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What Is a Sample Email Signature?

An email signature is defined as a block of text that is seen at the signoff of every email. However, unlike regular signoffs, an email signature also indicates the sender's affiliation and secondary contact information.

How to Make a Sample Email Signature

Do you want to learn how to make simple email signatures that are sure to encourage readers into taking the desired action? We've got a list of easy-to-follow instructions below that might just help you make compelling and effective email signatures.

1. Put emphasis on your name, title, and other contact details

Since it is highly recommended to limit your professional email signature to three to four lines only, you should manage these well by putting emphasis on the most important details. Your gmail email signature should emphasize on your name, title or affiliation, and your contact details besides your email address. In terms of affiliation, you may include the name of the business, school, or organization if you think it's relevant.

2. Be simple and consistent in the use of colors

Branding is about being consistent with your color scheme, logo design, and overall theme of your business. This is also applicable in email signatures wherein your choice of colors for the design should be consistent with the one used for the entire company or organization. Doing so can help make your creative email signatures distinguishable and recognizable, and it can also add an appealing touch to the design.

3. Follow the hierarchy of the design

Whether it's a corporate or personal email signature you're creating, it is always best to follow the standard format and hierarchy of content. A simple yet effective email signature design is all about being able to deliver information that readers can easily comprehend. One of the best examples for doing this is by using a larger font for your name and using bold or colored text for very important details.

4. Add links and clickable icons

Today, there are over 2 billion social media users all over the world—90.4% of which are millennials, 77.5% are from generation X, and 48.2% are baby boomers. Judging by those numbers, you can easily take advantage of social media sites to connect you with your leads. Include clickable links on your email signature that direct people towards your social media account or online portfolio.

5. Include a compelling call-to-action with your contact details

A call-to-action or a CTA is a must whether you're reaching out to prospects personally or through the internet, this is a smart way of motivating your prospect to engage and take action. With email signatures, an effective CTA should be simple, non-pushy, and consistent with the overall tone and style of your email ads. Also, always make sure that your CTA is always up-to-date with your current business goals.

6. Ensure that your email signature is mobile-friendly

Lastly, make sure that your email signature doesn't only look great on desktop but also on mobile devices. While many would probably choose to make Outlook email signatures, it would be better to create Gmail signatures instead since they have a higher chance of being mobile-friendly. After doing this check, you can finally proceed to put up your email signature on your email service's account.

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