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Bill of Sale – 140+ Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

Bill of sale serves as a document that transfers the title of ownership of a tangible product by the seller to its new owner. It’s the written agreement that can be done in Microsoft Word between the former owner to the buyer or receiver that all the rights, titles or interest from a property is been given to them and under the law is protected by the amendments or terms of the legal agreement; it may include the name of the product and details of the seller, the mode and amount of payment done, in some cases the terms and conditions of the said agreement.

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Vehicle Bill of Sale Template

Vehicle bill of sale template has been widely used in creating a good bill of sale when purchasing new means of transportation to confirm that the purchased item is now on the property of the buyer with no pending liabilities in the part of the seller. The deal is closed and terms of the said transactions are all included in the bill of sale. This is presented in Microsoft Word where samples for this template can be utilized through free download. (10+ Vehicle Bill of Sale Template)

Car Bill of Sale Template

Car bill of sale template is appropriate to obtain by the sellers of cars or branches that trade any kinds of it to interested buyers; it serves as the proof of the trade in procurement of a car with all the bills paid and the transfer of the ownership has been given to the buyer themselves; all the terms of the agreement has been laid all in this bill of sale. This is done in Microsoft Word using such template will make a bill of sale easy and quick. (10+ Car Bill of Sale Template)

Auto Bill of Sale Template

Auto bill of sale template makes a good format for auto stores in making  business deals to their customers as it will make the contract for buying an auto a legitimate one as the rights of owning it has been all transferred to the buyer while fulfilling all the expenditure and responsibility of the said deal. This is created with the aid of Microsoft Word where samples of such template can be used for customization of personal business preference. (8+ Auto Bill of Sale Template)

Boat Bill of Sale Template

Boat bill of sale template provides ideal samples of bill of sale where it serves as a copy of the deal made with a boat seller and buyer; all transactions of the agreement is all included in this document while the buyer is accountable for settling all the liabilities and dues for purchasing a boat so the possession will be given to him or her. This is in the format of Microsoft Word to clear out and outline the structure of boat bill of sale. (8+ Boat Bill of Sale Template)

Automobile Bill of Sale Template

Automobile bill of sale template can be used for quick and professional creation related to any kinds of car that has been bought by the customer; it will be used as legal statement through Microsoft Word  of the purchasing of the product to the seller after being given the appropriate compensation. The seller then makes this bill of sale to transfer the name of the buyer as the new owner of the acquired automobile. (8+ Automobile Bill of Sale Template)

Equipment Bill of Sale Template

Like a receipt, the equipment bill of sale provide the copy of the equipment sold by the customer to a store; it includes the name of the store or seller, name of the product, amount of it and date of the transaction. It means that the customer is the new owner of the equipment and the seller is no longer liable for it unless indicated in the bill of sale. Using a template for this nature of business will lessen the workload in making a bill of sale instantly in a Microsoft Word format. (8+ Equipment Bill of Sale Template)

Horse Bill of Sale Template

Like in pet shops, horse bill of sale serves as the proof exchange of particular amount of money or property to have the ownership of a selected horse be given to the buyer. For people information horse as animal can be personally owned an can be given to buyers who eagerly wants them for their property. Template for this animal transaction will give a formal transfer of ownership easily in a Microsoft Word format. (8+ Horse Bill of Sale Template)

Business Bill of Sale Template

In all stores or business establishments, the bill of sale serves as the record of all the transactions made within the day to all of their customers. It can be used in claims or warranties by their customers, as record of their sales income generated in scheduled period and to serve as guide for the owner in making appropriate bill of sale for every product being sold to them. In order to come up with a good bill of sale, template that offers ready made samples in Microsoft Word is appreciated. (8+ Business Bill of Sale Template)

Bill of Sale Form

Bill of sale form is known in having the right format and content for a certain products or goods being sold to clients or customers that can be done in Microsoft Word. Any sellers or market stores can select a wide variety of forms through the use of template which can be used in closing the deal between their customers gracefully; it must contain all the details of the purchased goods and the information of the seller to make it official or valid. (10+ Bill of Sale Form)

Firearm Bill of Sale

For firearms stores, the firearms bill of sale template makes a good reference for them to provide their customers and law enforcers that a weapon purchased comes from accredited stores or sellers thus the buyer knows that the selected product is their property and not stolen or illegally distributed. It is important to have this one as it will safeguard the buyer for any criminal law and serve that they are true owner of the firearm. This is done in Microsoft Word that must be kept as important document for both parties. (8+ Firearm Bill of Sale)

Gun Bill of Sale

Gun bill of sale is the proof of payment and new ownership of a buyer to their chosen guns; it’s an essential document that any gun stores must present to their customers to give them the title of the ownership of the gun bought and to legalize its transactions as the law imposes strict requirements’ and license in order to have the right to own a gun. A template for this will help us to create a gun bill of sale in line with the rules of the governing country and the conditions agreed by both parties stated and made in Microsoft Word. (10+ Gun Bill of Sale)

Dog Bill of Sale

People who love dogs must have the dog bill of sale when it is sold to a pet shop or any pet sellers for them to have the authority to own the kind of dog they want and be liable for taking care of one. The template for dog bill of sale gives us a clear picture on how to make an ideal bill of sale when talking for a dog deals. It’s the legal document in the format of Microsoft Word which is needed to verify the ownership of a dog to its owner to know if the dog is just  bought, adopted or stolen tot others. (8+ Dog Bill of Sale)

Cat Bill of Sale

Cat bill of sale as the name itself means the proof of buying a cat in a pet shop or any cat breeders after settling the said amount of payment for taking one. It legalize as it is made in Microsoft Word and transfer the possession of a cat from its previous owner to the buyer; it claims that the cat is rightfully owned by the person and no one else does. The template for bill of sale provides samples that can be customize for personal business cat transaction to others. (8+ Cat Bill of Sale)

Trailer Bill of Sale

Having purchase a trailer truck, the trailer bill of sale makes the agreement of the seller and buyer closed, it gives all the titles and rights to the buyer to own a trailer after all the costs of getting one is fully paid by them. Like a car receipt, it shows the brand of the trailer, cost, name of the seller and the terms and conditions of the agreement. Creating a well content bill of sale for this will have to use a template that can be done in Microsoft Word. (8+ Trailer Bill of Sale)

Watercraft Bill of Sale

A watercraft bill of sale serves as the proof of payment when a watercraft or nay kinds of vehicles that is for aquatic activities is being sold to a store or factory. It’s the official document using a Microsoft Word that shows proof of agreement done between the seller and a buyer as it can be used to resolve any complaints or claims specially to transfer the ownership of a watercraft to its new owner. (8+ Watercraft Bill of Sale)

General Bill of Sale

When you are in a business or market store, a general bill of sale template is helpful in many cases when product or goods is being sold by a customer to their stall. It can be utilized in various trades that involves many kinds of products or goods that needs official receipts to have a proof of the said trade. It can be used in many purposes like warranties or refunds. This is made in Microsoft Word to display the details and transaction made by the parties involved. (10+ General Bill of Sale)

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1383+ FREE & Premium Bill of Sale Form - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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