Complimentary Voucher Templates

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Did you know that vouchers, in general, can actually help you advertise and market your business? If you're a hotel or restaurant owner who actively gives complimentary vouchers to your guest and customers, then don't miss to grab this golden opportunity. To help you achieve an entrancing and appealing look to your complimentary voucher, we, at, offer you our 100% customizable, printable, easily editable, and high-quality complimentary voucher templates. Did that interest you? We actually have more to offer, because these voucher templates are fully customizable in all formats of Illustrator, MS Word, Apple Pages, Photoshop, and Publisher. What are you waiting for? Subscribe now to any of our subscription plans in order to get a copy of this quick and time-saving complimentary vouchers.

What Is A Complimentary Voucher?

Complimentary vouchers usually come in the form of a card or ticket voucher size, it is usually given by different hotels and restaurants to their customers as a courtesy gift. A complimentary voucher possesses a certain monetary value that is redeemable in a transaction type, that if used by its holder, would guarantee him/her with discounts to the hotel stay, lunch, dinner, and drink purchases.

How To Create A Complimentary Voucher

complimentary voucher template

In creating a complimentary voucher, or any kind of printable voucher in general, you need to make it as catchy as possible. The more appealing it is to the eyes, the better. Remember that these vouchers could also help you market and advertise your business, that's why you have to fill it up with catchy and attracting designs that would leave your customers in awe. We have presented below several rules of thumb that you can follow to help you get started.

1. Information Is Key

Gather details about what needs to be stated in your complimentary voucher. In step you should be able to determine the basic information details of your voucher, this includes the complete name, business address, and website of the company, and also the total monetary value it offers. You may look for other complimentary voucher samples on the internet to give you more ideas on what to include.

2. Make A Layout

Creating the overall look and design of your voucher should start with a layout. This way you will be able to have an overview of what to include and where to arrange all the details. Major changes and additions to the content and design of your complimentary voucher can also be made easy. So in your next creative voucher making, try to make it a habit to layout everything first so that you can create a better picture out of it.

3. Be Direct

Do not confuse your customers by including unnecessary details in the overall content of the voucher. Be direct as possible. State and highlight directly in the center portion of your voucher the monetary value it offers, and if applicable, you may also add promo codes and discount strategies into it.

4. Make Use Of Catchy Graphics And Colors

What makes a complimentary voucher even more attracting besides what it offers? Well, it's definitely about the colors and graphics. These elements bring joy and warmth to the eyes of its readers especially when all of it complements the theme of the voucher. Whether you are making a voucher for special occasions like holidays, anniversaries, or birthdays, you have to make sure that your usage and choice of colors would compliment well with the theme of your voucher.

5. Incorporate Branding Image

Your complimentary voucher can actually help you advertise your business. What you just need to do is to incorporate your own branding image into it. If you're a hotel owner offering complimentary vouchers to your loyal guests, then all you have to do is incorporate your own logo, business address, and contact information.