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11+ Fashion Label Templates

Today, the current trend in clothing and apparel is always on the rise where people are really fond of. For fashion designers and clothing companies, they can have their own trading name professionally and stylish using the Free Label Template online. This can be open in Word, Excel or PDF format for easy access of the details to put on. Highly used by many fashion artists and companies in order to make their introduction of items be on star. You can also see Address Label Template. The layout and style for the labeling of fashion product can be made in just one sitting when using a classic Label Templates online. Modification of the color, design and background is free to do by the user. Unique ideas from the samples shown online is a great way to create a label that will particularly love and seek by the customers. A very affordable and time saving tool for fashion industry to keep them on the go.

152+ FREE & Premium Fashion Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

Free Clothing Label Template

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Vector Detailed Fashion Label Jeans Tags

The vector detailed fashionable label jeans tags are created very skilfully to describe the classy texture of jeans though simple design. This template works good to maintain the soberness of the whole idea. Download it today and use it wisely.

Stylish Gold Lips Fashionable Label

The stylish gold lips fashionable label is a groovy one to make your hard work worth giving a try. The fashionable label makes your design bright and stylish, which works perfectly for garments. Download this wonderful vector template from the given link below.

Pet Fashion Labels and Illustrations Template

The pet fashion label and illustration template is one of the cutest one to work with, if you’re looking for a good design for any pet related product. The design is simple yet attractive, making it easy for you to make the whole thing eye catchy. Download this awesome template from the given link below.

Black & White Fashion Label Sweet

Black and white never goes out of fashion and when it’s about labels, nothing can be more fashionable than this black and white based sweet label. The design is wonderfully done to enhance the classiness of your design. Try it today.

Premium Fashion Labels Mockup Template Download

The premium fashion labels mock-up template is one of the best ways to work with design. The simple yet classy look make the whole process of presenting your designing your work interesting and trendy. Download this awesome template from the given link below.

Vector cute Summer Price Tags with Fashion Girls and Label

The vector cute summer price tags work really good with the girly products, making it more appealing and approachable. The colours are customizable and the overall look is quite interesting and bright. Download it from the given link below.

Vintage Flapper Fashion Label Cloche Parasol Template

The vintage flapper fashion label cloche parasol template is the key to make any sober product look bright and exciting. The colour shades and the overall design make anything look pretty awesome. Download this awesome template from the given link below.

Ornament Line Fashion Label

The ornaments line fashion labels look very graceful, making the ornaments enhance its beauty. The colour combination makes the whole think look sober and classy, which is a great way to make your design enthralling. Download it from the given link below.

Round Golden Badge Label with Text Download

The round golden badge label with text is a wonderful way to portray your brand design in a simple manner so that the overall design becomes attractive and plain. The logo is well created to match the wavelength for design, making it universally acceptable.

The vintage fashion tag label is one the best way to work with design, when it’s all about being fashionable and worth checking out. This awesome template is available PSD and vector, which is great news for you, if you’re a graphic designer.

Fashion Labels and Logo Template

Realistic Clothing Labels Shirt

Clothing Labels Washing Symbols

Realistic Clothing Labels Jeans

The fashion labels and logos templates are chosen universally to maintain the class of respective brands. The designs are worth giving a try because of its simple and stylish look. Download the PSD vector format from the given link below.

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Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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