How Do I Create a Signup Sheet in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is not only for surveys or quizzes but is also applicable when creating a signup sheet. This can help you to easily track the answers submitted by the respondents.

How Do I Create a Signup Sheet in Microsoft Forms

Creating a digital signup sheet in Microsoft Forms will not only help you to be more organized, but it will also provide you with ease in tracking the results of the data you have gathered. Use MS Forms to collect data as a signup sheet.

  • Step 1: Open OneDrive

    The first step you will need to do is to access your OneDrive account, log in with your credentials, and then be brought to the main interface. Locate the ‘Create new’ button on the left section of the menu and then click ‘Forms for Excel’. This is done for easy sharing of the data you will be gathering. The title you will input will automatically generate on the MS Forms title.

  • Step 2: Fill in MS Forms

    Since it is a blank form, you will need to input your questions or the content relating to what the signup sheet is all about. Whether it is for volunteers or an event, ensure that the details correlate to the overall purpose.

  • Step 3: Generate Link

    Open ‘Share’ on the top right menu, copy the generated link, share it with other people, or produce a sample response by pasting it on your preferred browser. ‘Anyone with link can respond’ to not limit responders within your organization.

  • Step 4: Check out the Results

    Clicking on ‘Open in Excel’ will immediately link your newly created file to your OneDrive since you have followed through with step 1. Otherwise, if you preferred to start from MS Forms itself, clicking on ‘Open in Excel’ will download a summary of the results but as an offline Excel sheet instead. 


    Once you open your excel, you have the option to narrow down the answers.


What is a signup sheet?

A signup or registration sheet allows individuals to volunteer for a certain event or activity.

Can you use Google forms as a sign up sheet?

After you have constructed the form, you can direct the replies to a Google Sheet which functions similarly to Microsoft Forms.

Is there a free Microsoft form?

Premium features such as an increased number of responses and additional templates are available to Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft 365 Family customers.

Can I use Microsoft Forms to schedule appointments?

Administrators and schedulers may allow the gathering of pre-visit data for virtual visits by attaching Microsoft 365 Forms to the Microsoft Bookings app in Teams, which will support your process for virtual visits from start to end.

How many responses can you have in Microsoft Forms?

With Microsoft Forms allowing you to ask up to 200 questions, you can expect that there is a large number of available forms that you can create and store with up to 400 forms in one account and accept or receive up to 50, 000 responses for each of your forms.