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13 Day Calendar Templates

You might have experienced using different document tools to help you with different aspects of your daily life. This can include such things as letter templates or blank calendar templates. Calendars do make for particularly useful tools, especially if you have a unique need to keep your schedule regimented. After all, calendars are the perfect tool for keeping all your affairs organized.

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If you especially wanted to keep your schedule orderly, then you might want to make use of daily calendars to be sure of organizing your daily routine down to the hour if need be. Of course, this need not be limited to personal calendars since there really is no reason that you cannot use such tools for business reasons as well.

Basic Day Calendar Templates

Daily Event Calendar Template

File Format
  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • PDF


Free Daily Appointment Calendar Template


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  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
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Free Daily Event Desk Calendar Template

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  • Google Docs
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Study Timetable Calendar Template

Blank Main Dish Menu Calendar Template

Blank Day Calendar

Blank Calendar Template

How You Can Use Day Calendars

One useful aspect of different calendar types including daily calendars is that they can potentially be used in a number of different fields. Of course, this is not strictly limited to professions as it is entirely possible to use them in more settings. Indeed, some of the possible purposes you can find for such calendars include:

Developing academic schedules.

In the case of academic schedules, printable calendars would be an especially wise choice so as to provide students with reminders of their basic daily schedules. This is most evident in the classroom, where students would need schedules to remind them of what subjects they need to prepare for every day. This becomes more true the higher up the ladder students travel, as higher education tends to have schedules tailored to professor availability. Aside from use in the classroom, these calendars have obvious utility for students looking to devise their own study schedules to organize their own study times.

Making chore schedules.

Another use for tools like free weekly calendars is in devising chore schedules for the particular needs of any given household. After all, ensuring that chores are performed, and performed properly at that, can be made much easier with the help of day calendars. This allows a household to properly allocate chores according to individual availability and assign each one a proper time for being carried out. This not only makes it much easier for members of a household to remember their daily responsibilities, but also makes it easier for everyone to monitor one another. This can serve as another dimension, as it keeps everyone in the house accountable to one another.

Coming up with work schedules.

Word calendar templates also make for good aids if you wanted to arrange your own daily routine at your workplace. After all, you are likely to allocate specific times for your daily tasks depending on when you can accomplish them most efficiently. Assigning specific times for each task simply serves to make the arrangement official. This can also serve to streamline your workflows, as you can give yourself a set amount of time to accomplish a given task before moving on to the next. This can also be a means of economizing one’s time, as every minute can be accounted for so as not to waste time.

Developing appointment schedules.

If your time is regularly taken up by meetings or appointments with other people, a day calendar can help you to keep track of each one and avoid becoming lost in all the names and meetings. A calendar’s basic purpose is to keep you informed of any upcoming events in the first place, so it only makes sense that you can use these to prepare accordingly. Being that a daily calendar can also help you arrange your daily routine, they can also serve to arrange every meeting you might have per day so as to keep it all systematic.

Sample Day Calendars

100 Days Calendar

Sample Daily Organizer

Daily Appointment Calendar Template


Functions of Day Calendars

When it comes to using calendars like planning calendars, it might help if you were aware of their main functions. These functions may be obvious when you consider how calendars are supposed to work, but there is no denying that knowing more about these functions can definitely serve you with more insights as to make the most of using your day calendars.

Keeping you informed of upcoming events.

This is true of any Excel calendar templates you may use to make your calendars. You can argue that the most basic function of any calendar is to store your events so as to give you fair warning to prepare for each. Since you can store future events, your day calendars can also keep you warned of future events so as to keep you forewarned and avoid any unduly surprises.

Arranging your daily routine.

Assuming that you use printable calendar templates, day calendars can make for good tools for keeping you reminded of your basic daily tasks. This is most true if you generally have consistent tasks that need to be accomplished every days, but day calendars allow you to make sure that your routine is arranged so as to keep you aware of all the tasks you need to accomplish every day. This also allows you to arrange your day so as to keep from being overwhelmed by too many tasks.

Organizing events so as to maximize time.

By virtue of keeping your daily routine organized, day calendar templates like teacher calendar templates do also ensure that your tasks are ordered systematically. No matter your profession, you can always benefit from using a day calendar to keep your tasks organized, down to the hour and minute if necessary. This can help to ensure that you economize your time properly so as to maximize all the time available to you every day.

Allowing you to make additions as necessary.

Since you generally make your own calendars as necessary, it is also possible for you to make any additions you have to. As new events emerge, you would have to add those events to your calendar so as to be able to take them into account. It is also entirely possible for you to modify your own calendars so as to be able to add these new events so as to give yourself time to prepare for them.

Allowing you to edit events when needed.

If any unexpected changes occur, you also have the ability to make any edits to your events so as to update your calendar. After all, your calendar does serve you best by conveying accurate information. Having the option of making any necessary changes to your calendars ensures that your calendars can serve you properly even when events should change unexpectedly.

Free Day Calendar Examples

Calendar Format Template

Blank 2017 Calendar Template in Word

Free Semester Calendar

Tips for Making Day Calendars

When making your own day calendars, there are a number of tips you may want to use so as to make certain that you make them properly. While daily calendar templates would be effective tools for such a task, it would be wise to keep these guidelines in mind. After all, tools like templates cannot do all the work themselves, hence the prudence in being aware of these tips yourself.

Be sure to use templates.

Microsoft calendar templates and other templates like them are still useful tools, even if they cannot take care of everything themselves. After all, templates inherently save you time since you need not make a calendar for every day of the year yourself. You should feel free to make use of templates so as to at least give yourself a framework to include your own specific events and tasks. This allows you to focus on adding and editing all your tasks rather than on the more tedious work of producing a calendar.

Keep your calendars orderly.

As you can tell from daily calendar samples, calendars are meant to be systematic so as to be able to inform you of all your events properly. This allows you to easily understand what events you have, while also making it a simple task to update or edit those tasks as necessary. As an extra bonus, an organized calendar is also more pleasing to the eye, which can serve to keep your surroundings more neat and professional.

Make sure to update regularly.

Your calendars are most useful when you take steps to keep them updated. This is especially important when you consider that events are liable to change, sometimes without prior notice. You may also see a need to change your daily routine, for whatever reason, so it is vital that you make sure that your calendar is up to date so as to make the most of it. After all, your calendar needs this so as to be able to be sure of keeping you informed properly.

Always spread events out properly.

In order to avoid cluttering your schedule, it would be prudent to make sure that events are spread out evenly. This can go some way to avoiding burnout from stuffing days too full of tasks. This can also serve the purpose of streamlining your workflows. Taking the time to spread your work out more evenly allows you to pace yourself so as to accomplish your tasks more efficiently.

With this advice, you should hopefully have a better idea of how best to make use of day calendars so as to streamline any work you may have.

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