15 Restaurant Calendar Designs & Templates

Calendars templates have existed since time immemorial. They are mostly used as simple reminders for important meeting appointments or events so you will not embarrass yourself by missing out on those events. Also, a calendar can be used as a tool to assign tasks on different days. It helps you organize a lot of things to fix your daily schedule, or generally just fix your life. There is only so much that you can handle; that is why you have to strategic plan ahead and note your tasks on your calendar. Since organizing is such a serious matter, let us put a playful touch to it. Below are handpicked designs that we have prepared to help you get creative with your business calendar and to lighten up the mood when you organize things. Check them out!

Japanese Cuisine Restaurant Calendar Template


The moment you take a glance at this, you would instantly know that this calendar has a Japanese theme. The different kinds of sushi laid on the top and bottom borders of the layout are the best representatives of Japanese cuisine. The images are so iconic that you do not need anything else to put in the design of your restaurant’s calendar. The background color also matches the colors used for the sushi. If your restaurant business plan has a Japanese theme, then this calendar timeline is the right fit for you.

Simple Restaurant Calendar Template


Italian Restaurant Calendar Templates


Italian cuisine is about grace and sophistication, and this calendar has both of those qualities. It features a simple layout that incorporates grids for the featured photo. If you want to put historical facts or any other fact about your restaurant, you can freely do so as there is space provided for it on every page. The font also looks really classy, perfect for an Italian restaurant such as yours. This example calendar will definitely fit with the Italian theme that you have chosen for your restaurant.

Elegant Restaurant Calendar Template


East Food Restaurant Calendar Templates


The different outlines of mosques directly implies that this calendar is going for a Middle Eastern theme. The stars and the crescent moon add nice touches to the design, too. Your Middle Eastern restaurant will need this calendar design to add to the overall aesthetic.You may also see meal calendar template.

Food Wall Calendar Template


Food Recipe Calendar Template


Got food recipes to share? You can definitely do so with this calendar design. The layout provides a large enough space for the recipes. You can fit both the ingredients and the cooking steps for a certain dish. Also, you can put in a shopping list for the ingredients that you will be using. Get this one now and share your knowledge with the public.

Wine Restaurant Calendar Template


Farm and Food Calendar Template


If your restaurant is going for a theme about everything organic, then this calendar template will aid you in showcasing your knowledge on different aspects of organic food. Using this calendar creates an impression that you are very knowledgeable about the food label that you are preparing for your customers. This way, there is a certain level of assurance that the ingredients you use are of top quality. The elaborate layout also gives you space for all the information that you can share with your customers.

Ice Cream Restaurant Calendar Template


Cook and Food Calendar Template


This calendar format template clearly puts your dishes in the spotlight as the space provided for the photo occupies half of the layout It is a great thing, though, because it can compel more customers to look at the design. You can also include a description of the dish in the layout. Put your contact details, too, so it is easier for customers to reach out to you in case of future transactions.You may also see cookbook template.

Cafe and Restaurant Calendar Template


Bar and Restaurant Calendar Template


The animated images of the drink menu is a creative way of showcasing the products that you have in your bar. The black and white division effectively highlights the calendar and the drinks, creating a design that captures the attention of the customers. If you have different drinks that you want to promote, you can do so in a playful way with this cafe menu template.

Pizza Restaurant Calendar Template


Vegetable Restaurant Calendar Template


This design is the most minimal one on the the list, but it does not lag behind the others in terms of design. There will always be people out there who prefer this simplistic design, and this type of design also helps you if you are going for a minimalistic theme for your restaurant. This will definitely stand out on your wall because of its overall white aesthetic.You may also see vegetable icon.

Different uses for calendar templates

Calendars have a lot of uses but, generally, they are utilized to serve as reminders of different events, tasks, or purposes. The following are the various purposes of calendars that will help you with the tasks in your restaurant:

  1. Reservations

    If your restaurant accepts reservations, then calendars can help you organize them. It can sometimes get crowded and rowdy in your restaurant, so implementing a reservation system can help you organize and manage the number of customers dining in your establishment. Also, these reservation emails could refer to events by clients such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. Take note of their dates and times so no events will overlap with another one.

  2. Menu planning

    Got different free menus for specific days? Plan restaurant menu out so you can prepare what ingredients to use and estimate the cooking time of each dish ahead of time. It also helps with your budget plans. If you plan your menu designs in advance, you know how much money you have to prepare for the ingredients.

  3. Expense tracker

    You can use calendars to track your daily, weekly, monthly, or annual expenses. And, it is not just the expenses tracking that you can track. Take note of the due dates of your bills so you will not have to deal with problems later on. Also, it could help you prepare for the needed amount to pay your bills. Business is not always that good; there are bad times, too. At least, you will then have time to catch up and pay the bills on time.

  4. Special events

    Aside from all the tracking and planning, a calendar can be a reminder of your restaurant’s special events menu. If you are planning to put up an event plan for your anniversary invitation or any other occasion, note them on your calendar so you can estimate how much time you need to prepare for it.

  5. Meetings

    It could be a meeting notice with your business partners or clients, or it could just be a reminder about an important gathering with family and friends. You cannot afford to miss such important meetings.

  6. Employee shifts

    If you have on different employees shifts, you can note them on your calendar so you can assign which task an employee will do for his/her shift. Also, it would be easier to track their attendance this way. You can easily identify who is absent on his/her shift that day.

Calendars for brand awareness

  1. They are everywhere!

    Calendars are such a huge part of many people’s lives that it is rare not to have one. You can see a calendar at any office, police station, hospital, school, and other establishments and institutions. It is a great tool to have around you to remind people of their present and future tasks.You may also see budget calendar.

  2. It is attractive

    Designs can vary from minimalistic to extravagant, and regardless of whatever design a calendar can have, there is no denying that calendars are meant to be attractive. You can play with its design by applying various themes and concepts. Make it as pretty and as interesting as possible to improve the recognition factor of your restaurant themes.

  3. It is permanent

    How many tools for advertising plan have lasted a year? It is certain that you can only name a few, and we are sure that a calendar is one of them. Obviously, it stays with you for a whole year as it helps you organize things. Sometimes, you can even find calendars on people’s wallets. That is how important calendars are.You may also see business calendar.

As technology continues to progress, calendars have evolved from being paper-based to being digital. There are calendar apps that allow you to set an alarm templates for a reminder. But, although calendars have become digitized, the traditional forms of calendars still continue to exist. Even years from now, it would still occupy a lot of walls and tables in offices and establishments, especially in restaurants. It is such a very important tool for businesses that it is impossible not to have one. Grab one of these designs now and start using them for your restaurant’s calendar!

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