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7+ Delivery Receipt Templates – PDF, Word

Every simple business has to make sure that they provide their customers with receipts so that they are able to obtain all the information they need regarding the transaction took place. Also, there are many different types of receipts that one can make and each of them has their own specific components and uses. You may also see receipt samples.

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So let’s say that you’re a customer who would like to obtain all the information regarding a particular delivery that you’ve just received. This would mean that you’ll need delivery receipts as this contains all the details you will want to know. This article is going to teach you the different kinds of delivery receipts as well as how to make one.

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Delivery Note Receipt PDF

Format of Goods Delivery Receipt

What Is a Delivery Receipt?

Before you start making delivery receipts, you’ll need a better understanding of it first. This is a document that that is typically signed by a receiver of a shipment to indicate that he or she has in fact received the item/items shipped and has taken possession over the item/items. It’s a very important type of receipt as it contains important information such as the date in which the item/items were sent, what kind of item/items are in the delivery, the signature of the sender, etc.

So if you were to receive a package from a particular company through the mail or by any other means, then you’ll be required to provide your signature on a sample delivery receipt so that the person who’s handling the delivery can confirm that the goods were actually received by the intended recipient. This is a very good way of ensuring that the deliveries don’t end up with the wrong person or at the wrong place and it’s also a good way for the recipient to confirm that he/she has everything that he/she is supposed to receive.

Delivery Confirmation Receipt Template

Food Delivery Receipt Sample

The Different Types of Delivery Receipt

Now that you know what a delivery receipt sample is, you should also know that there’s more than just one type. While there may be different types of delivery receipts, the fact is that they all give out information regarding what’s delivered and when they were delivered. The only difference between them is that certain receipts cater to specific items as well as requiring other types of information.

So here are a few examples of the different types of receipts:

1. Food Delivery Receipts

These are the kind of receipts that are made by businesses who are in the food delivery industry and they’re usually handed over to customers who order large quantities of meals. One would only make a large food delivery if he/she were to throw a large party such as a banquet for a specific occasion, and naturally, that person would want to make sure that he/she gets every meal to feed the guests. So the kind of information that would be contained in this particular type of receipt would be the names of the different meals that the customer has ordered, the quantities in which these meals were requested, and the name of the company that has provided the customer service. So if you’re the person that received this type of receipt, be sure to go through everything to guarantee that you have all the different types of food you need for the party.

2. Goods Delivery Receipt

This is the type of receipt that a ton of simple businesses would require in the event that they have a vendor provide them with goods. The reason as to why this receipt is needed is because businesses want to make sure that they obtain the right kind of materials needed as well as ensuring that the quality of these goods is exactly as they were promised by the vendor.

Businesses need to make sure that the quality of these goods are of top quality as they’ll be using them to make their own products or they might need these items to provide customers their company-related services. So this type of receipt would contain information such as the make, model, and description of the goods, along with the date the delivery was made and the name of the recipient. So if you’re the person in charge of creating this receipt, be sure that you obtain the signature of the recipient once he/she accepts the delivery so that you won’t have to deal with problems regarding who took the items as well as what kind of items were delivered. You may also like receipt templates.

3. Glasses Delivery Receipt

For those of you who wear glasses, then you should know just how important it is to ensure that you have everything from the shape of the lens to the grade of the glasses to 100% accurate. So let’s say that you’re expecting a delivery of a fresh new pair of glasses and you want to be sure that it’s exactly the one that you particularly ordered. With the help of a glasses delivery receipt, you can guarantee that you’ll gain all the information that’ll you what kind of glasses you’ve received, as well as giving you the opportunity to decline the delivery should you see certain inconsistencies regarding the information about the glasses as noted in the document.

This type of receipt should contain information such as the different features of the glasses, the shape of its lenses and frame, the graded, etc. Always make sure to check on the receipt before accepting the delivery as you do not want to get stuck with a pair of glasses that doesn’t belong to you, as well as ones that you cannot use. You may also see transport receipt templates.

4. Hand Delivery Mail Receipt

If you’re the person that’s in charge of making hand-made deliveries, then you’ll expect the recipients to want to know about who made the delivery and when the delivery took place. It’s only natural that these people would want this information as nobody would want to accept a random package out of nowhere. Also, the person in charge of the delivery will want to make sure that he/she has made the delivery to the right person. The best way to make sure that this happens is through the use of a hand delivery mail receipts.

The receipt will easily tell who received the package, as well as when and where you delivered the package. So when you’re making this particular document, you have to include the recipient’s complete name (first, middle, and last). Also, you need to provide the complete address as you’ll never know when a problem might arise regarding someone obtaining the wrong delivery. You may also see transport receipt templates.

Blank Delivery Receipt Sample

Warehouse Delivery Receipt Sample

The Components of a Delivery Receipt

If you’re going to end up making or receiving a delivery receipt, you’ll want to know its basic components so you can make sure that one gets everything needed regarding the delivery. You may also see acknowledgment receipt templates.

So here are the different components that just about every delivery receipt should have:

1. The complete name of the recipient – When you’re delivering a package to someone, you’d obviously want to know who you’ve delivered it to. This way, you can confirm that you’ve made the delivery to the right person and the information can come in handy in the event that you need to prove who you’ve made the delivery to. So be sure to write down the recipient’s complete name into the delivery to confirm who’s recipient, and remember to ask for confirmation before letting this person sign the document. You may also see order receipt templates.

2. The date in which the recipient received the delivery – This is just as important as the name of the person as both you and the recipient will want to know the exact date in which the delivery was made. For the person receiving the delivery, it’s important to him/her because the date can help him/her know if it’s the delivery that he/she is expecting. As for the person who made the delivery, the date is important because the information can be used to confirm exactly when the delivery was made as this will be needed for record-keeping purposes. So you have to be sure that the delivery receipt contains the month, date, and year as to when the delivery was made. You may also see receipt formats in a word.

3. Description of the goods – The obvious reason as to why the receipt should contain this is because one would want to know what kind of item/items has been delivered and/or received, as well as the quantity of these items. Both parties of the delivery stand to benefit from the information as both can use the receipt to confirm the exact items that were ordered by the customer. So if a customer sees in the receipt that the description shows items that he/she didn’t order, then the customer may decline the delivery, avoiding future problems. This section of the receipt should contain information such as the quantity of the items, the name or brand of the items, physical characteristics of the items, etc. You may also like printable receipt templates.

4. Signature of the recipient – The person making the delivery will require the signature of the receipt before handing over the delivery over. The reason as to why the signature is needed is to confirm that the delivery is made to the intended recipient. Also, it’s a like the signing of a contract agreement which states that both parties have finalized the transaction that has taken place. So always make sure to obtain the signature of the recipient of the delivery before handing over whatever it is you intend to deliver.

If you would like to learn how you should go about in creating other types of receipts, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that have the information you need, and utilize the information you’ve been able to gather to help you and your business out. You may also like sample receipt templates.

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