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While most people would claim that they know the dates of their parents’ anniversaries, friends’ birthdays, national holidays, and jot down sample schedules for their most important commitments like meetings, parties they promised to attend, dates with friends and family gatherings, they aren’t really consistent. Needless to say, some aren’t really what you call “calendar people”.

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We’re at a time wherein we live such fast-paced lives. Because of that, sometimes, we forget even our own birthdays. It helps when there’s something to remind us of what tasks need to be completed. It seems so simple, but with the amount of stuff we’re thinking of every day, it’s easy to forget practically anything, even important appointments. You may also see sample calendar templates.

Term Date Calendar 2019-2020

Simple School Calendar 18-19

EDEN Calendar for 2019

Suddenly you wake up asking yourself what day it is, only to realize you have set a deadline for the day and you aren’t even halfway through yet because you didn’t have much time. You forgot that paper was due today. That client is waiting for your confirmation. Or this resort is booked for your 3-day vacation. If you’re a student, maybe you forgot today is your report and you’re going to class, completely unprepared. What a mess. But that’s life sometimes. It can be a mess when you don’t know how to organize. You may also see pocket calendar templates.

Schedule of meetings, events, assignments, exams, and special occasions are so common that they just fly around constantly, booking up the whole of your week before it even starts. Especially when you’re pursuing higher education or trying to climb up the corporate ladder, staying organized is crucial to your success.

For students, it is easier to improve your organization skills when using an academic calendar. Whether it’s an online calendar such as the one found with google or other apps, whether you prefer having one printed and put it on a wall, or just simply a copy of the one the school uses and put it where its easy to see, calendars offer many advantages in both your academic and personal life.

School District Approved Calendar 2018-2019

Three reasons why you should be keeping a calendar

It’s the beginning of the semester and you have the tendency to think you’ve got plenty of free time before your first quiz since it’s in two weeks. After you get the syllabus for your first course, if you don’t plan out your study sessions, you’ll be staring at that quiz a lot sooner than you expect. You may also see calendar samples.

Keeping an up-to-date calendar or even an advanced calendar for 2018-2019 will aid you in keeping up with due dates of projects, assignments, and class discussions. Finishing each assignment and assessment in your program course and incorporating it with a personalized calendar will help you be aware of what’s to come. More importantly, it will help you take each task as it goes, one step at a time.

1. Keeps family informed

If you’re already in college, especially one that is away from home, your family would want to stay in the loop of what’s happening in your life. With a copy of your calendar, they are made aware of the important events in school that would keep you from coming home or spending more time there when you’re back for the weekend. It also helps you maintain open communication so that they don’t have to wonder and they can stay on the same page quite literally. When you have a certain time slot dedicated for studying, marking it on your calendar tells your family that you need this time to stay focused and concentrate on your studies. You may also see printable word calendar templates.

2. Eases stress and anxiety

Class days. Projects. Term Papers. Assignments. Family events. Friday night football games. Work functions. Volunteer sessions. Holidays. To-do lists. Part-time jobs. There may be so much going on in your life that you barely have time to breathe. It would be really difficult to remember every detail off the top of your head without taking down notes or writing them down, and if this isn’t stressful, nothing is.

Keeping a record of due dates for everything from bills and assignments to important dates on a calendar allows you to clear your head and leave enough space in your mind to think clearly. It allows you to breathe and there would hardly be a chance that you’ll miss anything because you have them written down on a calendar you regularly check. You may also see school calendar templates.

3. Availability is in the know

How many times have you regretted accepting an invitation for something that you know you would get to enjoy with your family or circle of friends because you realized you’re already booked for something else? It’s your cousin’s wedding invitation from the mail and you find out you have a conference to attend on the same day. How unfortunate. A calendar allows you to verify your free time quickly as well as check your prior commitments.

Planning these things also becomes a lot easier when you’re always aware of your availability. To manage your time better, calendars can be personalized according to your taste, depending on your work habits and any other personal preference, but the traditional way is still the best. You may also see training calendar templates.

Maintaining an accurate calendar can help ease the overwhelming feeling of a messy lifestyle. Regardless of which one you prefer to have or prepare, here are tips in improving your calendar to fit your needs for an organization:

  • Have your schedules color-coded—work, home, school, etc.—so that you can easily distinguish where you should be at a particular date and time. You may also see monthly calendar templates.
  • Literally get your calendar in the open. Put it somewhere that’s easily accessible and visible.
  • Plan your time to study at consistent times to encourage a diligent way of studying and being committed to it.
  • Want to use both electronic and paper calendars for your convenience? Keep them for different purposes or in separate locations. For example, you can use a month-view calendar for tracking special events and an weekly calendar for things that are more detailed and specific like assignments, meetings, etc.

Having and Sharing Your Calendar Improves Communication and Efficiency

Sharing information with the team you’re working with is necessary, especially in the office. Sharing your work calendar will allow your team to track of what you are working on, which can help boost team performance in general. You may also see blank calendar templates.

The main advantage of sharing your calendar with your team is that it makes planning projects or scheduling meetings go smooth, even if you’re not even in the office. Imagine this. One of them has a schedule to meet with a client and close a deal today. And that person forgot. He committed, you vouched for it. But. He. Forgot. Imagine the embarrassment that would fall on you as the leader and the other members of the team when the client or his secretary comes barging in, demanding somebody to answer or account for lost time. It could be a disaster. Because who wants to do business with a company that easily forgets commitments and misses deadlines?

With a team calendar for a fiscal year, nobody has an excuse to forget something because it allows everyone to be on the same page when meeting deadlines, assigning, completing tasks, and arranging meetings. Should there be any changes, someone can just update the calendar and communicate the updates to the team to avoid confusion. Everybody knows who should do what and who should meet with who. You may also see kids calendar templates.

For example, if a group is looking at the same calendar, they can easily coordinate schedules for meetings and events with the other members since everyone has an overview of each other’s schedules. You know who’s available and you would know who isn’t, meaning you don’t have to go through every person just to check who is available. Simply put, when every member has their appointments noted onto a shared calendar, as a manager or a colleague, you can ensure that every appointment, assigned task, event, and business meetings are well and duly accounted for.

Academic Calendar 2018-2019

2019 Calendar Template

2018-19 School Calendar

Simple Day Calendar 2018-2019

Traditional calendars, contrary to what others say, are not a thing of the past. We use them all the time. Your company has a calendar for a fiscal year. Your university keeps one and communicates to the faculty, staff, students, and parents for the academic year. Organizations need calendars. If not, it would be hard to keep track of the dates, the holidays that should be observed, when to start what and so many more. You may also see word calendar templates.

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