How to Create a Perpetual Calendar


Normally, a calendar records time for a whole year. But if you want to record time years in advance, you may want perpetual calendar templates to help make a calendar that can record time ahead. Such a calendar is one that can calculate specific dates months or years into the future.

If you wanted to make perpetual calendar, especially for a specific purpose, like an economic calendar, you can use some tools to make the job easier. The simplest method would be to use a perpetual calendar template, but if you were to make one yourself, you would need specialized tables to calculate the specific dates of each day you want.


How Does a Perpetual Calendar Work?

Having a perpetual calendar can be more difficult to understand than the average calendar template, but in general, such a calendar works by:

  • Calculating dates set in the future by containing a combination of possible days, months, numbers, etc.
  • Allowing you to rearrange the dates so as to use the calendar repeatedly.
  • Taking into account months with different numbers of days, such as February so as not to confuse calculations.
  • Having adjustable years so you can change the calendar after every year.

Steps to Creating a Perpetual Calendar

As when using other templates, there are some steps involved in using printable calendar templates to make your perpetual calendars, which can include:

  • Create a table first.
  • Place each month in its own separate cell at the top of each row.
  • Under each month, include 31 cells for each possible day of the month.
  • For months with 30 days, you can black out the 31st day for ease.
  • Do the same for February, but leave space on the 29th for leap years.
  • Include space to change the date as needed.
  • Also be sure to leave space in each cell for each day of the month to fill in with whatever events you have.


Differences between Annual and Perpetual Calendars

You might have noticed some of the obvious differences between a regular calendar and a perpetual calendar. This might be especially so if you wanted to use free calendar templates or calendar templates in PDF to make either kind of calendar. Some of the more concrete differences between the two include:

Annual Calendar:

  • Only records for one specific year.
  • Has to be replaced with another calendar after each year.
  • Only allows you to make plans for that particular year, perhaps months in advance.
  • Fairly simple and straightforward to understand and use since they only deal with one year.
  • Simpler to calculate specific dates for that year.
  • Only have to take leap ears into account when they occur.

Perpetual Calendar:

  • Can record for multiple years, and into the future.
  • Calendar templates can be reused and modified each year, if necessary.
  • Can allow you to make and change plans years into the future.
  • Relatively more complicated to use thanks to it being able to calculate far into the future.
  • More complicated to calculate specific dates in advance, because of leap years.
  • May have to calculate for leap years’ extra days when calculating dates.

So if you were to make your own perpetual calendars, you might want to take some of this advice into account. That might be especially appropriate considering how complex calculating into the future can be.

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