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10+ Restaurant Greeting Card Templates – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

Another marketing gimmick restaurateurs could try out for their restaurants is the use of uniquely designed greeting card templates. This is an uncommon advertising strategy that would surely put your restaurant on the map when done well.

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Restaurant greeting cards are just like regular greeting cards. They are either printed on thick paper or cardstock. In this article, we focus on providing greeting card templates that specifically follow a restaurant or dining establishment theme. These downloadable restaurant greeting card templates may also be used for any occasion that a restaurant wishes to celebrate with their customers. And when a blank version of these cards are given away to customers, they are also then free to share them with other friends, family members, or colleagues.

Free Christmas Restaurant Greeting Card Template

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Size: 5×7 inches + Bleed

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World Food Day Greeting Card

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Size: 5×7 inches + Bleed

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Why use restaurant greeting cards

As mentioned earlier, greeting cards are not usually used as a restaurant stationery. To help convince restaurateurs that they are taking the best step to promote their restaurant by using restaurant greeting cards, we have compiled a few advantages for using them. Read on.

  • As a souvenir for customers

If you are the owner of a restaurant operating in a competitive location, it is your job to make sure that your restaurant has an edge over its competitors. One way to do this is by creating a restaurant perk. It should be something that you diners and customers will appreciate when they receive it. An uncommon restaurant perk comes in the form of restaurant greeting cards.

Just like using regular greeting cards, business owners may use restaurant greeting cards as a souvenir for their customers. This can be a good marketing strategy for dining places that cater to local and foreign tourists. Regular restaurants catering to local residents can still use greeting cards if they want to set their business apart from their competitors.

  • To add levity to an occasion

As we all know, greeting cards often have witty messages and pictures on their cover pages. If you want your restaurant to have a nicer and more positive ambiance, you may use restaurant greeting cards in helping soften the mood. Dining establishments are places where friends, families, colleagues, and other groups of people gather. That is why it is equally important to maintain a positive atmosphere (or the perception thereof) in these places. Customers will then associate your dining establishment with a positive mood due to the fact you provide customers with personalized and humorous restaurant cards.

  • As a way to showcase your restaurant fun and friendly image

Establishing a good image for your restaurant is must-do for any business today. So if you want to create a fun and friendly image for your restaurant, using restaurant greeting cards as a way to thank and extend appreciation to loyal customers can be a good thing. This sustainable marketing strategy can also be useful if you are redesigning or if you want to reestablish your restaurant in another cuisine specialty.

  • To promote random acts of kindness

The fragrance remains on the hand that gives the rose. This is a famous line from Gandhi that can also be applied to running a business. If you want your restaurant business to cultivate a sense of corporate responsibility, giving away restaurant greeting cards to random customers can be a good step to follow.

You do not have to make an affair out of the card-giving process. You may instruct your restaurant wait staff to give away the cards when the customers are about to leave or you may place the greeting cards on the tables before a customer is seated. You may even do it anonymously and tell your wait staff to not divulge the original creator of the greeting cards.

Of course, we all know that there can still be a hidden motive when you choose this act of kindness. But what is important is that you (the restaurant owner and your wait staff) all know the reason behind doing these deeds. Yes, you may earn yourself a little pat on the back for running a dining establishment with kind staff members. But remember that the goal here is to promote kindness even if it is not acknowledged. Success will come, or not. And you are willing to do all the other work along the way.

  • To showcase your restaurant’s unique branding identity

Successful business organizations are the ones who have carved themselves a unique identity in their respective niches. Restaurant owners can easily do this for their restaurants by building a rich and comprehensive brand identity or image. This can be primarily be done by investing in a well-designed graphical representation of your company or business through a restaurant logo design.

Other things you can do and create to help foster this branding identity is to create similarly designed stationery cards, menu cards, brochure templates, restaurant flyers, business advertising banners, and a lot more. A restaurant’s branding identity can also be shown through your restaurant’s decorations and the wait staff’s uniform design. When customers see all of these things in action, they can easily identify your restaurant from others and even associate good food with through simple logo designs.

Check out these restaurant greeting card templates

Embedded below are fifteen downloadable restaurant greeting card templates. Each printable template depicts a restaurant theme and can be customized to reflect your restaurant’s own branding elements. Also, note that you may need to download and install editing software tools like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator before you can fully edit these templates.

French Restaurant Chefs Hat Greeting Card Template

Retro Vintage Kitsch Restaurant Greeting Card Template

Vintage Art Deco Restaurant Greeting Card Template

Guidelines on how to choose a restaurant greeting card template

Just like choosing any kind of restaurant template, the entire process can quickly become overwhelming especially when you have a lot of options to choose from. To simplify the entire process, we have outlined the key questions that you (the restaurateur) should ask yourself before settling on a restaurant greeting card template design. Read on for more information.

  • How much project-making time do I have?

The first question that restaurateurs need to ask themselves is whether or not they have the time needed to customize these restaurant greeting card templates or if they can allocate a specific time into their schedules for this task. Business owners are busy people. That is why you need to be clear in this aspect right before choosing a greeting card template.

If you do not think you have the free time to customize these templates yourself, you may always choose pre-made templates that will be edited by the original template creator. Most templates from and come with this option. The creators will ask for the details you want to be included on the card and they will be the ones to input that into the template. They will then send you the final template output and all you have to do is print out the templates.

  • What is my budget allotment?

The next question to ask yourself when picking a restaurant greeting card template is your company’s advertising budget. If you wish to only create random restaurant greeting cards, you do not need to have a very big budget. This is one of the reasons why creating restaurant stationery card designs is a popular option for small restaurant owners.

And if you do have the funds for a moderately aggressive restaurant marketing campaign, you are free to add restaurant greeting cards to the list of restaurant advertising templates that you also wish to create for your restaurant.

  • Do I know how to use editing software tools?

Your image editing skill is one of the things that should be considered prior to choosing a restaurant greeting card template design. As mentioned earlier, most pre-made restaurant templates available online will still need to be edited by the end-user to make sure that the template will match the restaurant’s image or design theme. This may prove to be a disadvantage to those who do not have a background in editing or using advanced desktop publishing tools.

But if you are willing to learn, you can take a few lessons on basic Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials available online. This way, you will be ready to edit any restaurant template after you download the template.

  • What is my restaurant’s image or branding identity?

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing any restaurant template is your own restaurant’s image and brand identity. You need to choose a greeting card template will uniquely complement this business image. This is a crucial decision-making step especially if you plan to use greeting cards as an essential part of your restaurant’s marketing plan.

However, if you just wish to start random acts kindness without expecting rewards in return, you may choose any kind of restaurant greeting card without minding whether the card design matches your restaurant image or not.

  • Why is my restaurant doing this?

Lastly, the question you need to ask yourself when choosing among different restaurant card templates is WHY. Why do you need restaurant greeting cards? Why are you creating a unique branding stationery design for your restaurant? Why are you doing this?

This line of questioning may sound existential at first. But it is necessary if you want to develop a unique identity for your restaurant business and for you to examine what the business means to you. Once you have answered these questions, the next few steps in carrying out this task for your restaurant, everything will be a breeze.

Take these tips with a grain of salt. Internalize and apply the ones that deeply resonate with your personal business principles and improve upon them to make sure your restaurant succeeds in the future. And do not forget to save, email this article with friends and colleagues, and share it on social media so that you could help them out too!

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