Steps to Create a Grant Calendar


If you wanted to apply for a grant, then a grant calendar would be the tool for you. As is the case with a marketing calendar, a grant calendar is meant to show all dates related to grants, including application deadlines, conference dates, reports, etc.

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A grant calendar is a prime example of the importance of economic calendars in general. After all, you would need tools like grant calendars in order to stay updated concerning dates related to securing your grants. It does generally pay to have some means of checking important dates so as to be aware of them well in advance.


Steps to Create a Grant Calendar

While you can take some shortcuts, such as using calendar templates in Excel in order to give yourself a basic framework, you should also be aware of the other steps you would have to take in order to make a grant calendar yourself.

  • Consider what blank calendar templates you can use. You might need a different format for your own calendar, depending on your needs, so it would pay to know what you need before you get started.
  • Consider any organizations that previously funded you. You should already have a relationship there, and they should already trust you enough that their support may be easier to secure.
  • Also consider securing funding from new sponsors. This would entail some amount of research so as to make the task of finding particular grants more efficient.
  • Fill in hard deadlines first. These deadlines are fixed, so once you know of them, fill them in first so that you can plan the rest of your calendar around those particular dates.
  • Fill in your rolling deadlines. This gives you a window for most of your tasks, rather than a set date, giving you more time to plan for each of those tasks.


Guidelines for Creating a Grant Calendar

In order to use tools like free calendar templates more effectively, you might want to use certain guidelines. These tips can definitely go some way to helping you with these templates, being that they can guide you through using them to their fullest. Some of those tips include:

  • Update regularly. While you can use calendar templates in PDF, you would still have to update your calendars according to changes in your situation at least every year.
  • Be realistic. It pays to make sure that your goals and efforts are aimed at goals that you can actually attain. Make sure that your efforts and goals correspond to your current needs and resources.
  • Always do the necessary research. If you are going to try and secure grants and funding, it always helps to have all the necessary data to back up and claims you want to make. Research also helps understand your potential sponsors more completely.
  • Match sponsors to projects. You need to understand your sponsors well enough to know what projects would interest them. To that end, you would need to make sure that your sponsors are paying for those particular projects so as to be certain of their support.

With these insights, you should have an easier time understanding how grant calendars work so as to make your own flexible calendars to serve your needs.

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