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15 Daycare Calendar Templates

Much like any other profession, it may be wise to use basic calendar templates in settings like daycares. After all, there is no reason that you cannot use such calendars to help you manage the affairs of a daycare. A daycare would be in a similar situation as higher levels of education in that caregivers and teachers would still need tools to help keep their events organized.

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There are examples of preschool calendars you can use to arrange daycares and preschools, which do show that preschools have their own events to keep a record of. In fact, you can even get more out of your preschool calendars than you might think, which can also be said of other kinds of calendars.

Sample Daycare Calendars

Preschool Calendar Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word


Kindergarten Lesson Plan Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages


Kindergarten School Calendar Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
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  • PDF


Editable Kindergarten School Calendar Template

File Format
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Sample Pre-kindergarten Calendar

Child Care Attendance Calendar Template

Preschool Lab Calendar Template

Functions of Daycare Calendars

The first step to finding out how these templates can be used to help is to find out exactly what functions these calendars have that might be of use to you. In this case, daycare calendars actually make for versatile tools, as their basic function of reminding you of events and dates can be extended to several other uses, such as:

Setting Out Daily Routines

Most examples of academic calendar templates like teacher calendar templates allow you to set the most basic routines and schedules. Daycare calendars are much the same, in that you can use them as guides for determining how you want your daily routine to look like. You can find blank daycare and preschool calendar templates that give you a large amount of freedom to decide what events you want included in them.

Reminder of Special Events

Speaking of events, daycare calendars also allow you to add whatever relevant events you want. Of course, the best activity calendar templates allow you to do this by default and daycare calendars are no exception. Your daycare and preschool events would naturally be distinct from events held by higher academic levels, but you may add yours all the same. In the case of daycares, these events generally involve such things as meetings, orientations, and others. This is in addition to regular academic events like enrollment dates, start and end of classes, payment dates, and so on.

Providing Advance Warning

Any calendar naturally allows you to be aware of any events well in advance. This is also true of daycare calendars. However, this is especially important in the case of young children as they may be at too young an age to remember such dates. Hence the importance of these calendars in reminding parents of any events that they may have to attend. If necessary, this also allows parents to keep eyes out for their children so as to remind them of any events the children themselves have to be prepared for.

Allowing for Necessary Changes

One vital property of any calendar is that of being easily editable. Of course, you may be able to find and editable preschool calendar templates so as to have an easier time of making daycare calendars that can easily be adjusted in case of any unexpected changes. This is especially important for daycare calendars as parents would have to be informed of such things as early as possible as there are fewer guarantees if notifications are left to children. Having daycare calendars that can easily be updated and distributed should make it much easier to let parents adjust any plans according to new information in your calendars.

Being Reusable across Years

Calendar templates are also incredibly flexible tools as they can be reused after the period they cover has ended after some slight adjustments. If you used quarterly calendar templates, then you could adjust your own daycare calendars to be reused time and again. This would allow you to simply recycle your basic templates over and over rather than trouble yourself to make a new calendar from scratch each year. You might find this an especially useful quality if you needed to make themed calendars, as your themes might also be reused in subsequent years, if you so choose.

Being Easily Accessible

Daycare calendar templates are fairly easy to find and download for your use, which can be said of most any calendar template. Since it should be a relatively simple task to find templates to use as a framework to make your calendars you should find using such tools all the more enticing. After all, you never really have to go out of your way when looking for templates you can use. Besides, this also does go some way toward saving you more time when writing any daycare calendars for your work since making the basic format of the calendar can come down to simply downloading and using a template you find appealing.

Simple to Use

One element that most templates have in common is that can serve to make your work considerably easier given how simple they are to use. After all, most any template provides you with a basic framework from the start. In fact, it can be as simple as filling in specific details for a given calendar, freeing you up to work on more pressing matters. In your case, you can focus on some of the more complicated aspects of managing your daycare and the children who attend it, rather than on the far more tedious task of creating a daycare calendar.

Sample Preschool Calendars

Blank Monthly Preschool Calendar Template

Preschool Teacher Academic Calendar

Preschool 2017 Calendar Template

Basic Preschool Calendar Template

How Parents Can Use these Calendars

Of course, none of the points raised here should be taken to indicate that tools like daycare calendars are strictly for the benefit of daycare personnel. After all, parents can use tools like academic calendar templates to help monitor their children in terms of homework, upcoming school events, and so on. If you happen to be a parent yourself, then you may want to find out exactly how you can use tools like these yourself.

Knowing when to clear up their schedules.

You should know that you can use daycare calendars much like you might use family calendar samples in that you can coordinate your upcoming activities so that you can match your schedule with your families’. Any upcoming events at a daycare can be communicated to you ahead of time, which should give you time to free up your schedule in order to attend, if you can. In some cases, it would be more to your advantage to go to these events, especially if they happen to be something along the lines of meetings to discuss your children, so you should take the time to adjust your schedules accordingly.

Staying aware of holidays.

Like other academic calendars, daycare calendars also include dates for holidays. This can be beneficial to you for a number of reasons. One is that this allows you to plan out your vacations and trips, especially if your children’s holidays happen to coincide with yours. In that case, this would be a good opportunity to make the most of the time you have to spend time with your family. The other reason is that it leaves you aware of when your children do not have class, which may be an issue if you need to have someone watch over them. Having prior knowledge of any holidays would allow you to make any alternate arrangements are necessary to have someone look after your children.

Reminding themselves of regular payment dates.

Daycare and preschool calendars also list the payment dates you need to be aware of. After all, it would be necessary for you to provide fair compensation for daycare personnel for watching over your children. As might be the case with maintaining a payroll calendar at your workplace, it would be wise to have a constant reminder of payment dates so that you always know when payments are due. This can prevent embarrassment on your part due to failure to pay any fees that you have to.

Reminding the children to do their assignments.

You can also use preschool calendars to remind your children of any homework they may have been assigned to do. It is wise to use homework calendar templates as early as preschool so as to teach your children responsibility from an early age. In your case, your children are unlikely to have very complicated assignments, but it still pays to remind them of their obligations early on. This can go some way to helping you develop the character of your children, which should definitely make for an attractive argument for any parent.

Teaching their children how to read calendars.

As a minor addition to the last point, you may also elect to use daycare calendar templates in a more direct manner. After all, if you want to teach your children any skills, it is wise to rely on visual aids like calendars when doing so. This can serve to give them something tangible to focus on to help them visualize whatever points you are trying to make. Considering that you probably have a daycare calendar in the first place, it would only be wise to make the most of whatever tools you have available to you.

Free Daycare Calendar Templates

Child Development Calendar Template

Blank Childcare Center Calendar Template

Blank Childcare Academic Calendar

Tips for Using Daycare Calendars

Tools like preschool schedule templates do also have certain tips that can be applied to them that might serve to help you use them to the fullest. This point can be applied to most any template, which should be something to keep in mind before you use any document templates for your work. In the case of daycare calendars, those tips include such things as:

Be sure to include basic reminders.

This is an important point to remember, especially when you consider that there are more events in the year than special ones like holidays. How you design your daycare calendars can vary, but some examples of templates you can use include sample homework calendar templates and billing date calendars templates, which can allow your calendars to serve as better aids for parents.

Be sure to update your calendars regularly.

It is always important that you update your calendars whenever you have had to make any changes to any listed events. This is applicable to other tools like preschool lesson plan templates, as you always need to ensure that you are prepared for those changes so you can adjust to keep up. This is an especially vital point for daycare calendars since you happen to be dealing with very young children who may not be able to recall such points themselves yet.

Make all necessary changes as early as possible.

It is always vital when making changes to a calendar that you make those edits early. After all, some people may begin making plans relatively early, so any particularly abrupt changes can disrupt their plans quite badly. As such, it would be wise to make those changes at times when people are likely to still have time to adjust their plans. This is really most applicable when those events have to do with parents, as they of all people might have to make very noticeable changes to their schedules in order to accommodate the changes.

Make your calendar as complete as possible.

Of course, you might be able to avoid any need to make such changes in the first place if your calendar is essentially complete before you make any moves. This is hardly a perfect measure, as unforeseen events are always an issue, but this can go some way to preventing such occurrences from having too great an effect on your calendars to begin with.

Coordinate your events with other organizations when needed.

If necessary, you may also have to rely on teacher calendar templates if your events may overlap with events in schools. After all, parents may have multiple obligations to juggle if they have more than one child, so it could be an extra convenience if your calendars and others’ could be coordinated to serve more people at a time.

Hopefully, you should have a much better idea of how to make your own daycare calendars if you see a need for one in the course of your work. With all these insights, you should also be better equipped to make use of such calendars whether you happen to be a caregiver or a parent.

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