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18+ Best Wedding Logo Designs

A wedding is a significant ceremony mainly celebrated through a union of two people. These ceremonies vary per culture and different races and ethnic groups. Ceremonial rites commonly come in exchange of vows of couples and offering of gifts. Weddings are widely practiced around the globe, and every wedding certainly is different from another.

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Couples about to be united will get to have their own ideas and suggestions of how their weddings would go about. Wedding themes, ceremonial rites according to culture, and other practices that couples might want to include in their ideal ceremony are greatly prioritized when celebrating union of couples. See more modern logos here on our website for your wedding—if you’re tying the knot soon!

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Why Get Married?

You might wonder what could be behind all the lavish preparations and a long brainstorming process just to have a memorable wedding. There is deep essence to it more than just the celebration of the traditional rites and coping up with the ceremonial practices in different cultures.

What is truly the meaning and purpose of engaging in a wedding? Or perhaps why do we spend so much time and money on such a union and practice? How much does a wedding really mean to those who celebrate it? History will give you an array of answers, but in today’s modern practices, does a wedding really mean the same thing with what it meant back in the day?

There are mainly three purposes as to why weddings are celebrated today. Would you consider these purposes too?

Why We Get Married

Regardless of culture or beliefs, weddings and marriages are a grand celebration in a person’s life. Here’s why most of us decide to get married:

  • A celebration and a union. A celebration is completely different from just the ceremony alone. For most couples, they would prefer to celebrate a union. They would celebrate with not just themselves but with people who are also family and dear to each of them. In this way, the celebration also bridges family ties between families of the newlyweds. In some cultures, the ceremony may only take a few hours of the day, but in others, the celebration could actually even go on for a week. These practices have gradually been inherited from a lot of generations and celebrations have been widely accepted as the norm.
  • Highlight the bride. This may sound really insignificant to some, but weddings are also for highlighting the bride and the couple as a whole. A marriage also serves as a presentation of the couple to each of their families. This would serve as an opportunity for both parties to get to know the newly added member to each of the couple’s respective families.
  • Exchanging lifelong vows is a ceremony in itself. Above all three, this one is deemed to be the most important. The exchange of vows between the bride and the groom is indeed the most significant. Vows may only mean mere words to most people, but these vows should be part of any couple who are getting married. These promises will keep their marriage intact. These vows are said in front of witnesses and, most importantly, in front of any solemnizing authority. The very foundation of marriage lies upon the exchange of vows said by the bride and the groom. The vow ceremony creates a bond between the couple.

Look into Your Heart Before Getting Married

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. It is only right to think things through before engaging in it. One must always see to it that he or she has clearly seen the purpose as to why marriage is important. If you see your own purpose and meaning as to why you want to get married, it could be just as significant as all that have been given for you above.

The entire marriage reflects on the vows of the couple, and such a sacred union must be given significance that deserves more than just the meaning of a celebration. Be creative with your wedding celebrations, and try these calligraphy wedding invitation ideas. You might also want your wedding to be unique with these Disney wedding invitation templates.

Wedding Business Logo Designs

Wedding Business Gift Logo


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Wedding Motifs

Planning on an upcoming wedding? You might want to organize wedding parties and binge on these tips first before finalizing things for the big day. You will need a theme, a set of invitation cards, party goodies, and a lot more. You will need ideas for wedding gifts too, so you might as well check on different wrapping textures to make your giveaways more presentable. You could also use creative banners for your wedding celebration.

The right ones will surely impress your guests. Soon enough you will look into different colors that you might want as wedding motifs. You will need the right shades of color to match your preference. Set up a great mood on the wedding day. Here are unique themes and associated colors to think of for your weddings.

Summer Themes

You could make use of fresh and light colors for the summer. Pastel shades of tangerine, yellow, and orange would really represent a refreshing theme. Come up with mostly tropical design elements from flowers, backdrops, and even accents on the guests’ tables.

This theme does not encourage strong colors as it should be something relaxing to look at most especially to your guests. This theme could also be associated with any outdoor wedding ceremony. You could add touches of natural colors like shades of green and blue. It would surely compliment outdoor venues and would also just naturally blend in with the setting.

Formal Themes

Just about anything could be considered formal themes for any wedding. When you use a versatile color combinations as a motif, you would probably end up with more ideas for formal themes. You might see formal tones in colors of gold and ivory. Even shades of blue will suggest you a theme that will effortlessly compliment your venue. Colors in shades of purple tulip will give you an idea of a formal garden wedding. Despite its outdoor nature, you still come up with a formal theme because of your choice of colors.

Beach Themes

While this theme might compliment themes for summer, it would emphasize its colors in shades of the beach, the sand, and the sky. Tropical fruits and flowers could be the main decorations holding up your theme together. Also, you could make use of vibrant colors to patch up your reception venue. A touch of sand brown color on your banner decorations will make your guests feel one with the beach on your wedding day. Add more beach accents for your guests tables and chairs.

Don’t limit your search on a few themes and continue looking for new ones. You always try a combination of different themes.

Wedding Magazine Logo Designs

Wedding Royal Magazine Logo


Luxury Wedding Magazine Logo


Vintage Wedding Logo Designs

Vintage Wedding Album Logos


Vintage Wedding Cake Logo


Vintage Golden Wedding Logo


Wedding Logo Ideas

You do not just end with choosing the right themes for your wedding. Well, apparently, at least you get the idea of how everything is going to look like on your wedding day. You would also need to create a a logo for your wedding as a representation of the bride and the groom. This will serve as sort of an impromptu emblem and family crest for the couple.

Normally, these logos will be seen almost everywhere. It will be printed on invitation cards, wedding memorabilia, and on your wedding decorations, as well as wedding banners. Maybe you would want to make use of minimalist icons for your wedding logos. Anything of the couple’s choice can be considered a wedding logo. For as long as it speaks well about the couple and expresses how the couple wants to reach out, then that logo might just be the right one.

So You’re Designing a Logo for Your Wedding . . .

Looking for perfect expressions and representations might be a little difficult to do. Ideas could just come up once you’ve figured out a clue on what to create. Take these wedding logo suggestions and make a one-of-a-kind logo for your wedding day. One these might get printed on the cover for your wedding albums. (We have wedding album templates to guide you the right way to organize your wedding photos.)

Take a look at these designs:

  • Vintage design. The right choice of vintage font style for your wedding logo might be something that could represent a particular couple. Its prime outlook will make you want to create more from these vintage designs.
  • Flower design. Your own interpretation of your wedding logos will be the highlight of your creation. These designs could be created with more details and in various colors as well. A certain design with a certain color might mean a lot to couples to qualify as a wedding logo for them.
  • Planner design. You might want to document all your preparations in a planner. As said, wedding logos could just be printed anywhere on your wedding preparation essentials. From themes to wedding logos, you will see how these factors complement in design and expression of a couple’s preferences on their wedding.

Significant preparations for big events such that of a wedding need thorough brainstorming and meticulous planning. The theme of any wedding holds the event all together, and this will be the interpretation of the entire event. Don’t limit your creativity on everything you do with your preparations.

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