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9+ Tenancy Termination Letters

When it comes to making agreements with other parties, such as rental agreements, it is usually necessary to seal any deals made with formal documents. However, for one reason or another, it might be necessary to terminate the agreement earlier than stipulated in the contract. For that purpose, lease termination letter templates would be the perfect tool for helping you make those letters.

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You do need to keep in mind that there are some factors to consider when writing lease termination letters. Whichever party you yourself happen to be, you would need a good reason for writing such a letter in the first place, so as to avoid any potential legal complications. With that in mind, you should benefit from certain insights into writing your own termination letters.

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Free Tenancy Termination Letter Templates

Termination Letter from Tenant


Notice to Terminate Tenancy


Notice of Tenancy Termination


What to Include in Tenancy Termination Letters

As you might have noticed in certain termination letter examples, there are some steps involved in writing tenancy termination letters so as to ensure that they are written properly, such as:


When it comes to writing rental termination letters, or even official letters in general, it is important that you include a heading summarizing the purpose of the letter. This serves to provide a brief explanation of what the letter is about from the start of the letter.


It is also important that you include the date of writing. This is always an important part of writing such letters, as it provides a proper idea of the timeframe for the entire tenancy termination process. Besides, listing the date also provides a reference date, as other steps of the process occur in relation to the date the letter is served.

Tenant’s/Landlord’s Name and Information

As with other kinds of letter, it is important to list the name of the tenant or landlord, depending on which one you are. This allows you to be sure of whom you are addressing, and ensures that the letter goes to the appropriate person and address. Besides, listing the names and addresses is also important information that ought to be stored for future reference if it should ever be necessary.


The start of the tenancy termination letter proper should begin with your stating a notification of terminating the tenancy early. In such official documents, it is imperative that you state such intentions from the very beginning so as to get to the meat of your letter as soon as possible. In this case, this allows you to begin with your intentions, and the rest of the letter can be devoted to the matters supporting the intention.

Property Address

The address of the rented property also matters, hence it is important to specify that. In this case, you would need to state the address so as to make it clear exactly which property is being referred to.

Appropriate Laws

It would also matter which laws and regulations might be relevant to your termination of tenancy. After all, those very laws might well be the very things requiring you to write this letter in the first place. The laws may also require that you perform certain actions when terminating your tenancy, so it pays to mention them if only to show that you are complying with them in every way.

Date of Termination

You also need to specify the exact date that your tenancy will be terminated. In relation to the regulations, this may be up to 30 days from the date that you serve the letter, or from the date of your last payment. This also serves as a deadline of when you need to vacate the premises and finish all the paperwork and other aspects of departing.

Release of Keys and Property

You would also need to specify returning any miscellaneous property, including the keys to the property. Now that you will no longer be a tenant, or the tenant is moving, you need to specify that such property is being returned. The miscellanea was a part of the tenancy, so it bears mentioning.

Security Deposit

For the sake of honesty, you would also need to specify the return of the security deposit. Whether you are returning or receiving the deposit, you need to specify returning it, on the assumption that the property is being returned undamaged. After all, the security is something that needs to be returned, unless the tenant needs to make restitution for any damages.


Lastly, you do need to include space for the signatures. This is always necessary for any official documentation so as to allow both parties to testify that they understand the document and to make whatever is stated in it official.

Lease Termination Letter Samples

Lease Termination Agreement Template


Apartment Lease Termination Letter


Why You Would Need these Letters

You might also wonder what you would need letters like these for in the first place, much fewer aids like free termination letters. There are a number of reasons for needing them, which include:


As with late rent notices, these letters serve to inform the other party of what your intentions may be. After all, in order to accomplish any tasks that involve the other party in a business relationship, it is obviously necessary to inform them of it, or else it cannot be done. In such relationships, it is always a necessity that you provide any necessary notice so as to keep your intentions transparent.


You can also make the argument that informing the other party is simply good manners. An extension of this idea is the 30 days’ warning before finalizing a tenant’ departure. This provides a window for both tenants and landlords to get all their affairs in order before leaving. Furthermore, this allows both parties to make any necessary arrangements for the future, such as securing new tenants or new addresses.


Of course, there are also very practical and legal reasons for using these letters. In order to avoid any legal complications, it would be necessary to write and send these letters in the first place. This allows you to ensure that a given termination of tenancy is carried out according to the necessary regulations. After all, if this is done improperly, it is entirely possible that legal action could be carried out against you, to say nothing of the potential financial costs.

Rental Termination Letters

Example of Notice of Termination of Tenancy


Rental Agreement Termination Letter Template PDF Download


Sample Notification Termination Letter to Landlords Download


Tenancy Termination Letter Samples

Editable 30 Day Rental Termination Letter Template Sample


Sample Lease Termination Letter Free Download


Tips for Writing Tenancy Termination Letters

You can also benefit from the help of certain tips that can modify how you write your tenancy notice letters or use your templates. After all, as with any other documents, there do exist certain guidelines that you can use to make sure that you write your letters according to certain standards. In any case, these guidelines include:

Be specific.

In any notice termination letters you may make, it is always wise to be as specific as possible concerning any details of the tenancy you are terminating. After all, if you have to make such letters, you need to include those details in order to specify every aspect of the agreement you are terminating, as well as clearing up any details for record-keeping purposes.

Never forget the important dates.

This is always an important guideline for letters such as two weeks notice letters. After all, it is important that you bring up all the necessary dates for the sake of providing deadlines and windows to carry out any necessary actions related to the termination. This has to be made clear to allow both parties time to get all their affairs in order without disrupting their lives much.

Always be sure to include signatures for both parties.

This is another vitally important guideline, as this element is needed precisely to make sure that the document is authenticated properly. In order to make sure that the information in the letter has been properly received and understood by both parties. After all, if a letter is to be a legal and binding document, it is important that both parties put their seal to it, so to speak.

Include contact information.

This can be for practical reasons as much as for the sake of specifying both parties further. After all, it might become necessary for both parties to contact one another so as to clear up any necessary details not specified in the letter. This should be a fairly easy thing to acquire, being that both parties ought to have one another’s contact information by this time.

Be sure to edit your letter thoroughly.

This is true of just about any important document. If the letter is to have the appropriate weight and impact, then it is in your best interests to make sure that it is formatted properly and free of errors. This also serves to remove any thing that could serve to confuse either party or detract from the latter’s intentions.

So, if you ever need to fill up such a termination letter for any reason, then you should have a considerably easier time of it now. After all, these insights ought to provide you with complete information about what to keep in mind when doing the work.

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