of an outline as presented on the formal rejection letter on this website, as follows:

  • Applicant Details and Salutation – You must address the letter personally to the applicant. With the use of a letter format, write the name and the address of the applicant. Address the applicant on the opening salutation of the letter.
  • Reason/s for Rejection – Inform the applicant of the rejection using a positive tone. State the reasons why he was not accepted for the job. Choose your words carefully.
  • Sincere Compliments – You can give compliments to the applicant’s qualifications but be sure that you do it sincerely.
  • Factors Considered – State the factors that influenced you to accept another candidate for the job. Do not disclose the personal information of the successful candidate; rather, stress out the entity standards the applicant met.
  • Positive Close – End the letter to the applicant with the door slightly open. This means that you are going to consider his application if another position opens.

Rejection letters can discourage the applicant at first but with time, the applicant won’t feel that heaviness towards the entity. He will have that confidence to try applying for a job again.

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