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14+ Table Calendar Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign

Part of the corporate culture is keeping a table calendar whichever desk you constantly work on. A lot of people have it in their homes, too. It’s more of a tool than an accessory that people would want to have in their daily activities. It can be used as a planner, reminder, scheduler, and so much more. It can be a reminder of exams for the students, a schedule of trips for travelers, or a planner of tasks and deadlines for business people.

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If you are looking for templates for a table calendar, then you are in the right website. We have curated a list of designs and templates that you can use to customize your own table calendar. These templates cater to an array of designs, so you can choose which template suits your liking. All of them are available online, so browse through them on your smartphone or computer. We don’t want to stall you longer so check them out below to see if there are templates that will catch your attention! You may also see Best Photo Calendar Templates

A5 Table Calendar Design & Template

Minimalist Table Calendar Design & Template

Sleek Table Calendar Design & Template

Nature Table Calendar Design & Template

Tourist Spots Table Calendar Design & Template

Uses of a Table Calendar

Calendars have been part of people’s daily lives especially those in business. But what do people use it for other than telling the date? Read on to know!

1. Reminder

Don’t want to miss a flight? Write it on the exact date on your table calendar so you would be on time to check-in your luggage. Do you have a dinner with your spouse reserved at 8:00PM tonight after work? Make sure that it is indicated in your table calendar. What makes a table calendar an effective reminder is that it’s always on our desk. When you are doing desk work, you will be reminded every time you take a glance at the calendar. It is also impossible to miss since the note will be formatted so that it easily noticeable. You may also see Mobile Calendar Designs.

2. Planner

A table calendar is a great aid in making your plans. If you are organizing an event, a table calendar will be filled with notes on certain dates about the different preparations that you will be doing. There is enough space per day to make all the necessary notes. It’s great if you for grand openings, launchings, or even just with your daily tasks. If there are deadlines that you have to meet, you can indicate that on the table calendar.

Aside from deadlines, a table calendar will also remind you of the holidays in your country. If you know the different holidays, you can set travel dates for long weekends or plan your vacation leaves ahead of time. Planning for trips allows you to book cheaper flights and hotel accommodations. You can also invite people in advance to go with you so they plot their leaves, too. You may also check out Calendar Templates.

3. Scheduler

You can put any type of schedule on the table calendar, whether it is a schedule for deadlines of tasks or for the different work shifts of your employees. You can use the table calendar to indicate which of your employees will be working on a certain date. Also, you can add more information such as the time of the shift to be more accurate in your scheduling. The same thing goes for the deadline. It’s important that you note the exact time for the deadline so you would know when to finish the task or submit an output.

4. Promotion

Aside from planning and setting deadlines and reminders, you can also use the calendar as a marketing tool for your business. But what makes a calendar an effective marketing tool?

  • Your business is always on their table. Every time they work on their desk, they are constantly reminded of the products and services that your business offers. You can’t think of a better strategy than that. As time passes, there’s a great chance that the owner of the table calendar will purchase any of your product and hire your services, especially if they need it. It’s like a TV ad that is always on display. There are no timeouts and in time, the owner of the calendar will have the name of your business imprinted on their minds. You may also see Free Calendar Templates & Designs for 2018
  • People won’t throw it away easily. As one marketing strategist has stated, “people are prone to throwing business cards, but few throw away calendars.” Calendars are too useful of a tool that it’s a waste to just throw it away. Most people hang it on their walls, but in the case of a table calendar, well, it’s always on their table. It’s a teller of date, a great reminder, and it sometimes is just fun to look at.
  • It grabs attention. If done properly, the design is one of the factors that people will never throw your table calendar away unless, of course, if the year has already ended. The owner would be entertained just looking at the calendar especially in times where they need to divert their attention. Being attention-grabbing is also one of the reasons why the table calendar is an effective marketing tool. The owner will periodically take a glance at your table calendar and will be reminded of your business. In the long run, your business will become a permanent resident in their minds.
  • It can be given as a gift. Depending on your marketing strategy, the table calendar can be a great gift to your clients. It can serve as a gift of gratitude for hiring you for services or purchasing your products. This will help forge your relationship with them and build better trust. They might even remain loyal to your business because of such gesture.

Clean Table Calendar Design & Template

Flat Table Calendar Design & Template

Neat Table Calendar Design & Template

Modern Table Calendar Design & Template

Vertical Table Calendar Design & Template

How to Make an Effective Table Calendar

Since we’ve already discussed on how table calendars can help promote your business, here are some tips on how you can create an effective table calendar.

1. Make a Creative Theme

A theme is not necessary but if you want to make it more distinct and appealing, choosing a theme will certainly help with that. In making the theme for your table calendar, you can base it on the purpose of your business and create a concept that you think will attract customers and clients. For example, if your business is about providing catering services, you can create a whimsical world of cute food items. And every month of the calendar, the weather in their world changes, like in December where instead of snow, sugar powders sprinkles on them.

2. Highlight Your Offers

Incorporate your offers in the design that it will be highlighted enough for them to be noticeable. It’s a promotional too after all, so it would be ideal that they will be in the spotlight. You can feature different offers every month and try to make them such that they will match the theme of the table calendar. You may also see Calendar Timeline Templates.

3. Write Description of the Products and Services

When you highlight your offers, include captions or descriptions that will elaborate what they are for and if possible, also include their prices. This will help the customers make an informed decision whenever they decide to buy a product or hire a service from your business. Don’t make it long as people are easily bored with long sentences or paragraphs. Make it concise and compelling, and incorporate some humor if you can so it will increase people’s retention about your business.

4. Display Discounts and Promos

Who doesn’t want discounts and promos? If you have planned to discount some of your products and services, include them in the design of your calendar and make sure that they are the star of the show. When customers and clients notice this, they will immediately take note of the date and time and indicate them on your calendar so they will be constantly reminded of it. You may also see Restaurant Calendar Designs.

5. Just the Right Size

Since it is a table calendar, make it just the right size so that it will not occupy a lot of space on the table. There is no standard size for it, so you can set a size for it or model it from an existing table calendar. Setting the size will also help you make the design easier.

Corporate Table Calendar Design & Template

Business Table Calendar Design & Template

Multipurpose Table Calendar Design & Template

Office Table Calendar Design & Template

Furniture Table Calendar Design & Template

Get the table calendar ready!

The table calendar is an extremely useful tool for our everyday lives. For children, it helps them memorize the months of the year. For students, it’s a companion that will constantly remind them about the upcoming exams. For an employee, the table calendar helps them be mindful of the deadlines for certain tasks assigned to them. For a business person, it helps them keep track of meetings that they need to prepare for. There is more to table calendar than just telling the date. and it may vary for every person. Regardless of whatever its purpose is, it is here to help ease our daily activities. You may also see 2019 Calendar Templates.

We hope we have helped you in selecting a template for you table calendar, whether it’s for personal use or business. You can access these templates online and download them with a single tap or click of the download button. Edit your chosen template to make it distinct. We wish you all the best in your endeavors and for your business’ success. Good luck!

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