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6+ Thinking of You Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Being in a long distance relationship is a tough situation to be in. We are not just talking about the romantic kind but also the one with family and friends. Even with our busy lives, a thought about our beloved always passes by and makes the longing more unbearable than it already is. You may also see printable thank you cards.

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For the longest time that you were with them, being far from them is a challenge that will give you a daily dose of agony and torture. Even with technology’s convenient communication platforms in making things easier, something still feels missing and the urge to go back home feels like a burden more than anything else. You may also see free thank you card templates.

In this modern age, you can quickly send a message to your beloved through a simple text, chat, or, to step things up, you can also have a video call with them. This can all be achieved on different social media sites. Such a great time to be alive, isn’t it? But, even with the supreme powers of technology, nothing still beats creating a Thinking Of You card with a handwritten message filled with fluff, angst, drama, and all sorts of pent-up emotions. Since you are sending this to your beloved, you need to make a careful consideration of its design. With that said, you don’t need to look farther because we have a collection of creative and witty templates that both you and you’re beloved will love. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Minimal Thinking Of You Card Template

When Do You Send a Thinking of You Card?

Here are a few moments that will push you into creating a Thinking of You card and send it to them immediately:

1. Missing someone

No matter how often or less you see each other, you will still miss being with your beloved. Although there are a lot of messaging apps to compensate for the longing, nothing still beats the feeling of being with them personally. It’s their comforting presence, their infectious laugh, their hypnotizing smile, their addictive voice, and everything that they are. When you miss them, you somehow get “sick” like you have been infected with a disease curable only with their presence. You may also see greeting card examples.

2. Good luck

You don’t only think of someone when you miss them but also during times when you feel they need to be given strength through words of encouragement. Whether they will be taking an exam or going to an interview, give them the words that they needed to hear to muster enough courage to go through it. Say that you are thinking of them as you face a certain challenge and that you are rooting for them and you wish them all the best. Sometimes, we just need someone to pat our backs and give us empowering words to conquer whatever hurdle that is placed before us.

3. Sympathy

Losing someone because of death is the most agonizing experience that one can ever have. You have to deal with all the pain, the endless tears, the wailing of heartbroken souls incessantly pleading to bring their loved one back to life. Getting to experience this creates a crack in your heart that brings about pain so unbearable that sometimes, you don’t know how to fully express it. Will you cry? Will you be mad? If so, who will you be mad at? Who will you blame? It confuses you. It makes you question everything. Why were they taken away? Why him? Why her? The grief is too much to recover from even with the comforting words that your family and friends tell you. But at the end of it all, it’s a harsh reality that you have to accept whether you like it or not. You may also see beautiful greeting card designs.

When someone close to you is grieving, send them a message telling that you will be there with them in this unfortunate time. Tell them that you are always thinking of them and that you will be by their side until they get back on their feet. Words are powerful; use them to lift up people’s spirits and bring life to their sad souls. You may also see greeting card templates.

4. Someone’s safety and condition

You know you truly care for someone when you constantly think of their safety and condition. Are they eating well? How did their first day of work go? Did they arrive safely at the resort on a remote island?  There’s a lot going on in your mind that you can’t help but to write it down on a card and send it to them. It’s a great way to send this kind of card to your beloved so they would know that they are worried about them and that you only want them to be safe and in a healthy state. You may also see creative greeting card designs.

Awesome Thinking Of You Card Template

Cute Thinking Of You Card Template

Beach Thinking Of You Card Template

To Whom Can You Send Your Thinking Of You Card?

You can send anyone a Thinking of You card, even to a stranger. But, since this card is special, there are a few groups of people that you want to send this card to. Who are they? Let’s find out.

1. Significant Other

Of course, this has to be on top of the list. When people thinking of creating a card such as a Thinking of You card, there is this common notion that it is for a significant other. Well, that’s true, though. When we have someone special in our life, we expend effort more than usual and do things that would make our partner happy. We take them to movies, go out for a road trip, give them gifts, and treat them to restaurants. And, sometimes, a simple gesture of giving them a Thinking of You card already makes them happy.

Who wouldn’t be, anyway? It’s a special card that contains all your the thoughts and emotions from your longing mind and heart. It tells how you miss them badly, and you would do anything just to be with them even for a minute. You may also see marriage greeting cards.

Love changes you so much that it pushes you into making a card that you have no idea in how to make it. Just like how love takes effort, the design of the card also needs effort. So, do your best in making that card and send it immediately to your partner. You may also see printable greeting cards.

2. Family

There will come a time when leaving our home and venture into the world on our own. When this happens, homesickness will constantly visit you and all you can do is cry your heart out and realize how you really miss being with the people that you have lived your whole life with. You’ll miss the banters with your siblings, the times when you got scolded by your parents, the moments when you laughed your butts out from someone’s joke, and, of course, home-cooked meals by your parents. You may also see holiday greeting cards.

Also, you miss their words of comfort and encouragement when you are not in the mood. Sometimes, they even buy you food or take you someplace else just so you would feel better. And, they’ll give you the most comforting hug you’ll ever get. There really is no place like home. You may also see cool greeting card fonts.

So, why not send them a Thinking of You card and tell how you miss them so much? Your family will surely appreciate it and they will think that their child has not forgotten them still. Who knows? They might buy you transportation tickets so you can go home for a while? You may also see flash greeting cards.

3. Friends

No matter how far apart you are from each other, true friends will remain friends. You and your friends are busy thriving and grinding to achieve your individual dreams in life and some things may have changed, like how you always hang out every week, dance the night away in clubs, or just staying in an open space and talk about everything under the graceful light of the moon. Those were the happy days when responsibilities and obligations were just myths until they became real the moment you stepped into adulthood. You may also see free greeting cards.

The friendship may have remained, but you can’t help but crave for those fun moments of being with your best buds. With loads of work pinning you down with stress, you will do anything to be with them and unwind. With that said, you can send them a Thinking of You card to tell your friends you miss them and you want to spend time with them again. Surely, your friends will immediately send you a reply through social media sites and will make plans for your long-awaited reunion. It’s amazing how such a card can work in ways you wanted them to.

Amazing Thinking Of You Card Template

Sample Thinking Of You Card Template

Thinking of You Card Design

Are you ready to write your message?

The Thinking of You card isn’t just any card. It’s a special kind that you put effort into creating its design and content because you want the recipient to feel that they are special and important and you miss them a lot or you just want to make them feel better. You can send this card to your significant other, friends, and family during their times of trial, their grief, or just when you extremely miss them. Of course, this card is not limited only to those purposes. You can create and send them because of any reason as long as the idea of the card, that you are thinking of them, still remains. You may also see photo greeting cards.

The design of the cards can cater to different situations, so pick the one that you think will be the most appropriate. Also, since they are accessible online, you can easily purchase and download them from your computer or smartphone. Make sure that you bookmark this page so you can re-evaluate your choices as you scroll through it wherever you may be. With that said, we hope that we were able to help you in choosing the design for the Thinking of You card.  Whatever design you may choose, we know that it would be the best one to give to your beloved ones. We wish you all the best and good luck in your personal endeavors!

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