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12+ Photography Rack Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Photography used to be a business that is extremely difficult to get into. The complicated photochemical process of developing and producing pictures from rolls of film used to be a daunting task. That is not even mentioning the cost of films to feed the camera. The advent of the digital camera was a gamechanger. It destroyed a lot of barriers that made entering the photography world difficult to enter. Being a lot cheaper and a lot easier compared to using film, digital photography welcomed a lot of fledgling photographers around the world. It also meant the coming of more competition in the photography business.

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With a very competitive environment, it is important that a photography business pull all the stops to have its name be heard. Advertising is the name of the game. One might say its easy to advertise thanks to social media. Indeed word of mouth advertising is a lot cheaper and in some ways more “real” way of marketing your products and services. However, it is really difficult to control. If one just depends on naturally occurring word of mouth, then that company is at the mercy of the unpredictability of social media. The mouth takes what the mouth gives.

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Professional Photography Rack Card

Wedding Photography Rack Card

It is for this very reason that print advertising survives. Though it may seem like an aged way of getting your name out there, print advertising still has its niche. It also more businesslike, after all, with age comes a sense of professionalism. There are a lot of ways to market your service in print. There are flyer designs, posters, brochures, business cards and rack card templates. These things might seem to put a noticeable dent on the wallet, but if they are used effectively, they can fix that dent in no time.

Rack Cards

A rack card is a commercial advertising document that can be usually found in convenience stores, hotels, landmarks, restaurants, rest areas, and other locations. The effectiveness of a rack card depends on the location of where they are placed and as such, it is important to place rack cards in a place with a high number of foot traffic. Rack card templates usually measure 3.5 inches by 8.5 inches or 4 inches by 9 inches. To be enticing, high-impact graphics are usually included in a rack card’s design. It’s all about first impressions and the bigger the impact, the better the chances. You may also see restaurant rack card templates.

Rack Cards vs Brochures

Rack cards and brochure designs essentially serve the same purpose, and that is to deliver a call to action. It is both a rack card’s and brochure’s duty to make potential customers to call you, email you, visit your website or social media pages, use your services or walk inside your business’ doors. Brochures and rack cards have differences though. Brochures come in many different sizes and folds. Among these folds, the rack card’s main competition is the tri-fold brochure.

The tri-fold brochure can be folded to almost the same size as that of the rack cards and as such, they will often be found beside each other. The trifold main advantage is that since it is folded, there are six panels to carry information compared to that of the two panels that the rack card carries. However, this disadvantage can be converted to the rack card designs advantage. To put it simply, a rack card can be considered as the elevator speech for the print advertising world. The world is moving towards a faster pace and to put it simply, people do not have much time to get everything done. Rack cards thrive in this environment as customers can scan them faster and easier than brochures.

Rack Card Template for Photographers

Photography Rack Card Design

Wedding Photography Marketing Card

Creative Wedding Photography Rack Card

Photographer Rack Card Flyer

Things to Consider For Rack Cards

Rack cards are very efficient tools for advertising your services. If executed poorly, however, they can have adverse and negative effects on your business. It is important to know as many information as possible before deciding to use them as marketing tools. Here are a few things to consider before printing rack cards. Keep these things in mind to ensure the best potential way of print advertising.

1. Consider Cost

Before doing any printing, decide on a simple budget for printing the rack cards. Make this budget reasonable. The budget will tell how many rack cards can be printed. The design of the rack card will be dependent on the budget. Remember that ink is expensive, more colors means more money. This is especially important if the race card is for a photography business.

2. Templates versus Custom Design

There are two choices to decide from when deciding a rack card design: templates and customs. Both of these come with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Going for a custom design may give a more unique edge but it can be a tad more expensive. Templates, on the other hand, can be less expensive and can be produced faster but they are so for the price of uniqueness. Using templates runs the risk of having other businesses use the same design. That being said, the templates embedded on this page are highly customizable and as such, they offer the best of both worlds.

3. Size Matters

An unusual size can catch the target market off guard. Choosing an unusual card size like a slim card design or one that is larger than usual will help set it apart from the competition and make it stand out. Uniqueness is the name of the game when dealing with rack card samples.

4. Sales Strategies

Rack cards are flexible and versatile advertising tools. They can be used in many different sales strategies. Rack cards can be targeted to certain types of places, like hotels, restaurants, ticketing merchants, and other resting places. The can also be targeted to different industries such as that of tourism and business travel industries. Finding the right strategy can be a trial and error process. Do not be afraid to try out as many as possible in order to determine what works best.

5. Coupons, Special Offers, and Freebies

A coupon can help in the retention of a rack card to memory. Special offers with limited time frames can entice people to try out services in no time. Having these coupons be built on the card itself could become a valuable tool to track the success and impact of a rack card. You may also see simple hotel & travel rack cards.

6. Choose the Right Printer and Choose Wisely

Before doing any printing, consider where the cards will be printed. Carelessness can be costly and a wrong choice of printer that will not be able to meet the standards set may reduce all hard work to nothing. Poor quality and substandard marketing materials can turn away potential customers before they can even read the card. You may also see hotel & holiday rack cards.

7. Proofread Before Approval

Don’t get too excited after picking the right printing place. Make sure to proof the rack cards. Check for errors and mistakes. One small mistake can reflect poorly on the marketing material. Remember that although errors in printing can be the mistake of the printing place, errors in the contents, grammar and design are the responsibilities of their customers. You may also see hospital rack card templates.

8. Take Advantage of Volume Printing Discounts

Volume printing discounts are incentives that reward those ordering in bulk by providing a reduced price for each order or group of orders. With the right design, rack cards can be used in future campaigns and advertising efforts. If printing in bulk can be discounted, then it only makes sense to avail of these discounts and gets a lower price per unit on your cards. When a discount is offered, always take advantage of them. You may also see dental care rack card templates.

Photography Exhibition DL Card

Movie Photography Rack Card Flyer

Photography Price List Rack Card

Where To Put Rack Cards

As mentioned above, rack cards can be distributed in a lot of places including hotels, terminals and airports, restaurants, and other resting areas. It still doesn’t mean to put out rack cards in all these places. To ensure peak rack card potential make sure to study key distribution points. Study the competitor cards already found in the areas and find a design that will be sure to stand out. Study the type of foot traffic the area gets, their numbers and then strategize accordingly. A rack card can only do its thing if they reach their target destination. You may also see free corporate rack cards.

Wedding Photographer Rack Card Example

Photography Rack Card Template

Rack cards need to carry a certain uniqueness in their design for potential customers to pick them up. However, not everybody, especially not small businesses, may have enough funds to splurge on designer rack cards. These customizable rack card templates may be alleviating those problems. These customizable rack cards can bring out the same impact of the overly unique cards for a smaller price. Take note and remember that customizing these cards would need a bit of knowledge of graphics or photo editing techniques, skill, and programs. Since you are probably from the photography industry, there should be no problem with that.

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11+ FREE & Premium Photography Rack Card - Download NOW

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