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9+ Name Labels

We can’t deny that name labels are useful anytime and anywhere. May it be at school, in the workplace, in the airports and especially when you’re traveling anywhere or even as in a simple scenario such being in an event or hosting such. Although  there isn’t really some sort of a strict and universal proper format for name label templates to follow, you can either just put your in and be done with it.

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But here are some Free Label Templates available for free that you might want to check out. Most of these formats are usually useful and are commonly used with those scenarios which are being mentioned earlier.

Name Card Label

Name Tag Labels


Name and Adress Label


Old School Name Label


Personalized Name Label


Different Kinds of Labels

On another note, some labels can actually be either improvised or completely changed for whatsoever reasons you may have as long as it’s perfectly understandable and readable to those who you’d essentially want to read. Other than that, name labels are quite useful to pets too. Labeling properties can also be a useful thing and was believed to be practiced by some few individuals.

Name Labels

A common example to this one is when putting name labels on luggage when traveling. It’s one way of helping other people identify the owners of those valuables on a case to case basis.

Product Labels

Product labels can mean an entirely different thing from the classic name labels. It’s not just those simple “Hello, my name is” tags, but it’s labeling an actual good that’s sole purpose is to be sold on the market so that it can create some profit.

Another content included on a product label would be the ingredient used, where its been manufactured and made, and the expiration date. Those are just some common few things to mention. There are actually a lot more depending on its product label template. Speaking of which, we have Product Label Templates available on our website to use and download for free.

Name Labels for Clothing


Printable Name Label


Baby Name Label


Fabric Name Label


Address Labels

Another important and useful yet less discussed template there is, is the address label. It’s supposedly where you put your address on it in case you lose your luggage or when the post mail returns your shipment. There’s definitely more to it than that. There are other instances where the address label coexists with a part of another existing label such as the name label, for example example.

Again, feel free to check the Address Label Templates on our Web page so that you can download and use it however you like. It’s also important to learn and study basic and commonly used formats to prevent avoiding small details that you might miss. Aside from that, address labels are also as equally as important as name labels in which both of them shows basic personal information from an individual, which is quite useful if that certain individual’s item is missing. Adding them altogether makes them quite a pair since both labels are similarly important pieces of information with equal relevance.

To add, the beauty of labels is actually having it to mix and match together, depending on which situation or scenario that suits your situation.

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