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13+ Sample Resignation letter Format Templates

Even the most loyal employee often makes mistakes. They can be crafty, get late for work sometimes, and fail to deliver the best results. When employees change from effective workers to non-influential individual at the company, the best way to deal with them would write them a Resignation Letter Example PDF to dismiss them from work. A resignation letter format is no different from an official job application letter.

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Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter

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Heartfelt Resignation Letter Template

No Notice Resignation Letter Template

Immediate Resignation Letter Template

Job Resignation Letter With a Reason Template

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Internship Resignation Letter

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Sample Resignation Letter Format Template for Better Oppurtunity | The sample resignation letter format template for better opportunity is a readymade resignation letter template that cordially puts forward the employee’s resignation to the supervisor of the company.

Email Format Resignation Letter Example PDF Free Download | The email format resignation letter template in PDF is a simple resignation letter template that can be used by any employee looking for a good resignation letter template for the cause.

School Teachers Resignation Letter Format Free PDF Format | The school teachers resignation letter template in PDF is a concise resignation letter template that stores the information of the employee and the reason which led the teacher to resign from the job.

Radiation Safety Offcer Resignation Letter Example PDF Format Download | The radiation safety officer resignation letter template in PDF is a normal resignation letter template that is used to explain the reason that has led the officer to resign from the post.

Immediate Resignation Letter Due to Stress PDF Format Download | This is an immediate resignation letter that an employee can send to his employer. This is a format in which the employee mentions that he is severely stressed out at the job, and the doctor has advised him to take rest, both mental and physical. This is an immediate resignation letter template, which means that the employee will stop coming to the office immediately after sending this letter. There is no notice period which is generally required before leaving a job.

Funny Resignation Letter to Boss Sample PDF Format Free Download

Account Executive Formal Resignation Letter Free PDF Format | This is a sample resignation letter that an account executive can use to resign from his position. Available in PDF format, this template can be easily downloaded and used to create a professional looking resignation letter. All the details are already mentioned in the template. You just need to fill in the required details and submit your resignation.

Office Manager Sample Resignation Letter Word Format Download

The excel or word file therefore must have the address of the sender and the recipient. It must have a reference heading and a clear explanation why you have made the decision to fire the employee in question. You may also like Resignation Letter Templates

Why Do You Need a Resignation Letter Format Template?

A resignation letter format template is extremely important to help you create a resignation letter with ease. If you have made up your mind to resign from your current company, you can create your resignation letter using one of these templates and send it to your current employer. When you send a well-written resignation letter, you get maximum chances to leave the company on a positive note without any harsh memories.

When Do You Need a Resignation Letter Format Template?

Whenever you decide to quit from a company as an employee, you need to submit a formal resignation letter. It can have or not have a notice period for a few days too. A resignation letter without any notice period is called an immediate resignation letter, and the employee can stop coming to the job immediately after sending the resignation. But if it has a notice period of two weeks or four weeks, the company gets some time to look for a replacement, and the employee also gets some time to complete his pending work and assign his duties to someone else. So, you can use any of these templates when you decide to leave a company and resign from your position.

Benefits of a Resignation Letter Format Template

All these resignation letter templates are designed by experts, and they give you a readymade format to create your own resignation letter. They are 100% customizable as per your individual needs, and they are easy and fast to download and use too.

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169+ FREE & Premium Resignation Letter - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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