22 Beautiful Wedding Label Templates


Charming wedding labels are a testament to the couple’s preparedness and willingness to also let their guests enjoy their nuptial day. Adding these wedding printables to your wedding favors, decorations, table settings, guest book tables, etc. can help bring out a sense of comfortable sophistication into the guests’ memory of the event.

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So, what are you waiting for? Step up your wedding stationery and decoration designs by using any or all of the customizable wedding label templates we have compiled below.

Free Newlyweds Wedding Label Template

free newlyweds wedding label templateFree Download

Wedding Gift Bag Label Template

wedding gift bag label templateFree Download

Free Round Wedding Label

free round wedding labelFree Download

How to use wedding labels

But before the promised label template collection here is a short list of practical applications of wedding labels.

  • As wedding favor labels. Wedding labels are primarily used to mark or inscribe the gifts or souvenirs that a newlywed couple prepares for their guests. These can be figurines, fancy towels, a basket of food, or anything that the guests may use after the wedding. A label is added to these things to identify their origins and to remind the guests of the wedding.
  • As a wine label. Another iteration of wedding labels comes in the form of wine label templates. Most wedding receptions will include a wine toasting ceremony and some couples will decorate their wine bottles with the same wedding label design used for other wedding stationery. This practice is convenient if you want cohesion in your wedding design choices. Aside from that, it also looks good especially if you have chosen a good wedding theme.
  • As an advice card. Another application of wedding labels may be seen on wedding advice cards. Wedding labels are used as an identification mark on these cute cards asking guests to provide pieces of advice for the newly married couple. Simple things like a monogrammed wedding logo design can work well on a wedding label. Aside from identifying the advice cards as an official part of the wedding, it also gives formality to the entire event.
  • As a jar label. Instead of decorative items like figurines, some couples may opt to give away food and rare condiments as their wedding favors. The most common perishable items that are made into wedding favors are herbs, spices, sauces, and rare drinks. In the event that you take this route, it is best to package them in neat mason jars and use corresponding jar label templates. The jar label design you should choose should closely match the design, color scheme, and theme of your wedding.
  • As a water bottle label. Having drinking water on hand is a must, especially during traditional wedding ceremonies that may take more than an hour to complete. The guests and the couple will need to hydrate themselves throughout the ceremony, so it is advisable to prepare bottled water at the church or at any wedding ceremony venue. These water bottles may then be spiced up to reflect the couple’s wedding theme or motif. Simple wedding logo designs may work well to remind the guests that they are still at the wedding. This is also another way of caring for your guests and yourselves throughout the day. After all, a wedding reception will still follow and that is another thing to hurdle.
  • As a wedding address label. Wedding labels may also take the form of wedding address labels. These are printed cards often included with the wedding invitation packet sent out to guests. The address labels serve as the guide for the guests so that they will know where to send their RSVPs or their wedding gifts. Address labels may come in the form of stamped self-addressed envelopes or they may also be shaped like small business cards. Some couples may also opt to use sticker papers when printing out these labels for easy return mailing.
  • As a wedding monogram. Wedding labels are the perfect way to showcase your wedding logo or monogram sticker design. They may be cut out in small pieces like tags and then tied to table napkins, wine glasses, and even escort cards. The possibilities are endless.
  • For wedding boxes. Another practical use of wedding labels is to mark up boxes that may be used for the wedding. These may be boxes of the wedding favors you intend to gift to guests. Wedding labels are very versatile in terms of size and may be customized to complement any box size.

And that was a brief list of possible uses for your wedding labels. As promised, embedded below are different wedding label card templates in PSD and other file formats that you could use or be inspired by when planning your own wedding.

Free Wedding CD Label Template

free wedding cd label templateFree Download

Wedding Gift Label Template

wedding gift label templateFree Download

Wedding Wine Label Template

wedding wine label templateFree Download

Wedding Favor Label Template

wedding favor label templateFree Download

Wedding Wine Bottle Label

wedding wine bottle labelFree Download

Beach Wedding Label Template PSD

The Beach Wedding Label Template PSD (shown below) starts off this collection of wedding label templates. As its name shows, this template will suit those who are planning a destination or beach wedding.

beach wedding label template psd

Beach wedding templates typically exude a breezy and cheerful island feel—perfect for those who also follow a pastel wedding color. When printed out, this label design measures 4 inches by 4 inches and will fit as a tag for most objects used as a wedding favor.

This template is available in various formats, namely Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD), Adobe Illustrator (EPS), Microsoft Word (DOC), or Microsoft Publisher (PUB). Also, note that this template is created in portrait orientation. Adjust your printer settings accordingly before printing in this format.

Burgundy Floral Wedding Label Template

Using floral wedding templates for your wedding? Then you may like the Burgundy Floral Wedding Label Template shown below.

burgundy floral wedding label template

Just like the previous printable wedding template, this template measures 4 inches by 4 inches but it may be best to use a die-cutting machine so that you will get a perfect circle when cutting it. As any wedding favor tag, this wedding label is best included in your wedding favor. The burgundy color scheme in this template may be edited to any color that you would prefer to use for your own wedding. All elegant cursive fonts used in creating this template are included in the download file.

Editable Wedding Water Bottle Label Template

As mentioned earlier, water bottles may be packaged to match your wedding colors. Shown below is the Editable Wedding Water Bottle Label Template as a good example of that.

editable wedding water bottle label template

This label template is available as a PDF file download. It measures 9 inches long by 2 inches wide. Three of these label strips will fit in one standard letter size paper or card stock. But since water bottles will be thrown away or recycled after use, it would be economical to use regular paper when printing them out. Also, note that this water bottle label template will fit most 500 ml water containers.

Fall Wedding Label Template PSD

For those who are planning a fall or autumn wedding, you may like the Fall Wedding Label Template PSD pictured below. This template features neutral fall colors like teal and brown. This printable template will also suit rustic wedding invitation card designs if you are using them for your own wedding.

fall wedding label template psd

And since most wedding label templates are round-shaped, it may be best to punch a hole in one corner and thread a piece of twine through it. By doing this, you can tie and secure the tags.

This template measures 4 inches by 4 inches when printed out. However, you may resize the template layers based on your personal preference. It also follows the CMYK color model and has a 300 DPI resolution. If you want to further spice up this wedding label design, you may incorporate your engagement or pre-nuptial photos into the template design and create a more personalized wedding label.

Floral Wedding Label Template PSD

floral wedding label template psd

Garden Wedding Label Template PSD

garden wedding label template psd

Nautical PSD Wedding Label Template

Nautical wedding templates will not be complete without the Nautical PSD Wedding Label Template shown below. Use this wedding label template if you prefer your wedding souvenirs to have a touch of the same stationery design that you are using for your other printable wedding cards.

nautical psd wedding label template

This navy-themed wedding template works well with other wedding decorations that feature neutral wedding colors. As a downloadable template, it is available in various file formats like PSD, INDD, DOC, PUB, and EPS. All image and text elements in this label template are fully editable. This means that you may change it up to match the specific wording you like to have printed on your wedding labels. Also, if you know how to use image editing software programs like Adobe Photoshop, you may add more graphic design elements to help spice up the template design.

Navy Wedding Favor Label Template

The Navy Wedding Favor Label Template embedded below is another nautical-themed wedding label template. It may work well as a wedding gift card especially if the gift is wrapped in neutral wrapping paper.

navy wedding favor label template

This wedding label template measures 2 inches by 2 inches. One standard letter size paper or card stock will yield 15 pieces of these wedding labels. Note that this label template includes two card design variations: one with the abbreviation Est and one with the whole wedding date. Choose any template that you feel will best fit your own wedding theme. To spice up this wedding label, you may mount it on another piece of colored paper before using it as a wedding favor gift tag accessory. Doing this also makes the whole gift tag more sturdy.

Pink Floral Wedding Label Template PSD

pink floral wedding label template psd

Printable Wedding Buffet Label Template

printable wedding buffet label template

Wedding labels are not limited to use as wedding favor gift tags. They are also frequently used as wedding food labels. An example is the Printable Wedding Buffet Label Template shown above.

Choose this wedding food label template if you are having a wedding buffet and would like to let your guests know the name of the dishes they are having. This template includes four variations of each label template differentiated by adjectives describing food (delicious, enjoy, refreshing, and scrumptious). This kind of printable food label templates is typically used for formal wedding dinners. When printed out and folded, each wedding food label measures 4 inches by 3 inches.

Summer Floral Wedding Label Card Template

summer floral wedding label card template

Vector Wedding Label Frame Design Template

Sometimes, the simpler the template’s design, the better it comes out as a printed product. Try out the Vector Wedding Label Frame Design Template shown below if you want to experiment with simple wedding label designs.

vector wedding label frame design template

This template features floral frame vectors that can work with other flower templates. But the main advantage of this wedding label template is that it is downloadable as a vector file. If you know how to use Adobe Illustrator, customizing this template will be a lot easier.

Vintage PSD Wedding Label Template

Looking for something rustic and retro? You may like the Vintage PSD Wedding Label Template shown below. This wedding label design will work well with other vintage wedding templates.

vintage psd wedding label template

This vintage label template may be paired off with other wedding templates that exude the same feel. When printed out, this wedding label measures 4 inches by 4 inches but you will have the option to cut out the label in a circular pattern. The template is fully customizable and you may also choose among five different file download types for this label template (PSD, EPS, INDD, DOC, and PUB).

Watercolor Wedding Label Card Templates

Looking for a complete wedding invitation package with matching wedding label card templates? You are in luck because we have the right suggestion for you. It is the Watercolor Wedding Label Card Templates pictured below.

watercolor wedding label card templates

This template features floral patterns and a watercolor design making it highly suitable for floral-themed weddings. Its peach and green color combination may also be used alongside other gay wedding invitation templates. This template bundle includes templates for a wedding label, a wedding table card number, and a wedding favor gift tag.

Wedding Wine Labels Template

wedding wine labels template

Wedding stationery design is not limited to creating and using wedding card templates for your invitation cards and RSVP cards. And if you want to have a wedding that will be remembered by all its attendees, you should pay attention to even the tiniest wedding details. Chief among these tiny details are wedding labels.

Let this collection of different wedding label templates give you inspiration for creating and using label templates for your own wedding. Don’t forget to bookmark this article for future reference during your wedding planning process.

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