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12+ Gift Label Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, Word, Publisher, Apple Pages

Gift-giving is a tradition that has been with mankind since its dawn. It is said that the tradition of giving gifts existed even before the time of recorded history. There are a lot of reasons why we give gifts. The most obvious is this is probably the happiness that we feel when we give someone something they appreciate. As such, giving out gifts is usually done during holidays to make them a little bit more special. However, gift-giving is not confined to holidays. Gifts can also be given out for other purposes like as an expression of love and friendship, or just plain altruism. You may also see vintage label designs.

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Gift labels are small pieces of paper or stationery that are attached to the gift. They are usually shaped like a card and have a size that is usually smaller than a regularly-sized one. However, they are not confined to a rectangular shape. Custom shaped gift labels are gaining a lot of popularity lately. Christmas gift tags can come in the shape of a deer, a Christmas tree, or even a Christmas ball while Valentine’s gift labels may come in the shape of a heart.

Free Gift Label Template

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Free Floral Gift Label Template

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Free Vintage Gift Label Template

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Gift labels usually contain two blank lines to be filled out with information. The “To:” line can carry the receiver’s name or identity and the “From” line which carries the sender’s identity or name. The other side is usually written with a special message regarding the occasion or a simple custom message. simple gift tags are usually the finishing touch, along with the bow or ribbon, to make your present as neatly wrapped as it can be.

No matter what kind of gift label you need, the templates provided on this page can be of great help to you to add a special finishing touch to your gift. Feel free to download them if you want. Ribbons and bows not included.

Free Thank You Gift Label Sample

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Set of Easter Gift Tags and Labels

Watercolor Label Gift Tags

Gift Labels Design Set

Occasions for Giving Gifts

Although gifts and presents can be handed out at any time of the year, it helps to be reminded as to which occasions can gift-giving be appropriate. Bear in mind these holidays and special days so you can prepare your blank gift tags along with your gift.

  • As an expression of love and friendship
  • As an expression of gratitude for a gift received
  • As an expression of piety such as those that can be in the form of charity
  • As a way to offset misfortune
  • As a way of sharing a wealth
  • As an expression of solidarity, as in mutual aid
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Easter, as in the form of Easter baskets filled with chocolate eggs
  • Eidi by Muslims during the Eid al-Fitr(the end of Ramadan) and Eid al-Adha
  • Hannukah
  • Weddings
  • Mother’s day
  • Father’s day
  • Retirement gifts
  • Congratulations gifts
  • Other special occasions

There is more gift giving occasions aside from this list. If you intend to include a tag in your presents, make sure to get a proper one. Don’t go labeling your Mother’s day present to for your mom with a “Happy Father’s day!” gift tag. It simply isn’t done.

Making a Gift Label for Any Occasion

As mentioned above, gift labels, along with the bow, can be a neat finishing touch for your wonderful presents. Gift labels are also highly customizable. As such, making gift labels can also be done in a lot of different ways. You can use shapes and pictures you cut out from magazines. You can use plain cardstock and then customize accordingly. You can also use pieces of a greeting card cut out and have messages customized for it. You can use templates embedded on this site and other places on the internet. You can even use personal photographs, printed and or copied as your gift labels. The possibilities are endless. Below are some steps to follow in case you do need the help.

1. Start off with your raw materials

Decide on how which materials you will go with creating your gift label. If you are using magazine cutouts, it is a good idea to paste them in at least a harder material like a cardstock to give support. If you are using something plain, like a construction paper or a colorful cardstock, it would probably be a good idea to decorate and customize it. You may also see food product label templates.

2. Write your message

At the back, your design, write the “To:” and “From:” sections of your gift label. You can also use this part to write a custom message like a greeting for the holiday or saying “I love you.” for a gift to your special someone. You can also write this message inside if you choose to make a folded gift card.

Set of Love Label Designs

Watercolor Gift Tag Designs

Retro Christmas Gift Labels


3. Punch a hole through your gift label

Using a paper puncher, punch a hole through your gift label. Be careful that you do not punch a hole through your message. Furthermore, punch the hole properly so that it may not tear off a part of the sample gift card.

4. Cut a piece of string

Acquire a piece of string and measure it at least twice the length of your finger. Any kind of string would be useful like a metallic thread, twine, ribbon, or simply a yarn. You may also see vintage labels.

5. Thread the string through the label

Fold your cut string into the half. Create a small loop by poking the folded end of your string through the hole in the label. Slip the two loose ends of the strings through the loop, then tug on them gently to tighten the knot. You may also see label templates.

6. Attach the label to your gift

Using the two loose ends of the string, simply tie the gift tag around the handle of a gift bag. Alternatively, if you did not use a piece of string for your printable gift tag, you can also use an adhesive like glue or a double-sided tape to attach your gift label directly to your gift. This is most advisable for gifts that are inside a box or anything that does not have a handle.

Vector Gift Label Design

Christmas Gift Lebal Tag Design

Simple Gift Tags and Labels

Although they are not required, gift tags and gift labels are a great way to customize your presents. It is always good to go the extra mile when giving gifts to make that person feel extra special. Give gifts so you can make yourself and others happy. Give gifts to improve your state of mind. Give gifts to forge greater social connections. Give gifts to make the world a better place to live in. You may also see sample of free labels.

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