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Unique Restaurant Menu Label Designs

Differentiating your restaurant from its competitors through a unique branding identity is one of the best marketing strategies that a restaurateur can have. There are different ways to achieve this from the obvious adoption of copyrighted trademarks to the subtle use of uniform graphic design elements on restaurant stationaries. You can also use these Restaurant Menu and Menu Templates to create beautiful menu in minutes.

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Wine Club and Restaurant Label Template

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Food Label Template

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Organic Food Label Template

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Free Food Gift Label Template

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Free Simple Food Label Template

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Using menu labels for your restaurant stationery designs is one such understated way. This article will explore different downloadable menu label templates. Also included are various guidelines when using these templates for your own restaurant.

What are restaurant menu labels?

Labels are used to describe, mark, and distinguish ownership of objects, things, places, persons, feelings or events. Printed labels, when used in restaurants, can become something that will set your restaurant apart from others.

In order to create beautiful restaurant menu labels, you should first plan out how all your restaurant stationery, advertising materials, information cards, and marketing materials should look like. Think of this as creating a unique image or personality for your restaurant. Once that step is out of the way, you may then choose to design a menu label template from scratch or use restaurant menu label templates. Detailed information about restaurant menu label templates is provided below.

Art Deco Restaurant Menu Labels Template

If you are operating a vintage-themed restaurant that also offers an extensive beverage menu list, you will appreciate the Art Deco Restaurant Menu Labels Template shown below. Use this menu label template to further showcase your restaurant image without having to use different menu label designs.

With this restaurant menu label set, you will get vector illustrations for a wine list menu, a juice and drinks menu label, a cafe menu label, and various other restaurant food menu label designs. There are a total of nine menu label illustrations. They are created on isolated vector layers to ensure easy editing. All file downloads are editable in Adobe Illustrator as EPS files and they can be rendered in JPEG file format afterward.

When using this vintage restaurant template, make sure that the other restaurant stationery designs you are using also sport the same art deco design. Also, do not forget to add a rustic version of your restaurant logo design.

BBQ Grill Restaurant Menu Label

Next on this collection of menu labels is the BBQ Grill Restaurant Menu Label (embedded below). Choose this label template if you want to have a uniform label design for your BBQ and grill restaurant. This menu label template will also work well with restaurants that specialize in fish, seafood, and steak.

This restaurant menu label set includes 12 isolated EPS illustrations that can be fully customized through Adobe Illustrator. That is why you need to make sure that you have a compatible version of the software program installed on your computer before purchasing the template.

This label template may also be used as stamp design, tag design, ribbon design, or even as a signage design. But, if you intend to use this printable label template for your restaurant menu, make sure to make minor customizations on the template. This way, the menu labels will complement the overall look of your restaurant’s theme.

Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Label

Chalkboard designs are the go-to design trend for most modern cafes and restaurants today. So, if you want to have matching menu label designs, choose the Chalkboard Restaurant Menu Label (shown below).

The chalkboard menu design template shown above includes nine menu label templates that can be used for various restaurant stationery. This kind of menu label template also suits restaurants that have a retro design theme or those who offer specialized cuisine.

When printing out this label template, make sure to use sturdy and thick paper or card stock. As a vector illustration, it can be re-sized to fit any paper print size.

Brown Restaurant Label Set Template

Choose the Brown Restaurant Label Set Template featured below if your restaurant primarily uses a brown color motif on its stationery designs and venue decorations.

This set of nine menu label templates work best if they are inserted in restaurant stationery that sport a complementary color. But if you do not like the brown background color motif that this label template has, you may easily customize it using Adobe Illustrator. This way, you can create a label menu template design that matches your restaurant’s image and color motif.

Tip: Be careful when changing the template colors. Make sure to choose complementary colors so that your chosen color does not clash with other graphic design elements.

Label Set for Restaurant Menu

Colorful Restaurant Label Set

Looking for a cheerful label template design? If yes, check out the Colorful Restaurant Label Set shown below.

This template set includes nine pre-formatted restaurant labels. There is a label template for different food types, beverages, and even restaurant signages. This template set will work well for trendy cafes and local bistros.

As a reminder, make sure that you have Adobe Illustrator or other compatible software programs installed on your computer before purchasing and editing the template. This template set can also be easily rendered in JPEG format to make it more convenient when printing at a print shop.

Decorative Restaurant Menu Labels

Use the Decorative Restaurant Menu Labels (shown above) if you want your restaurant stationery to exude a sense of elegance. This menu label template set primarily follows a black and white color theme. It will suit as an additional graphic design element for menu cards used by fine dining and formal restaurants. When using this template, you may change the colors used in this template. However, be warned that the same effect may not be achieved.

Elegant Restaurant Label Set

As its name suggests, the Elegant Restaurant Label Set embedded below will suit restaurants that want to maintain a level of professionalism and sophistication in their menu card designs.

Aside from being used as a restaurant menu label template, this template bundle may also be used as part of a vintage wedding template set. This template bundle includes nine menu label templates in various sizes. They can be used to make your restaurant’s menu design appear complete and put together. Restaurants that offer a catering service can also print out individual menu labels and use them to mark the different dishes and menu offerings available during their catered events.

Tip: When printing out these menu label templates, make sure to use sturdy paper or card stock. Sometimes, it is also better to lay out the templates on one paper before printing them all out. This allows you to save paper.

How to choose a restaurant menu label template design?

Once you have decided to use pre-made restaurant sample menu label templates, you can begin to choose the specific template design you want. The Internet is filled with thousands of design options for restaurateurs. To avoid getting overwhelmed, we have compiled the most important factors to consider when choosing a small restaurant menu label template design.

  • Step 1: What is your restaurant’s image?

    To answer this question, you need to take a look at your restaurant’s origins—things like what inspired you to create a restaurant like the one you have now and how you want your dining establishment to move forward in the coming months or years. These are very reflective questions that will allow you to know more about yourself as a restaurateur and about your business.

    Often, the best restaurant business image cannot be created overnight. You need to continually evaluate your business’ strengths and play to these traits in order to keep on attracting customers. Choosing a restaurant menu label template is just one of the tasks that will help you keep in touch with your restaurant’s image. Select a template design that will best reflect this branding image.

  • Step 2: What is your restaurant theme or motif?

    Aside from developing your restaurant’s branding identity, you should also decide on a restaurant theme or motif. This may involve creating a restaurant logo design, choosing an official color palette scheme, and deciding on font styles and sizes. Therefore, if you choose to expand your restaurant’s branding design into any printed material that is used for your restaurant (like menu labels), make sure the template design you choose will complete these fixed elements of your own brand.

    Most pre-made templates are highly editable, so you will not a problem adding some original graphic design elements into your purchased template.

  • Step 3: How much is your allotted budget?

    Another factor to consider when selecting any kind of printable template is your budget. It may not be an issue for most restaurant chains or restaurants operated by serial restaurateurs, but if you are a startup business or if you have a family-owned small business, a separate budget for restaurant branding and marketing may not be a priority. This is the reason why pre-made restaurant templates are a preferred alternative since they cost way less than hiring a graphic artist.

  • Step 4: Are you computer-savvy? Are you willing to learn?

    Using pre-made restaurant menu label templates will require a certain ability in image editing and desktop publishing. But, if you do not have experience in creating graphic design projects, it may be best to hire a graphic artist to do the job or purchase ready-to-print templates that will be customized by its original creator.

    If you already know how to use image editing software programs like Adobe Photoshop, it will be easier for you to use pre-made restaurant label templates since you can make all the edits yourself. You may also study using online Photoshop tutorials if you are willing to devote the time to learn the software tool.

  • Step 5: How much time can you spare for the project?

    As mentioned above, using pre-made restaurant templates may require you to learn how to use software tools like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. That is why you should ask yourself if you are willing to learn these programs before you can customize and use these pre-made templates.

    Learning even just the most basic functions of these software tools will already allow you to make customizations on your chosen template. These customizations will then help distinguish your restaurant from other restaurant stationery designs.

    Listed below are different examples of restaurant menu label templates that you can download and use for your own dining establishment. Most of these templates are available as EPS files. This means that you will need to have Adobe Illustrator or any compatible software tool installed on your computer before you can edit the template.

Fast Food Restaurant Menu Labels Template Set

Using menu labels help emphasize your restaurant’s branding identity. And, if you are operating a fast food restaurant, try out the Fast Food Restaurant Menu Labels Template Set shown below.

There are six menu label templates included in this set. All templates are in EPS file format and fully editable using Adobe Illustrator. This menu food label template set will suit those who operate doughnut stands, Mexican taco stands, burger places, hot dog stands, sandwich stalls, and even ice cream shops.

Edit the menu label template accordingly to match your dining establishment’s official color scheme. Choose complementary colors that can surely attract a customer’s attention. If you prefer, you may also add different branding elements like logo designs and slogans into the template before printing them out.

Label Set Restaurant Menu Design Template

If you want a border less restaurant menu label design, try out the Label Set Restaurant Menu Design Template featured below.

This restaurant label pack includes nine menu labels—all which do not have a rigid border structure. This menu label design will suit those who want their restaurant stationery designs to appear more carefree and simple.

The templates are fully editable, so you may add and remove some graphic design elements or change the label’s outline colors. Just remember that when making color changes, make sure to choose a new color that will match the color of your printing surface.

Restaurant Valentine’s Day Menu Label Template

Retro Black Pizza Restaurant Labels Template Collection

Looking for matching restaurant label templates for your Italian pizza parlor? If yes, you may like the Retro Black Pizza Restaurant Labels Template Collection shown below.

This restaurant menu label set includes 12 templates that can be used interchangeably for any of your restaurant’s labeling needs. To make each template appear more personalized, you may also use your own restaurant’s logo design. After making customizations to the label template, you may then begin to insert these templates into any of your restaurant stationery.

Seafood Restaurant Label Set Template

Next on the list is the Seafood Restaurant Label Set Template (shown below). As its name implies, this template is best used as the restaurant branding and menu labeling design elements for restaurants that mainly offer seafood.

As shown in the mock-up template pictured above, this menu label template set mainly features label designs that have illustrations of fishes and other sea creatures. All templates are available as Adobe Illustrator EPS files to make sure that they are easily editable as vector illustrations. This seafood template set is fully customizable as long as you know how to use Adobe Illustrator and you already have the software program installed on your computer.

The example above uses red, teal, and gray background colors, but you may easily change this color scheme depending on your restaurant’s official color motif and the business image you are trying to project.

Sketch Restaurant Menu Labels Set Template

Use the Sketch Restaurant Menu Labels Set Template (shown above) if you want a more creative approach for your menu label designs. This label template set includes four pre-made menu labels that can be used as menu header designs on your restaurant’s menu card.

The main appeal of this template set lies in the hand-drawn effect of the menu labels. This means that the template can work for cafes, local pubs, bistros, and even high-end restaurants. Use them with a well-written copy and it will do wonders for your restaurant’s customer engagement.

When customizing this template set, you may opt to add a few touches of color. But use them sparingly and only aim for a natural watercolor effect.

Traditional Mexican Restaurant Label Set Template

Looking for a well-designed label set for a Mexican restaurant? If yes, try out the Traditional Mexican Restaurant Label Set Template shown below.

This Mexican restaurant menu template set includes nine pre-formatted menu labels. These label templates also use food icons that are appropriate for any traditional Mexican restaurant. If your dining establishment sells tacos, nachos, and the like, this label template set will work wonders for your restaurant’s branding identity.

The menu label templates in this set all follow a black and white color scheme. However, you may easily change this to match your preferred color scheme. It may also be a good idea to add a little color to the images on the label templates to create a more distinct identity for your dining establishment.

Vintage Restaurant Menu Labels Template

If you are looking for non-traditional but retro-esque menu label designs for your restaurant, try out the Vintage Restaurant Menu Labels Template shown below.

This menu label template design includes six label templates. Each of which can be used as a restaurant menu tag, menu header, or even as a restaurant banner design. Restaurant label menu templates are flexible since they can easily be re-sized. Therefore, feel free to use these templates for other graphic design needs for your restaurant.

This vintage design template is best printed out on colored paper or card stock since it follows a white background color palette. But do not be limited to this default color scheme. This template set is fully editable, so you may change the text size, text colors, and even background colors in Adobe Illustrator.

Wine and Beverage Restaurant Menu Labels Template

Last on the list is the Wine and Beverage Restaurant Menu Labels Template embedded below. Choose this restaurant menu label design if you want to show food illustrations on your menu label templates.

This menu label template set may be used as part of a restaurant chalkboard menu design template or as part of a vintage menu label template set. This label template set includes individual labels for a wine list menu, a coffee and tea list, a dessert menu, and a generic restaurant menu.

As a customizable label template set, you can easily change the graphic design and text elements on the label template. Also, note that these label templates are available as EPS file downloads. Edits and customizations may only be done through Adobe Illustrator. And since the templates are vector illustrations, they can only be edited as such. If you are not familiar with Adobe Illustrator, you may watch Illustrator tutorials online.

Have you decided on what restaurant menu label template to choose?

The menu label downloadable templates listed above are just a fraction of thousands of restaurant labels template designs available. The collection of downloadable templates shown above are the ones with the most striking template designs. Use any of them for your own restaurant’s graphic design projects and you will not regret it. If you found this article list helpful, do not hesitate to save this link and share it with your friends and colleagues.

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