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Label Template – 312+ Free PSD, EPS, AI, Illustrator Format Download

In any kind of business or just for personal use the label template is a great help in putting a brand name or tag to your items making it your personal property or for trading. Having this at Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF can make any name tag or brands be visible to anyone, it can make any additional changes in the font, themes, colors or design of the label as long as it suits your need and preferred layout.

Address Label Templates

Set of stylish Retro Address
Gold Tree Black Address Labels Custom Christmas Address
Colonial Stencil Custom

For any kind of purposes, an address label template is specifically for having an item or thing have the original address of its owner or manufacturer which can help trace its origin. Using this template at Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF format you can make your own mailing address, adjust it anyway you want it like its font and design before printing it.[20+ Address Label Templates]

Compact Disc Label Templates

Wedding DVD Cover & CD
Memorial CD Cover & Label Templates
Collection of Vector CD Cover Design

Compact disc label template is specifically for naming the disc itself where the title is printed in the outer cover of the disc. When you have this template found online with the support of Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF, any additional images, titles and themes can be made as long as it can be done in the available space in the template before printing it in the disc.[20+ CD Label Templates]

Water Bottle Label Templates

Water Bottle Label Preview Template Instant Download
Graduation Water Bottle Label Template
Embossed Glass Water Bottle Mockup Label

Ever wonder how do they make a label in the bottled drink you have? Water bottle label template is the tool they use to make it the way it is in the market, here they are making the complete naming of the water bottle or any bottled drink for a company. The sample is presented in Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF, where font size, color and theme changes for the label can be modify according to your will.[28+ Water Bottle Label Templates]

Free Label Templates

New Look of Free Labels Template
Free Label in Brown Colour Template
Different Styles of Free Labels

Looking for an application that can assist you in making a name tag or label of any product of your business easily but look professional then must have the utilization of free label template. The label is best presented in Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF format that can contain all the vital details of the item including the brand name, owner and manufacturer.[20+ Free Label Templates]

Shipping Label Templates

Nautical Shipping Label
Label Template with Blurred Background on Brick Wall
Cargo ShipVintage Retro Design Shipping Label

To all products that will be transported domestically or internationally, a shipping label template must be consulted first to properly name the parcel or package being delivered. With the application of Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF, you can make the label format and customization right away. You will be sure that the package will be delivered at the right person directly.[27+ Shipping Label Template]

Wine Label Templates

Wine Labels Design Template
Wine Bottle Label
Label for Wine Template Download

To any kinds of wine or liquor, the wine label template is one of the things needed for having a trade product of yours. Using the Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF format, you can make the wine name and trademark of your wine company without any difficulty. Any modifications that you want can be done in this sample label template to have the layout you’ve ever wanted.[27+ Wine Label Templates]

Mailing Label Templates

White Label Mailing Campaign
Mailing Labels
Bowby Mail Wine Label

For a letter or parcel being delivered to someone, you can create details to be stated in the label for such items through mailing label template where you can type down the complete name and address of the recipient in the format of Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF without hassle and convenient to have. Any adjustments in the font size and format of the label can be customized using this template tool.[21+ Mailing Label Templates]

Beer Label Templates

Vector Set of Beer Label
Beer Label Vector EPS Download Template
Beer Labels Vector EPS Template Download

For a beer business and company, they must sought assistance at beer label template so they can make the appropriate product name and layout of a beer before selling it out to the public. This is widely used to present their beer brand that will attract more customers. This will be opened in Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF application, where they can have the best label designed purposely for a single beer product.[25+Beer Label Templates]

Return Address Label Templates


some return address labels template

Return Address Label  Template

Custom Return Address Labels Template


If you are always losing some of your stuffs or items need to be delivered and returned to the sender, a return address label template can give you the hand in creating a label that you can use urgently. Using an application of Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF, you can change the font and theme of the label for your name and address to be easily read by anyone.[21+ Return Address Label Templates]

Digital Versatile Disc Label Templates

Wedding Kit Album DVD
Custom DVD Labels Template Download
Classy Black Wedding Dvd Template

For a program that can make a formal label in a DVD even in urgent matter, the digital versatile disc template is the best tool to have which is in the format of Word, Excel or PDF.A suitable tool designed to make the title for any blank DVD media. You can personalize any adjustments in the fonts, images and background of the label then print it when you are done.[20+ Digital Versatile Disc Label Templates]

File Folder Label Templates

File Folder Label Corporate Identity Branding Download
Conceptual Vector Illustration
Chalkboard Labels File Folder Template

The file folder template is for naming any kinds of folder or binder you have so you will no longer have a problem of looking for a file enclosed in those covers. With the support of Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF format, you can make the title of the label anytime you want it, change the font size or color is made possible in this label template.[20+ File Folder Label Templates]

Round Label Templates

Wedding Favors Round Template
Ferrari Round labels
Colourful Round Labels Template

For a tag or name bearer that is printed in a circular sheet or plastic that is for naming purposes, the round label template can assist you in having the name and supporting information of the product enclosed in the said label with ease. With the support of Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF format, you can make the identifier you want like adding styles and designs in the label instantly.[28+ Round Label Templates]

Fashion Label Templates

Vector Detailed Fashion Label Download
Stylish Gold Lips Fashionable Label Template
Premium Fashion Labels Mockup Template

In fashion industry, having a well-made label is a trademark of every business where customers can remember the product being sell easily like an emblem. Utilizing a fashion label template you can make the identifier you need for your clothing business with creativity and attraction, to be open in Microsoft Word, Excel or PDF format, for modification therefore this label template is friendly and expedient to everyone.[15+ Fashion Label Templates]

Food Label Templates

Retro vintage Food label Template Download
Construction Party Food Labels
Collection of Vintage Retro Food Labels

Today, food has been a huge impact in industry, from drinks to desserts, all has been capitalized. So with this you need to have a food label template for starting your food business where any food products of yours can have the identifier that is outstanding from others. With the application of Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF format, modification of design and style for the label is a simple way to have while keeping the business professionally working.[20+ Food Label Templates]

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