Creating and Using a Marketing Calendar

creating and using a marketing calendar

Marketing calendars are effective tools of businesses in implementing planned marketing activities. It is designed to guide the employees on what tasks to execute on a specific day or week relevant to the marketing activities set by the business.

Similar to how a grant calendar and an economic calendar works, a marketing calendar is a tool to schedule and to monitor the activities planned for the given period. This is to ensure that the marketing goals of the company is properly outlined for the management to easily track and manage the implementation of the marketing activities. There are marketing calendar templates you can look into following the steps on how to create a marketing calendar.


What are the Steps to Creating a Marketing Calendar?

The following are the steps to creating a marketing calendar for your planned marketing activities with the aid of various calendar templates in Excel format provided on this website:

  • Make good use of a marketing calendar template. Blank calendar templates are readily available for you to use downloadable on the web. It is less difficult for you to create the calendar using a blank template since the outline is already set.
  • Prioritize marketing activities for less selling products or services. The aim of having marketing strategies is to be able to sell the company’s products or services to its target market particularly those comprising less percentage in the company’s sales.
  • Spread out planned marketing activities throughout the year. Establish a marketing activity every month taking into account holidays and seasonal events of your business.
  • Inform team members on their assignment for each activity. Once the activities are planned out on the marketing calendar incorporated on the appropriate calendar template you have downloaded, discuss these marketing activities and delegate tasks for each activity to your team members.
  • Point out those activities you can achieve given the amount of time. During your discussion with the team members, it is essential to the projects you are likely to complete.


What to Include in a Marketing Calendar?

As any of downloadable calendar templates in Word—or other free calendar templates for that matter—will tell you, a marketing calendar needs to incorporate specific items to do its job properly. Below are the elements to be included in a marketing calendar:

  • Marketing Activities and Costs – This is the gist of the marketing calendar pertaining to the marketing procedures to be implemented within a period. A definition of the marketing costs to be incurred is indicated to aid the people executing the activity to stay within the budget.
  • Target Consumer Market – This pertains to the potential customers the company is aiming to market the products or services as planned on the company’s marketing activity.
  • Implementation Period – The date the activity commences until the date it ends comprises the implementation period of the marketing activity plotted on a particular month or quarter of the year.
  • Number of Prospective Consumers – Information under this section of the content on the marketing calendar determines the percentage of consumers which will become purchasers of the product or the service to be marketed after the implementation of the marketing activity.

For more examples on marketing calendars, look into the templates as they will give you more ideas and more outlines of effective marketing calendars.

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