16+ Blank Address Label Templates


For emergency purposes, it is usually a good idea to ensure that your belongings have your name and address written on them. Of course, there are other reasons why it would be a good idea to have a way to write down your address, such as for guiding people to your address.

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Whatever your reason, there are several templates for making address labels that you can use to write your address down. Other label templates would naturally allow you to stick labels on your belongings, but these templates have the added bonus of including your address so that people can find it if they have to.

Free Chevron Address Label Template

free chevron address label templateFree Download

Business Address Label Template

business address label templateFree Download

Free Real Estate Address Label

free real estate address labelFree Download

Monogram Address Label Template

monogram address label templateFree Download

Graduation Address Label Template

graduation address label templateFree Download

Holiday Address Label Template

holiday address label templateFree Download

Free Photo Address Label Template

free photo address label templateFree Download

Nautical Address Label Template

nautical address label templateFree Download

Printable Blank Address Label Template

printable blank address label templateDownload

Fancy Blank Address Label Template

fancy blank address label templateDownload

Blank Wedding Address Label

blank wedding address label1Download

Blank Mailing Address Label

blank mailing address labelDownload

Uses of Address Label Templates

Obviously you would expect address label templates to be able to have your name and address written on them. And you would want this for various reasons. Your first thought might be that it could be useful in emergencies, and indeed it would be. But you could use these templates for several specific purposes including these instances:

  • Business Cards. These templates could conceivably serve as makeshift business cards. Being that they contain your name, label, and address, these templates could be repurposed for business reasons. They would not be quite the same as an actual business card, but in less professional or formal settings, this can still tell people where you work.
  • Name Tags. The templates can easily be used as name tags for your belongings; while they would have your name on them, they could also contain your address and contact information. This gives you a very slight chance of retrieving your belongings if they should get lost, and at the very least, people should be able to contact you regarding your things.
  • Correspondence. If you happen to be communicating with someone who does not know where you live, you can use these templates as a quick shortcut to tell them where you live. The other person can reference your label to have a general idea of where you live.

Blank Holiday Address Label

blank holiday address labelDownload

Decorative Blank Address Label

decorative blank address labelDownload

Blank Address Label Stickers

blank address label stickersDownload

Blank Wraparound Address Label

blank wraparound address labelDownload

Blank Sticky Address Label

blank sticky address labelDownload

Conveniences of Address Label Templates

What other examples of blank label templates is that there are always several advantages to using them. These conveniences make these templates effective tools when you need to fill in the specifics, as most of the work has already been done for you. Some of these useful advantages include these benefits:

  • Flexibility. These templates have been established as capable of performing in a variety of roles. If one needs to have his address and contact information written down so that others can know of it, these are the tools to have. These templates provide their users with an easy system for recording or sharing that kind of information whenever and wherever it might be needed.
  • Complete Information. These templates do not just provide one kind of field of information. They provide all the relevant information that you might have to produce in situations where this knowledge is needed.
  • Memorable. If you use the right template, you may make an impression on those who come into contact with it. This may turn out to your advantage, as an impression might make you stick in the memories of those who see your template.

These templates are a good tool to have if you need a shortcut to write down your address for any reason. In short, the templates provide you with a good system so you can just focus on writing your data down.

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