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If you’re someone who’s working for a company whose sole purpose is to sell a particular product to customers, then you should know that every customer that you finalize a transaction with must be given all the details of how the transaction took place. You may also see printable receipt templates.

The reason for this is because the information can be used by both you and the customers in the event you will need to prove things such as how much was paid or when it was paid. So the best way to ensure that both parties obtain what they need is by having professional receipts and this article will teach you how to make them. You may also see receipt formats.

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Credit Card Payment Receipt Template

credit card payment receipt template

End-of-Day Credit Card Receipt Form

end of day credit card receipt form

Credit Card Purchase Receipt Form

credit card purchase receipt form

How to Create a Professional Receipt

When you think about a receipt, then your mind immediately goes to that piece of paper that contains information how much you spent on something. You should know that there’s more to it than that. A receipt is a written acknowledgment of having received a specified amount of money or goods. Think of it as something similar to a contract agreement wherein both parties have come to a formal decision as to how the transaction will go and how it’s going to be finalized.

So if you’re going to make a professional receipt, then here are the steps that you’re going to have to take to help you out:

1. Buy Carbon Copies to Speed up the Creation Process

There are times where handwriting a receipt can feel like such a hassle as not only do you have to make the customer’s copy, you also have the tedious task of making your own for record keeping purposes. So if you decide to write all of your receipts, then you should definitely invest in carbon copy receipts as they will make things so much easier on your end. Using the carbon copies will allow you to make 2 copies ready, so that’s one for you and one of the buyer. You may also like sample receipt templates.

  • Carbon copy receipts are often also labeled with the necessary information for a sales receipt, or they might contain a lined template where the only thing that you’ll need to do is write out all the information that the receipt needs in a clear and proper manner.

2. Write All Handwritten Receipts in Dark Ink

If you’re going to create handwritten receipts, then you want to make sure that your customers are actually able to read all of the information that you place in them. The best way for you to do that is by using a pen with dark ink to ensure that all written receipts are legible to the point where customers won’t have a problem in understanding whatever it is in them. Remember that you should never make use of a pencil or pens with light colored ink as there’s a huge possibility that they will fade over time, making the receipt copies worthless. You may also like receipt templates.

  • While you’re writing down the information on the receipt, be sure that you make everything large, and clear enough for everyone to read. If you’re making use of carbon copies, then you’ll need to press down on the pen as you write to ensure that the ink bleeds through the other copies. You may also like work receipt templates.

3. Make Use of Preprinted Blank Receipts With Your Company’s Name or a Printed Company Stamp

Whenever your customers receive a receipt, they would want to know the company that’s responsible for dealing and finalizing the transaction. The best way to do that is by stamping all the receipts that you make with the logo of your company. If you would like, then you can also make use of preprinted receipts that already contain the name of your company as well as the logo. This will make it clear to the buyer that the product(s) are coming from your business or company and they can end up being very useful in the event that there’s a need to prove where the item or items were bought. Also, it’s just a nice touch to make sure that your business looks as professional as it should to the eyes of your consumers.

4. Include All the Necessary Information that a Professional Receipt  Would Need

Whether you’re making a receipt via handwritten means, creating one from scratch through the use of a computer, or making use of a template, you need to know that there are several important items that just about every receipt should have. You may also like expense receipt templates.

So here are the basic components you have to make sure are in your professional receipt:

  • The vendor details
  • The vendee details
  • The date of when the transaction took place
  • The amount that was paid by the buyer
  • The details regarding the product that was purchased
  • The method of payment
  • Signatures from both the buyer and the seller

5. Consider Using a Free Receipt Template

You need to remember that you always have the option to make use of free receipt templates that you can find online instead of having to make handwritten ones. There are a ton of receipt templates online that you can take whenever you wish; we even have a couple of available ones here on our very own site! The only thing that you need to do is pick the one that you think you’re going to be comfortable in using, and customize it to give the receipt your business’s touch; meaning that you’ll be putting in the name of your company as well as a stamp of the company logo.

Confirmation of Receipt of Goods and Services Form

confirmation of receipt of goods and services form

Receipts for Goods and Services

receipts for goods and services

Goods and Services Purchase Receipt

goods and services purchase receipt

Goods and Services Receipt Sample

diy epro receipt goods 1 788x1114

Printable Sales Receipt Template in PDF

printable sales receipt template in pdf

Sample Sales Receipt Template in Word

sample sales receipt template in word

Cash Sales Receipt Template

cash sales receipt template

Understanding the Purpose and Key Elements of a Receipt

Now that you’ve learned how to make a professional receipt, then next thing that you’re going to have to learn is its purpose as well as its key elements. This will help remind you just how important it is to make one, as well as making sure that you remember what every receipt should have. You may also like blank receipt templates.

So here is a list of things that you’re going to have to learn about professional receipts:

1. Recognize its Actual Purpose

The reason as to why receipts are so important is because they help customers, as well as businesses, keep track of all their income and expenses. Whenever a person needs to know if he or she went past a budget, then all that person will need to do is go through his or her receipts to gain that information. If an employee in a company is required to create an income and expense report which will notify the higher-ups of how much the business spent on certain products and how much was gained from what was sold, then the receipts are one of the best sources of information.

Whether you’re the buyer or the seller, you need to make sure that you always save a copy of whatever receipt you’ve made or received as they’re vital in proving things like what was bought, how much an item was sold for, what items were sold, etc. You may also see business receipt templates.

So if you’re the seller, remember that it is your responsibility to make sure that your customers always acquire a receipt. If you’re the buyer, then it’s your responsibility to tell the seller that you’ll need the receipt as it’s your right to get all the details regarding the transaction.

  • In the event that you have to purchase expensive items, then you are definitely going to need a receipt. It’s mandatory for sellers to provide the receipt if ever they sell customers items that are of high prices. This is a precaution in case there are legal issues around the transaction, as either party that was involved in the transaction process can use the information to prove something. You may also like sample receipt templates.

2. The Key Elements of a Professional Receipt

Whenever you have to create a receipt, you have to make sure that the key components are in it to ensure its validation with your customers.

So here is the list of key elements that your receipt should have:

  • The vendor details – This is basically the person that’s referred to as the “seller”. You will need to place in all basic information such as the complete name of the seller (or the company of the seller), the seller’s complete address, and the sellers’ contact details (email address, cell phone number, etc.). It’s also best that you include the store manager or the owner of the company into this section as the buyer may want to go straight to that person if ever there’s an issue with the transaction.
  • The vendee details – This is basically where you write the name of the buyer. Make sure that the buyer’s complete name is one the receipt to confirm the identity of the person that purchased the product. You may also like receipt templates in PDF.
  • The date of a transaction – When you’re writing this down, you’re going to have to write down the day, month, and year. This is going to be very useful for anything tax-related. You may also like business receipt templates.
  • The product details – Write a brief description of the items or services sold, such as the name of the product, the quantity, the product number, and any other identifying information.
  • The amount paid – You’re going to have to write down the exact amount of how much was paid by the buyer. It’s also best that you break down everything that was paid. The price breakdown will make the sale more valid and specific. You may also like rental receipt templates.
  • The method of payment – If the buyer paid in cash, then you’ll need to state in the receipt that he or she did so. If the buyer paid via check, then write down the check number along with the amount. If it was through credit card, then write down the amount and the type of credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc.) You may also like service receipt templates.
  • Signature from the vendor and buyer – You need to have both signatures in order to ensure that the receipt is official and that the transaction has been finalized.

If you would like to learn more in regards to how you should go about in creating a professional receipt, then all you have to do is go through our site until you are able to find the articles that should provide you with all of the help you need. You may also like free word receipt templates.

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