14+ Wedding Water Bottle Label Templates – PSD, Word, PDF

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A water bottle may be simple in terms of its function as it just carries water around. Moreover, most water bottles are also simple in design as they are created with plastic or other materials that are applicable to be used to support the purpose of the water bottle, which is to hold liquids inside it. However, a water bottle label can make all the difference.

If you want to use a water bottle as an added material in your wedding loot bag and souvenir items or you just want the water that will be served in your wedding to be more personalized. You can use our wedding water bottle label templates as references in creating the design that you will put in the water bottle label. Moreover, we can also provide you with other downloadable label templates with different functions usable for a variety of purposes.

Wedding Water Bottle Label Template

wedding-water-bottle-label-template Free Download

Wedding Bottle Label Template

wedding-bottle-label-template Free Download

Water Bottle Label Template to Edit

water-bottle-label-template-to-edit Free Download

Wedding Champagne Bottle Label Template

wedding-champagne-bottle-label-template Free Download

Free Newlyweds Wedding Label Template to Edit

free-newlyweds-wedding-label-template-to-edit Free Download

Free Sample Water Bottle Template

free-sample-water-bottle-template Free Download

Free Wedding Water Bottle Label

free-wedding-water-bottle-label Download

Rustic Wedding Water Bottle Label

rustic-wedding-water-bottle-label Download

Wedding Water Bottle Label Template

wedding-water-bottle-label-template Download

Design Ideas for Wedding Water Bottle Labels

Since water bottles are visually boring, especially if their structure is the likes of what we normally see in the stores, a way to pump up its appearance is by using a wedding water bottle label that may be inspired by the following design ideas:

  • You can write a quotation about weddings or a quote that is inspired by the vows of the couple. Moreover, you can also write a few phrases that are inspired by the love story of the wedded couple.
  • If you want the wedding water bottle to be simple, sleek, and clean, you can just use the names of the couple and the date of their wedding. The use of font styles and colors can make all the difference, if you will put these simple information in the wedding water bottle label.
  • A wedding water bottle label may also include different items, materials, and icons that are related to the wedding ceremonies. You can use flowers, the wedding rings, the words “I do,” and the likes in designing the wedding water bottle labels that you will use.

If you want to use a bottle label other than the purpose of designing a wedding water bottle, you may download our samples of bottle label templates and use them as design guides for the purpose where you will use them.

Personalized Wedding Water Bottle Label

personalized-wedding-water-bottle-label Download

Black Damask Wedding Water Bottle Label

black-damask-wedding-water-bottle-label Download

Custom Wedding Water Bottle Label

custom-wedding-water-bottle-label Download

Watercolor Wedding Anniversary Water Bottle Label

watercolor-wedding-anniversary-water-bottle-label Download

Printable Wedding Water Bottle Label

printable-wedding-water-bottle-label Download

DIY Wedding Water Bottle Label

diy-wedding-water-bottle-label Download

Guidelines in Creating a Wedding Water Bottle Label

If you are already decided that you want a wedding water bottle either to be used as a souvenir or during water service, here are a few guidelines that you may follow:

  • Make sure that the wedding water bottle label follows the theme of the wedding.
  • Use any materials that can be seen in the wedding design and layout and allow it to be highlighted in the wedding water bottle label. You can take inspiration from the color scheme used in the wedding, the design items applied in different wedding documents, or even the location where the wedding will be held.
  • Use fonts that are readable as and better visual focus is needed to read what is in the water bottle label because of the bottle’s structure.
  • You can incorporate the photos of the wedded couple or apply other design materials that they want to be included in the wedding water bottle label to make it more personal and appropriate for the event.

Other than our wedding water bottle label samples and templates, you may also be interested to download our samples of different water bottle label templates.

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