Even if your employees have not performed well in your company, they still deserve respect. After all, they have served you willingly because they chose to work with you in the first place. So, you write them a letter that speaks of the termination notice to buy them a chance to improve or reconcile with the situation. However, you might find it difficult to formulate one because of the pressure, or extreme feelings towards them, so we understand what you're going through right now. We know how hard it feels to let them go when they have also had an important part of your company's growth. Before your tears start to fall, we give you our comprehensively designed firing and termination notice templates only here in Template.net . They're easily editable and 100% customizable in all file formats including Google Docs, MS Word, and Pages; as well as in available sizes: A4 and US Letter. Download now and make a well-written firing termination in order to ensure mutual understanding. 

What Is Firing Termination?

By definition, firing termination is simply the act of dismissing an employee from his job. Termination can occur in two terms: voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary termination includes resignation and retirement. On the other hand, involuntary termination happens when the employee is terminated or fired by the employer for a certain reason — which is against the will of the employee. Although there will always be concerns regarding the termination of employees and how to handle the procedure, they must be done if it means improving the business. With that said, employers will hand out a notice of termination whenever they need to.

How To Give A Firing Termination Notice?

Your employees have once woke up every day, arrived an hour or two earlier, or even neglect their meals just to give quality work, but they're not perfect. They may have broken an important agreement with you that may force you to fire them. So, as a form of respect, you give them out a notice of firing termination. For you to learn how to make and give a firing termination notice, here are a few steps to guide you how.

1. Counsel With Your Employee(s)

Before you think about firing them, it's best if you talk to them first. Conduct a one-on-one session with them where you can make an announcement of their employee dismissal so as to buy them a chance to explain for themselves. Never forget that they're not freelancers, they're employees; they have specific rights. Go through the employee's contract to see if he/she really did break any of the agreements. Unless you want to be sued in court and fight with their Firing Attorney especially when your employee finds your actions and your justification to be unacceptable.

2. Outline The Termination Notice

Before you step into writing the termination letter, check on your employee's standing, look at his productivity, and his attendance. If you have found any reasonable terms for dismissal, then it's time to outline the inclusions in the termination notice. This way, you make sure you don't make any unfair dismissal to the employee(s). You might need a lawyer to defend you in court because of wrongful dismissal.

3. Be Objective

As mentioned, you check on your employee's records in order to keep track of his productivity and never forget to review your company rules and the operating standards. You don't fire your employees for discriminatory reasons such as race, gender, etc. According to the employment laws of employment, these are forms of illegal termination.

4. Compose A Dismissal Letter

Letters are also used as legal documents to provide justifications of the said employee dismissal. Should you consider your employee committing absences without leave or "no call no show," then it should be included in the dismissal letter. If you find it difficult to construct the letter, then you have the freedom to browse for a letter template in any word processing software or use our very own termination letter templates.

5. Never Forget To Appreciate Them

They may have wronged for quite a number of times, they have also rendered a full service in your company. You were also one of the reasons why they dedicatedly wake up each day and happily serve you with their best, so it's important to be courteous and write your appreciation towards them. Don't just put all their flaws in the termination notice. As mentioned, they're not perfect; so point out their flaws and strengths as you write their termination notice.

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