21+ Sample Mailing Label Templates

featured image sample mailing label template

Mailing label template is an innovative design to create easier an instant mailing label needed for letters to be sent to their loved ones. Mailing label template is a shipping label template, a tool used by most shipping companies to be professional on their business while maintaining precise details of the mail.  You can also see . Mailing label template is an instant way to customize a mailing label in quick steps. There are free samples of label templates ready to download for personal usage to make creativity as well rather than sending a simple handmade letter or something to the receiver. The example of mailing label is in the format application convenient enough for the user to download and print afterwards.

Sample Mail Content Background Label

sample mail content background label

For the nutrition supplements, this type of label design template is the ideal one. You can check the sample shipping label before making the purchase. It has different graphic files that are layered. This makes it simple to edit and customize. It comes with 3 PSD, AP, and PDF files.

Sample Example Format Vector Set of Vintage Mailing Inspired Labels and Tags

sample example format vector set of vintage mailing inspired labels and tags

For bottles packaging, you can go for this type of label design which is extremely flexible. It is layered in organized manner due to which you can easily edit and bring the changes. It includes 2 PSD, AI< and PDF files and Helvetica, Helvetica Neue, and Ademo fonts are used.

Mailing Labels Sample Template

mailing labels sample template

This is another creative template that is specially designed for granola and candy bar. The labels are available in different layers which measures 4.00×3.60 inches. It has files like 3 AI files, 3 PSD, 3 PDF, and 3EPS files with Helvetica and Sabado fonts used.

Internet website icons set styled as Mailing Label Format

internet website icons set styled as mailing label format

This type of template comes with an elegant design. A perfect combination of navy blue and dark coral is used and can be easily download and customized without any difficulties. It is best to put it in RSVP envelopes. It is full sticker sheet and has great design and good concept.

Vintage Victorian Mailing Labels Format Template

vintage victorian mailing labels format template

This is another popular template which you can customize in word and excel. It also offers the right instructions on how to create mailing labels in word. You can print the file after proper customization and resizing it as per the requirement.

Mobile sms Text Example Message Mail icons set as Label

mobile sms text example message mail icons set as label

This mailing label template is the best way to shape your mail easily. The template can be customized and personalized on own by typing in Adobe reader text. Further, you can make the changes in the addresses within the label.

Vector set Vintage Example Mailing Label

vector set vintage example mailing label

This is another finest example of mailing label printing software free which you can download. It comes with 5.5 x 7.5 envelope templates and has an Airplane Themed Event. The template is formatted as per the USPS formatting mail rules.

Vip Mail Label of Format

vip mail label of format

This is another popular template that features the plant background and has flowers, leaves and hearts design. It comes with an interesting font and styling and has a chic design that would definitely compliment the mail.

Rodan and Fields Printable Mailing Labels Example Template

rodan and fields printable mailing labels example template

This perfect blend of classy black and white flourishing address label is the best template which comes with a PDF file that has text boxes in which you can add or delete the information. You can format the template with 5 labels and is editable in JPEG and PDF file.

Example Custom Mailing Labels Template Download

example custom mailing labels template download

This template is a perfect blend of gold and black addresses which certainly gives the special touch to the mail. It has a modern black & white chevron design and can be edited in a professional manner. You can use this as address and mailing label.

Example Mailing Label Template in White Background

example mailing label template in white background

For any special occasions like baby shower, this type of mail invitation template is perfect. The mailing template is available in editable format and has plain design which can easily be edited in the Adobe Reader.

Personalized Sample Mailing Labels Template Download

personalized sample mailing labels template download

This army theme concept can easily be downloaded on the computer and its print can be taken easily. You can use it on the packages and envelopes and is completely editable. You can change the labels text easily and is best suited for pre-cut labels

Mailing Label of Sample Fox Logo Template

mailing label of sample fox logo template

This is one popular mailing template word and excel form which you can edit, print and customize as per the requirements. It has a movie theme design which is ideal to send the invitation for any big occasion. It comes with a large size of envelope and the small one is for the return address.

Mail App of Sample Label

mail app of sample label

It is another great template which gives classy look and is fun way to deliver the message through mail. It comes with chevron design in colors like green, white and red. You can print and edit this template and use it during holiday and address labels.

Air Mail Label Sticker of Sample Template Download

air mail label sticker of sample template download

If you want to create professional communication and make a branded look for your business then this type of template is right for you. It is mostly used by the photographers from marketing point of view. It can be effective if the user has a good Photoshop CS4 knowledge.

Format Mail Label & Shipping Vintage Label

format mail label shipping vintage label

This type of label is a perfect example to send the communication in a professional manner without any kind of possible errors. You can edit it easily and customize it as per the changes that you have been looking forward to make before sending the mail.

Sample Bowby Mail Wine Label

sample bowby mail wine label

This is another fine yet elegant example of labeling that you can find in the market. This type of label is available in different layers by which you can make the changes easily. You can download it and print it for other purposes without any hassle.

Envelope Seals of Example Mailing Labels Template Download

envelope seals of example mailing labels template download

Whether you are planning for brochure, newsletter or flyer, this is the best template that you can come across. It offers the best pattern which can be customized and text can also be added as per the project requirement without any hassle.

New Mail LabelFormat Template

new mail labelformat template

This set of template can easily be edited and brought with all the necessary changes without any difficulty. You can edit the template, make changes in it and also add the text and make it look professional yet elegant in less time span.

White Label Mailing Campaign of Example

white label mailing campaign of example

It is the best way to brand your company, send the email and track the status. With this type of template, you can easily bring the necessary changes in your mail and send it to other companies. It would definitely be the best way to design the brochure.

Happy Mail Labels of Format Template Download

happy mail labels of format template download

This template is easy to download, good to print and gives the best outlook when you print it. You can add the text, make the changes and save it as per the project requirement. It is an elegant pattern of sending mails to the colleagues.

> Conclusion

There is no hard and fast rule to use such type of template. There are many reputable companies that have the best mailing label software by which they create an innovative design to for instant mailing label for the information that you want to send. A form application is the perfect example of such type of label template. Make sure you are clear with the purpose before you choose the template.

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