Before modern means of communication were established, communication took months even years. Now it is all digital and takes only seconds. This means decision making is quicker and scheduling is more flexible. Speaking of scheduling, Gantt charts are a good way to keep track of activities. If you are interested in making Gantt charts, our website can offer excellent examples of ready-made Communication Gantt Chart Templates in Excel. They are professionally made, original, editable, and downloading them is a piece of cake! Try or templates today.

How to Make Communication Gantt Charts?

Communications come in many forms nowadays, from simple text and calls to social media platforms. Evidently communication has become more complex. As a result, you may need to organize and keep track of your communications. Gantt charts are great for project management, they allow you to keep track of action plans and progress of the project. We have provided some tips to help you make a Gantt chart.

1. Make a List of Things You Need to Schedule

To make a Gantt sample chart, you must first have a complete list of things that you have to organize and schedule. So we would suggest that you look at your calendar and list down every event or activity that you plan to do.

2. Select a Computer Application to Make Your Gantt Chart

Making your Gantt chart using a computer will give you a lot of options that you could work with. There are a lot of computer applications that will allow you to make your Gantt chart, but we would suggest that you select spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. These applications are more suited to creating trackers.

3. Input the Data in Your Computer

Let's say you have selected a suitable computer application, you may now encode the items on your list so that you can prepare a business Gantt chart for the organization later.

4. Arrange Data According to a Gantt Chart's Format

Once you have encoded the data on your sheets, you can now arrange them following a company chart format. Put the dates on the top and then align the activities that correspond with the dates. Now that you have arranged them according to the format, apply some finishing touches.

5. Use Colors to Distinguish Data

To finish up your printable chart, You can use colors to distinguish the information in your sheet. You can also use colors to mark an activity that has been done.

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