It’s amazing how using something as simple as an email signature can do so much already. The use of a simple email signature can exhibit a professional image, display communicativeness, and create a businesslike trademark. If you haven’t made one yet or you’re trying to but find it difficult, then you can download our simple email signature template. Our template is easy to edit and professionally written. Don’t worry, our products and reliable and thoroughly created. You can download it through your mobile device and edit it wherever and whenever you want, or you can download it on your computer. It is available in PSD and HTML format. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now!

What Is a Simple Email Signature?

Simple email signatures are groups of text affixed at the end of an outgoing email or a sent emalil ads. Put simply, you are providing your business contact information, which includes your name, email address, and other important data by use of an email signature, to your recipient.

However, attaching a signature is up to you. You have the freedom on whether to attach it to all your outgoing messages or just a select number of emails. Moreover, attaching a formal email signature is important because it establishes a professional image.

How to Make an Adequate Email Signature

Regardless of how many emails you have been sending, it is important to remember to maintain professionalism. You must put into account that you are one with your business. Hence, a stain on your name would taint the company’s name as well. Your email signature, whether it’s a gmail email signature or a personal one, needs to be concise but not wordy because you’re only showing your primary details, not your autobiography. Follow these steps to learn how to make your very own simple email signature.

1. Emphasize Your Primary Information

When you are making an creative email signature, you give people a peek at who you are. The information you put has to be factual and not a work of fiction. You’re giving them a window to know you and what products or services you’re promoting, so you have to give them the basics. In the signature, you need to emphasize your name, contact information—consider putting an international prefix—and your position or affiliations. That way they’ll have an idea who they are associating with.

2. Staying Consistent and Maintaining Simplicity

When you are designing your modern email signature, you need to make sure that the elements are balanced. You have to be consistent with the format. Use the appropriate font size, simple colors, correct arrangement, and most importantly formal-looking fonts. It would be very unprofessional using fonts like comic sans or chiller. The signature will have to look plain but at the same time carry some formality to build a professional image. Don’t forget to be conscious and careful while maintaining that state.

3. Attach Internal Links

Email signatures need to be brief, so an element that can help in your branding would be internal links. You can attach links of our social media profiles so your recipients would be redirected to your accounts when they click on the highlighted interlinks. By doing so, you will provide them the opportunity to know you better. Regarding the link, you have to double-check to make sure it’s not a broken link and that it redirects to your page.

4. Call to Action

To help your marketing, you can include a call to action. This is especially advisable if you are sending out newsletters. Try to put in a small hint of persuasion in your signature. You don’t want to let your intention come off as forceful or too obvious. It can generate an interest to contact you and collaborate in your business.

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