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18+ Wedding Logo Designs

Whether it is your first wedding or not, a wedding will always be a special moment in a your life, because you are about to marry and spend the rest of your life with the person who you truly love and adore. You want your family and friends to gather together and share the celebration of love with them as you and your loved one will both declare your vows of love and eternity for each other on the big day.

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However, weddings can involve a lot of preparations and organizations. You will be busy making rounds here and there to make your wedding day a big success. While a lot of couple are busy choosing the location of the wedding venue, the gown and suit to wear, and a lot more things, it is important that you do not forget one of the most essential things in your wedding—the invitations! And one way to make your invitation stand out from the rest is by adding your own unique wedding logo.

Wedding Anniversary Logo Designs

Wedding Anniversary Cake Logo

Wedding First Anniversary Logo

Wedding Business Logos

Wedding Planning Business Logo

Wedding Business Gift Logo

Wedding Business Photography Logo


Wedding Ceremony Logo

Wedding Blessing Ceremony Logo

Wedding Flower Logo

Wedding Party Flower Logo

Wedding Love Logos

Funny Wedding Love Logo

Everything You Need to Know about a Wedding Logo and Its Significance

There are some couples who do not pay so much attention on the details of the wedding invitation, this is where problems can potential arise. Without giving your wedding invitation enough attention, you will surely fail to your guest anticipate and look forward to your wedding day. They will probably toss your dull, boring wedding invitation around after receiving it. That is why it is also important to come up with a great wedding invitation design. However, since we are talking about wedding logos, we will provide you with some vital information about wedding logo design ideas to incorporate in your wedding invitations.

We often say that do not judge the book by its cover or, in this case, the display of the wedding invitation design. However, if you want to excite our guest into attending the event, you need to be creative and unique to achieve your goal. This is where the wedding logo design comes into the picture.

A fun and engaging wedding logo design is enough to conjure excitement and anticipation in your guests. Come to think oft it, would people be thrilled to see boring wedding invitations? Sadly, the answer is no. So if you want to have an interesting wedding invitation for your guests, make sure choose the logo design carefully.

One of the most common misconceptions about logos is that a lot of people may think that they are only used in businesses. A logo can be used to symbolize an important milestone in a person’s life. It can make a wedding extra special and it also adds personal touch to the celebration. The logo design printed onto the wedding invitation signifies a new chapter in couple’s life, which is a lifetime covenant of love and loyal.

A wedding logo can be categorized into two types: timely and timeless. The difference of a timely logo from the latter is that the former centers on the details of the wedding event, while a timeless logo puts the spotlight on the couple instead of the event. Additionally, timely logos shows more of the wedding theme. The timeless logo, on the other hands, represents the groom and bride as a single unit. To make these wedding logos more interesting, designers often use animated typography in their logos or clever geometric shapes to capture the feel of the wedding celebration.

Wedding Monogram Logo

Wedding Menu Monogram Logo

Wedding Services Logo

Wedding Food Services Logo

Wedding Vector Logo Designs

Wedding Border Vector Logo

Wedding Hearts Vector Logo

Factors to Consider in a Wedding Logo

While you can download a variety of different wedding logo designs on our website, it is important that it encapsulates your wedding celebration and that it can effectively create a sense of fun, anticipation, and enthusiasm. Whether it is your first time to use a logo on your wedding invitation or not, check out these following crucial factors to see if the logo can help you achieve the beacon of your wedding celebration:

  • Appropriateness – Since the logo is an essential element in your wedding, it needs to be consistent and work harmoniously with the other visual elements. To make it appropriate, make sure to choose carefully which symbols you will use so that it would not make any disconnection with the elements and your guests. If you are planning a vintage wedding, take some time to check out our amazing vintage wedding logos.
  • Minimal design – If you are using small-sized wedding invitation cards, it is a wise idea not to load your logo with a lot of details, as this could make the design overwhelming and messy to look at. Make sure that you do not lose the clarity of your wedding logo. Try to choose logo that has a simple, yet meaningful design.
  • Clarity – There are times when you will be tempted to use various shapes and designs for your wedding logo. Try to avoid this as much as possible as it can ultimately lose the meaning of your wedding logo. Your guest will probably find it hard to understand the meaning behind your logo if you want to go with overwhelming symbols.
  • Color – The color you will choose to go with your wedding logo is another important factor that you need to consider carefully. Of course, we all know that colors carry meaning and it can conjure a lasting impression on your wedding guests.
    • Red – This color is often associated with love, passion, desire, and sensitivity.
    • Pink – It usually represents love, romance, and femininity.
    • Blue – This color commonly denotes sincerity, tranquility, calmness, and loyalty.
    • Purple – Using this color symbolizes luxury, romance, and nostalgic feeling.
    • Orange – This color denotes feelings of happiness, joy, success, and enthusiasm.
    • Yellow – Using the color can conjure feelings of cheerfulness, happiness, and energy.
    • White – It is associated with faith, safety, and purity.
    • Black – While a lot of people consider black as the color for aggressiveness and grief, there are still a number of couples who use black for their wedding logo because it denotes formality, elegance, and prestige.

Wedding Couple Logos

Cartoon Wedding Couple Logo

Wedding Dance Couple Logo

Wedding Invitation Logo Designs

Personal Wedding Invitation Logo

Wedding Day Logo Designs

Affordable Wedding Day Logo

Wedding Event Logos

Wedding Banquet Event Logo

Wedding Charity Event Logo

Wedding Salon Event Logo

Different Trends on Wedding Logo

  • Vintage Logo – Surely, modern logos are too mainstream. A lot of soon to be married couple are looking for something that has a unique and cool appearance that is above others. If you want something that is old, but still looks amazing, then the vintage logo design is what you need. Despite its outdated style, vintage logo design is definitely making a big comeback in weddings!
  • Wedding Anniversary Logo – Who says wedding logos are exclusive to weddings only? Fortunately, you can choose to incorporate anniversary logos into your invitations. Anniversaries are worth celebrating too because it signifies the special date when you and your loved one tied the knot and became one.
  • Personalized Wedding Invitation Logo – If you think you have not found the right one that matches your personal preference, then the best you can do is to go with a personalized wedding invitation logo. You can choose a logo of our own and include specific details into the card, as well. You take the driver’s seat when choosing the font style and the images for your invitation card.
  • Beach Wedding Invitation Card Logo – With the serene background; the gentle sound of waves crashing unto the shore; and the warm, salty sea breeze, beach weddings are definitely one of the best wedding venue options any couple would want. So if your wedding is going to be held at the beach, make sure that your wedding logo design will compliment with your wedding venue.
  • Wedding Couple Logo – A wedding couple logo does not mean you need to post your photo on your wedding cards (although you have the choice to do so). This type of wedding logo trend displays a cute cartoon image of a bride and groom. Why not check out these marvelous cartoon vectors that you could incorporate into your logo for some hilarity and fun times?
  • Printable Wedding Logo – If you are short on cash to avail the services of a professional graphic artist to design the logo for your wedding, do not worry because there a lot of free downloads of printable wedding logos online. These logos come in a myriad of designs, colors, and shape. You can also browse for free wedding logo templates in PSD, EPS, AI, and Illustrator format. And if you still haven’t got the cards, check out this cool selection of free invitation cards!

Final Thoughts

Although a wedding logo is only a minute aspect in your wedding preparation, it definitely plays a big role to make your wedding day a successful one. Not only will it amaze and excite your guest to attend and celebrate the special event with you, but it is also a symbol or a representation of your new life as husband and wife. So take some time to contemplate for the perfect design of your wedding logo. Make sure that it will be forever be imprinted in your minds, as well as your guests. Who knows, coming up with a unique and perfectly designed wedding logo can set a trend for your guests.

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