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6+ Holiday Note Card Templates & Designs – PSD, AI

For those who want to get their holiday gift shopping out of the way before the long lines at department stores and the lengthened delivery waiting times at online shops starts, you should begin planning for what gifts to give away as early as now. One of the most common holiday gift suggestion that anyone can easily source or create is the use of holiday note cards.

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In this article, we provide different examples of printable holiday note card templates that anyone can use to give away to all their family members and friends this Christmas. Also included in this short article are various tips for creating and choosing your own holiday note card templates. Be sure to read the rest of this article so that you can easily select the best holiday note cards to use this upcoming Christmas season.

Here They Are… Holiday Note Card Templates!

Embedded below are fifteen excellent examples of holiday note card templates that anyone can use for their own Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holiday card-giving tradition. Just remember, do not forget to check if you have a compatible graphic design software program installed on your computer prior to purchasing and downloading any of these printable templates. Enjoy!

Butterfly Wreath Holiday Note Card Template

Candle Design Kwanzaa Holiday Note Card Template

What are Holiday Note Cards?

Note cards are just like printed greeting cards. But what sets the two apart is that the former is smaller in size and when they are given or sent to their recipients, they will have the same card designs. And when you specifically use note cards for the holiday season, you are basically using holiday note cards.

In the same vein, creating holiday note cards is just like creating greeting cards. You may opt to format your holiday note cards just like a regular greeting card. However, most people prefer the smaller size of note cards since they can be easier to print, write on, and enclose in envelopes. Note cards may also be used if you want to send general greetings to another person.

To further expound on this, people tend to have a bigger expectation to write something lengthier when they use regular greeting cards. Whereas if you use note cards, people (both the sender and the recipient) will not have this expectation and instead will just write short messages or greetings. For more information on how to create holiday greeting cards, check out the linked article.

Peace Holiday Note Card Template

Polar Bear Holiday Note Card Template

Rustic Kwanzaa Holiday Note Card Template

Why Use Holiday Note Card Templates?

Card-giving during the holiday season is a tradition for most families and cultures that almost one billion greeting cards are sold worldwide each year. The most common method of card-giving is by buying pre-made cards at bookstores, flower shops, or any place that sells them. This arrangement allows convenience for the card sender since he or she no longer needs to design or handcraft the holiday card themselves.

However, if you want more creative freedom in writing and creating the note cards that you will be sending to your relatives and friends this upcoming holiday season, you may like exploring the use of another more convenient approach. And that is through the use of pre-made holiday note card templates.

Listed below are practical reasons why it makes sense to use note card templates for your holiday card-giving tradition. Read through each of these advantages and carefully weigh for yourself how you can fit the task of creating personalized note cards for this upcoming Christmas season.

1. The Templates are Reusable.

Pre-made note card templates, just like any kind of printable templates, are digital files. This means that they are created using various graphic design software programs and are then stored in various digital formats. This then allows the template files to be retrieved easily as long as the file is saved in a storage device.

This also means that you can or anyone who has access to the storage device may use the note card template file to either reuse the same note card template design or create something new out of it. You may also see gift cards.

This feature can be very useful if you want to avoid the hassle of having to do everything again for a holiday note card design every single year. Also, you may use the same holiday note card template in creating other kinds of note cards. For instance, you may do away with the Christmas designs on the note card and replace them with more professional designs if you want to create note cards that can be used for work.

2. They are affordable.

Another advantage of using holiday note card templates is that they do not cost an arm and a leg. Typical card template price can be as low as $2 or as high as $50. Note card templates that cost higher are typically the ones with more advanced editing options or those templates that comes with various other template suites.

We also know that the holiday can be a huge money drain due to the number of gifts and presents to buy yourself, your family, and your friends. So, if you want to save money on the amount that you intend to spend for gift-giving, then creating holiday note cards using these printable note card templates is a cost-effective workaround.

3. You can edit the templates at will.

The ability to edit the note card template design of your choice is another advantage that most people appreciate about using these card templates. By following the pre-made card template route, you can freely add, modify, or even remove certain graphic design elements that you do not like on any note card template. This allows you to create a note card design that will truly speak you and your family’s personality.

Also, as we have mentioned earlier, having the ability to edit any note card template will allow you to use the same template to create other kinds of note cards or greeting cards. Most of these card templates follow the same digital structure or layout so it will be very easy to altogether convert them into another kind of card template. To illustrate, you may edit a holiday note card template and use it as a thank you card template instead. And depending on your editing skills, no one will even notice that you have either reused last year’s holiday note cards or have just re-purposed your holiday note cards to create birthday invitation cards. 

4. The Templates are Ready to Print.

Another advantage of using pre-made note card templates is that they are often ready-to-print. This means that as long as you have chosen a holiday note card template design that you like, you can print out the template right away. This feature can be very important especially if you do not have much time to edit the template and/or you just intend to hand write a short message on the printed note card afterward. 

5. You Can Choose the Design You Want.

One of the major advantages of using holiday note card templates is that you are free to choose any card design you want. But what makes pre-made printable card templates extra special is that you can try out different variations of the template design of your choice.

This especially appeals to those who want their holiday note cards to show some sense of originality despite being a made from a card template. For example, when you purchase and download a note card template, you will often have the option to choose a template color scheme and other minor template design variations. In a way, this allows you (the end-user) to still have a say on what becomes the final note card design you want.

6. They are Available in Different Print Formats and Sizes.

Last but not the least, another main benefit of using pre-made holiday note card templates is that these templates are available in different printing formats and sizes. When you are looking for holiday note card template from different online template marketplaces, you can specify what type of template file, printing size, and print format you want.

For example, you can choose template print sizes like business card size, rack card size, brochure size, A4 size, letter size, or standard legal size. As for the printing formats, you may choose a template that formatted for embossed printing, laser printing, color printing, and other types of specialized printing formats.

Often, the quality of your holiday note card design will highly depend on the paper used, the type of ink utilized, and the kind of printing mechanism followed. If you want to have the best printable note card for the upcoming holiday season, it is not too late to begin browsing through holiday note card templates instead.You may also see restaurant invitation cards.

So those are the top reasons for using holiday note card templates. We hope that you will be swayed and convinced enough to begin looking at card templates in a new light. Also, let the different examples of holiday note card template designs embedded throughout this article inspire you into using card templates yourself. You may also see thank you cards.

And for more information on how to create different kinds of note cards using digital templates, feel free to look around our website. We offer premium and free templates for any of your personal and business template needs.

Tribe Holiday Collection Note Card Template

Winter Wonderland Christmas Note Card Template

Spread the Love using the Best Holiday Note Card Template

The different note card template designs included in this list will surely make you wish that the holidays are already here so that you can start sending out your holiday note cards. All of these note card templates are available are available either as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop templates so you are assured that you will have the best customizability options to transform each card design into something truly unique.

And if you want more card design inspirations, you may see check out this article on different card designs in PSD. As always, do not forget to share this comprehensive article on holiday note card templates with your friends, colleagues, and social media followers.

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