12+ Restaurant Receipt Templates – DOC, PDF

A restaurant receipt can be found under the business receipt template. As this is one of the common jobs present in all over the country and continuously expanding and productive. A Hotel Receipt Templates is useful to record all the payments done for every transaction of the customers in the restaurant. It is necessary to record as for future references and to track the expected income and expenses accumulated by a certain restaurant business.

Restaurant Receipt Template in Word


Restaurant Bill Receipt Template in Google Docs


Sample Restaurant Receipt Template


Hotel Receipt Template


Sample Hotel Receipt Template


Order Receipt Template


Blank Receipt Template


Simple Receipt Template


Sample Restaurant Receipt Template in Excel

  • sample restaurant receipt template in excel

This Sample Restaurant Receipt Template in Excel has the restaurant details at the top followed by serial number, food item, quantity, price and amount. The cashier details are at the bottom left. topdocuments.com

Blank Restaurant Receipt Example Download

  • blank restaurant receipt example download

Blank Restaurant Receipt Example is a plain, traditional looking bill receipt that does the job it’ supposed to do. The item details and quantity take the middle space with date and time at top right receipt-template.net

Format of a Restaurant Receipt

  • restaurant receipt template2

Format of a Restaurant Receipt looks hundred percent like the real thing with all the usual details that go into a real receipt such as price of items purchased quantity etc top. cabreceipt.com

Itemized Restaurant Receipt Example Free Download

  • itemized restaurant receipt template download1

Itemized Restaurant Receipt Example places simplicity as its primary goal with the items taking center stage and cutting out the design element. Neat and precise, this format is ideal for everyone expressexpense.com

Printable Restaurant Receipt Format Download

  • printable restaurant receipt template free download1

Printable Restaurant Receipt Format has a designer outline that is bound to stand out amongst al the others. the colors are bright as well, with item and amount details still taking being visual.


In using a restaurant receipt template, it will provide samples of restaurant receipt that can be a basis for creating a unique appropriate and suited for a type of restaurant that the business owner have. These Sample Receipt Templates are free to download and accessible to find in the website.

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