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3+ Office Calendar Templates in PDF | DOC

No matter how conventional it sounds, keeping a desk calendar at your office not only helps you to be organized but it also boosts your work performance. Even in this digital age, businessmen and employees opt for an office calendar because it helps them to schedule their important appointments and events according to availability, this reminding them at the right time. There are several office calendar templates that you can refer to and use in its ready-made calendar format.

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How Will You Create Your Office Calendar?

Office calendars should be simple and easy to understand at one look. You will probably be keeping the calendar on your working desk so that you can follow even if you are in a hurry. You can create your own Office calendar for your use by following these few easy steps:

Step 1: Create a Table

The first step in creating a calendar for your office schedule is to start with a table. You can use any Microsoft Office software, either Excel or Word to easily create a table. Add rows and columns to the table so that you can label them accordingly.

Step 2: Add Weeks and Days

In the upper row of the table label it as Month and add all the 4 weeks in the below row of the heading. To the left column of the table, add the heading Days and then mention all the seven days of the week. These labels will help you add all the required meetings you have throughout the month. You can update the sheet as you get new appointments with time.

Step 3: Include Events and Appointment

After the days and weeks of the month, now you need to add a separate table beside this for Events and Appointments. In this table, you will add all the important professional events that you have planned or been invited to with date and time to keep a reminder on them. Similarly, the doctor’s and any other appointments should also be included in the table to keep tabs from before.

Step 4: Label the Date, Time and Description

In the table for events and appointments, you need to create three rows and label them as Date, Time and Description. Add the date and time of the meeting fixed and then include additional information about the appointment in the adjacent box. You can also mention the level of priority of the particular appointment.

Step 5: Mention List of Holidays

The last addition to the table will go for lists of holidays. When you have a list right in front of you, then you will be able to fix your appointments or meetings according to the availability of the date. Add any extra leaves given by your company, besides the general holidays to keep track.

How To Use Your Office Calendar to Boost Productivity?

How can a simple calendar enhance your work productivity and perfection? It’s simple. When you start keeping yourself organized and fixated on the things of priority, your workforce will naturally improve. There are multiple techniques for how you can use the office calendar to your advantage:

1. Connect with your mobile:

Since you will not be able to carry your calendar wherever you go, it’s better to connect the calendar app or software with your mobile so that you can check the scheduled timings and appointments whenever you need it.

2. Always schedule 10 mins ahead:

Inspite of full-proof planning, you cannot control time or circumstances. Therefore, you never know when you get delayed due to any other reason. So always keep your timings ten minutes ahead of the exact time to avoid any delay.

3. Include breaks:

You cannot expect to work 24/7 and expect your productivity to increase. Our body and mind both need rest to get some fresh air and get our blood flowing again. So include breaks in between work appointments no matter how tight your schedule is.

4. Merge your contact list:

To get notifications and reminders about your meetings and appointments, you can sync your contacts with the calendar. It also simplifies the process of inviting a group for any important meeting instead of inviting individually via e-mail.

3+ Office Calendar Templates in PDF | DOC

1. Office Calendar Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 181.2 KB


It’s not easy to organize your office schedule without any professional help. But when you have our easy-to-use official Office Calendar Template in PDF format you can easily create your own. When you have all your appointments planned out in an organized way, you will be able to work it out very easily. Get this planning calendar on your device with it pre-loaded graphics ad images so that you get an overview of how to maintain an office calendar.

2. Office Monthly Calendar

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 156.9 KB


Getting your work sorted out is quite easy when you have a customizable calendar like this Office Monthly Calendar, accessible from our website. You can use this template as a vacation calendar to plan out your vacations and holidays with friends and family. The best part about this template is that you can add your desired details and customize it the way you want it to get your work done!

3. Office Work Day Calendar

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 78.1 KB


This Office Work Day Calendar has been created for your convenience so that you don’t have waste any more time and effort for creating any from scratch. You can make the required customizations in the template like adding your events, meetings and even use it as a birthday calendar for your colleagues as well. The template has been given heading so that it can be used by beginners since it is a highly compatible and user-friendly file!

4. Office Calendar Template in DOC

File Format
  • DOC

Size: 8.8 KB


Looking for an efficient way to organize your life? This Office Calendar Template in DOC format is a very feasible to make changes, that you can use to draft a calendar fro your own use. It has a well-organized table format with the week names and days of the week. You can even add your favorite graphics to this handy desk calendar and make it yours! SO hurry and download now!

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